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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 223

The War of Wano has finally come to an end。

This battle has completely restored peace to the country of Wano.。

Ending the twenty-year evil reign of Orochi and Kaido。

And Baiye and the others had another battle on the sea with 200,000 marines.。

Even the navy no longer dares to act recklessly against the country of Wano.。

At this moment, the Ark of the White Night Pirates has flown back to the Flower Capital.。

They just got off the boat。

They were surrounded by the citizens of Wano who had been waiting for a long time.。

Now these pirates have become the biggest heroes in Wano.。

Not only did he personally cut off the head of the black charcoal snake after the resurrection of Frost Moon Ryoma,。

And they completely annihilated the Kaido Pirates.。

The people of Wano country all lined the streets to welcome him happily。

Everyone in the Flower City went crazy and rushed out of the house, cheering and shouting around them, thanking them.。

Men and women, old and children, warriors and singers。

Almost everyone was crying with joy。

To the people of Wano, these heroes who descended from the sky are like gods descending to earth.。

And those samurai who participated in the Battle of Onigashima were even more in awe of these pirates.。

Because warriors always surrender to the strong。

And this group of people is really too powerful.

With strong men as their backers, these warriors became more energetic and even wanted to go to sea with them and see the outside world.。

“Your name is Whitebeard. You are the strongest man in the world. Please accept me as your son.。”

Whitebeard laughed heartily after hearing what these people said, and answered questions about adopting his son with Marco.。

“Lord Ryoma, please accept me as your disciple. I want to learn your Flying Dragon Slash!”

Shigezuki Ryoma was a little embarrassed. Although he had been made a hero of Wano Country by these people before, why did these people still want me to accept him as a disciple?

So he said that if he accepted a disciple, he must follow the normal apprenticeship etiquette, which was very troublesome. However, he did not expect that these samurai found the traditional apprenticeship tools of Wano Country and pulled Shigetsuki Ryuu aside to become apprentices.。

“Is your name Jinbei? Are there many murlocs in the outer sea world? Can I go and see it with you?”

Jinbe didn’t know how to answer, so he just smiled and took a few children with him to teach them how to swim. However, some adults were also interested and followed him.。

“Mr. Yixiao, please be careful. There is a step in front of you. I heard that you like to drink. Under the rule of the Black Carbon Serpent, many wineries were built in the Flower City. If you have time, I can bring you a few barrels of wine.。”

As soon as Yixiao heard that there was good wine, he immediately became energetic, and then he said that he could go and taste it now, and then he was taken to the winery by some admirers to taste the good wine.。

“Princess White Star, are you really the princess of Mermaid Island? Are the girls on Mermaid Island really as beautiful as you? How do you reproduce?”

Princess White Star looked shy, because they mermaids have the ability to reproduce, and it was hard to tell these curious people in detail. After all, this was a secret between her and Bai Ye, and the secret process was really too exciting. , just thinking about it makes me blush and my heart beats。

“Lord Moria, is the headless corpse behind you really Kaido’s corpse? Does he do your bidding now? You are really awesome!”

Moriah laughed and introduced his new toy to the people of Wano. Then he punched and kicked the headless Kaido, so that these citizens who had been tortured by Kaido could use them as a punching bag to be

at the headless Kaido at any time. many。

“Wow, Mr. Hancock, you are really too beautiful. Can we fall under your pomegranate skirt? Even if we are petrified by you, we are willing to do so.。”

Hancock looked really helpless. If Byakuya hadn’t asked Hancock not to petrify these people, she would have taken action long ago. Then she put on her standard contemptuous posture and looked at the men from Wano Country with contempt, saying that she was already Lord Byakuya’s woman。

But Momo rabbit has always been unpopular with the people of Wano. Everyone who passes by looks at this man wearing a navy uniform.。

However, Taotu knows that there are still good people and respectable people in the navy. After all, she was once a junior admiral in the Navy Headquarters. She knows the bad and good people in the navy.。

Now that she is a member of the White Night Pirates, she does not need to explain too much to this group of people.。

The one surrounded by the most people is of course the captain of the Byakuya Pirates, White Emperor Byakuya.。

When they stepped off the pirate ship, all the citizens completely ignored Bai Ye’s existence, because Bai Ye was really inconspicuous among this group of people.。

The strength of those strong men can be seen from their appearance, but Bai Ye only looks like a seventeen-year-old boy. He looks so out of place standing with these big guys.。

So Bai Ye was completely ignored。

But when the samurai said that this boy was Byakuya, everyone became excited.。

“Are you Byakuya-sama?”

“May I ask, Lord Baiye, how did you become as strong as you are now?”

“Byakuya-sama, how did you defeat Kaido? Can you tell me?”

“Byakuya-sama, will you come to our country of Wano again in the future?”

“Lord Baiye, your swordsmanship is also very superb. Can we learn from it?”

After all, there are many women and female warriors surrounding Bai Ye, which makes Bai Ye feel gratified.。

After all, Bai Ye’s handsomeness makes these women cast admiring glances at him.。

However, among the crowd’s noise, Bai Ye suddenly heard someone ask。

“Byakuya-sama, is Princess Hiyori still on your spaceship now? Why didn’t you see her?”

Damn it。

Head full of black lines in the white night。

He actually forgot Mitsuki Hiwa in the Soul Sky Tower.。

Bai Ye’s figure turned around and disappeared from where he was.。

Many girls were left behind, and they looked at each other, wondering why Master Baiye disappeared as soon as he turned around?

At this time, Hancock’s faint voice came from not far away.。

“Humph, I just know how to pick up girls.。”

When Bai Ye appeared on the Soul Sky Tower。

Mitsuki Hiwa is like a tiger trapped in a zoo. He is too anxious and anxious to do anything. He can only play in circles around historical texts.。

She had already seen the naval battle between the White Night Pirates and the fleet of the Navy Headquarters on the Soul Sky Tower.。

While I was still happy about their victory, I was happily waiting for the heroes in the Ark Proverbs。

But Fang Zhouli ignored her, as if Bai Ye had forgotten that she existed.。

Passing by her directly in front of her, her mood suddenly dropped to the bottom, and her whole body felt bad.。

after a while。

After the crackling sound。

Bai Ye appeared on the Sky Tower of My Soul, scratched his head and appeared.。

Kozuki Hiyori didn’t get angry when he saw Bai Ye appear, but just kissed him steadily.。

And Bai Ye wanted to make some compensation, and when a big battle started。

He actually saw a spaceship flying not far away?

Open the heart network in the white night and observe the spaceship。

I found that the spaceship was pulled up by hundreds of seagulls, and it was powered by seagulls to fly in the sky.。

On the sail of this spaceship is written

“News Island-Morgans”.


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