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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 213

Is there a word “Thunder” on his clothes?

Does it mean thunder and lightning?

But where did that sound come from just now?。


No, the soul system won’t give me this kind of help。

Who is that?

Whose voice is it?

Bai Ye felt that the voice that just told him was the way to help him escape from the tight siege.。

Fighting with five people in the white night。

Because he discovered his opponent’s tricks, which are fusion and penetration。

The appearance of Wulaoxing further promoted the fighting situation on the field.。

The swordsman of the Five Old Stars was even close to him. The sword was sharp, and the sword was even mixed with the sound of thunder and lightning.。

Because he didn’t know how to crack it, Bai Ye had no choice but to dodge in addition to making necessary defenses.。

He’s waiting for that voice to ring again。

“Bai Ye, the power of thunder and lightning contained in these people is not the same as your thunder fruit, but they can fuse and devour your thunder and lightning, and then directly invalidate your thunder and lightning.。”

“I know! Tell me how to crack it!”

Bai Ye said angrily. He finally got a reply, but the one told him what he already knew.。

That voice no longer reminds me。

Fusion I know, swallowing thunder and lightning?

Wait, swallow?

Wouldn’t that be the same as me?。

No wonder my attacks are ineffective against them。

If the opponent’s purpose is to devour my lightning, wouldn’t it be fine if my attribute is not lightning?

Bai Ye suddenly thought of a way。

He pretended to be retreating steadily, his whole body still wrapped in thunder and lightning, but the Hellfire sword in his hand was secretly using the moves he got from Jhin.。

dark Fire。

The tattooed bald man strikes again with both fists。

Bai Ye’s dark fire sword suddenly resisted, and the sword was not mixed with the power of thunder and lightning, but the power of flames!

Suddenly the long sword and the fists intersected。

Bai Ye saw that the man’s fists were still devouring the flames on the sword.。


A sound like a slaughtering pig came over。

The bald man who absorbed the power of the flames was backfired by the power of the flames, and both his arms were scrapped.。

Bai Ye saw the opportunity and waved the sword again. The sword was mixed with the power of black fire and stabbed at the CP0。

The long-lost touch from the sharp sword made Bai Ye hooked.。

And that cp0 body still has the constitution to absorb lightning, and the flames can only bite back。

The long sword stabbed the man in the abdomen, and then he saw that his whole body was wrapped in black flames.。

After shaking twice, his body fell on the clouds below like a fallen leaf in the wind.。


The remaining four people were shocked。

What’s going on? Isn’t Bai Ye a user with the power of the Thunder Fruit? How can he still use the fire technique with the power of thunder and lightning?

But they can’t help but think too much。

The black fire on Bai Ye’s long sword has already attacked them.。

Bai Ye laughed wildly: “Haha, don’t you want to devour my lightning? How come you can’t even devour such a simple flame?”

The tall CP0 just saw his companion fall and wanted to avenge him.。

Without any danger, he directly wrapped his legs around Haki and used his leg skills to fight against Bai Ye.。

Bai Ye fought with his long sword, and his long sword was still wrapped with the power of black fire.。

The two attacks intersect。


Followed by another scream。

The man’s legs were completely burned away by the black fire of the white night.。

And because of his legs, his feet cannot float on the side of the Soul Sky Tower.。

He fell straight down。


The tall man’s body fell hard on the clouds,

and fell into the mud without any resistance.。

Twitched twice and then died。

The remaining two CP0s were shocked that they had lost two generals in such a short period of time.。

Even the five old stars wearing thunder-shaped cloaks felt incredible。

Did Bai Ye find a way to crack his tricks so quickly?

The old man who used crutches as a weapon approached the five old stars, and the novel muttered。

“Sir, this kid seems to have known that you passed on your power to us, giving us the power to absorb thunder and lightning.。”

Wulaoxing stared at the arrogant Bai Ye and said in deep thought: “It looks like this。”

The Kabuki-dressed man was a little panicked. After all, he was young and had only joined CP0 for a short time, so he had experienced relatively few things. This time he was invited to follow the Five Old Stars on a killing mission, but he did not expect that this mission would be in danger at every turn.。

“Sir, then, what should we do?”

Wulaoxing also remained silent, as if he didn’t know what to do for a moment.。

Originally, he planned to use the Soul Sky Tower on Ghost Island to take the opportunity to eliminate Bai Ye.。

He had already foreseen the failure of Kaido and Rocks, but he never expected that his final trick would be cracked by this kid.。

The old man on crutches said: “Sir, let’s use the Six Styles plus Haki to attack. Please cancel our ability to absorb thunder and lightning.”。”

Wulaoxing can only do this, otherwise he will be completely controlled by Bai Ye and fall into a passive situation.。

Wulaoxing nodded, then placed his hands into palms on the backs of the two CP0s。

Immediately afterwards, the two forces gathered from the two CP0s in the palm of Wulaoxing, and then returned from the palm of the hand to Wulaoxing’s body.。

This all happened in an instant, and was done extremely covertly.。

Because the speed is too fast, others can’t see it at all。

But they didn’t know that Bai Ye had a heart network.。

What the three people said and the plans they discussed were completely absorbed by him.。

Haha, since you have done this, there is nothing I can do about it.。

Suddenly, Bai Ye burst out with an unexpected power and rushed towards the three of them.。

He swung his long sword and slashed directly at the two CP0s.。

This sudden change caught the three of them a little unprepared。

The dark fire sword first struck at the young kabuki’s cp0。

The kabuki man hurriedly used his weapon to resist. The weapon was wrapped around Haki and collided with the Hellfire sword.。


After a sudden sword strike。

His weapons, his arms, and… his head。

It was completely cut off by the Hell Fire Sword.。

Blood spurted out with a loud pop.。

The old man on crutches, before he could scream, looked down and saw that he had been stabbed with a hole in his body by Bai Ye’s Hellfire sword.。

But there was no blood, only thunder!

Bai Ye’s Thunder Fruit was activated, and his lightning was transmitted directly to the old man through the long sword.。

Just a moment。

Thunder and lightning blasted his entire body into black charcoal.。

The two of them staggered and fell from the Soul Sky Tower.。

Bai Ye’s long sword landed on the ground, facing the Five Old Stars alone。

“It’s your turn now, Wulaoxing。”

This five old star in white has the ability of lightning and has the same attributes as Bai Ye。

But Bai Ye has dual attributes. In addition to lightning, he also has the ability of black flames.。

The Five Old Stars put up a posture, with a fierce look on their face, drew out their swords and said in a deep voice:。

“Do you want to fight me?”

Bai Ye’s eyes narrowed and he said coldly。

“Not only do I want to kill you, I also want the dawn of Wano to come. “


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