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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 211

“Are you saying that the Soul Tower is in the sky?”

Everyone exclaimed in surprise, and then raised their heads to look at the sky。

But there is only a large dark cloud in the sky mixed with thunder and lightning and heavy rain。

“Are you saying that this Soul Tower is among the clouds in the sky?”

Jinbei looked surprised and disbelieving: “This is impossible. Although I know the legend of Sky Island, it is just a legend. No one has actually been there.。

Whitebeard interjected, “Although it is a legend, I heard Roger tell stories about Sky Island a few years ago. He said he had been to Sky Island, but I didn’t believe it at the time.……”

After all, Jinbei is a mermaid, and he is a little awed by things in the sky, but he still refuses to give up: “That doesn’t mean it really exists! And if you look at the clouds in the sky, do they look like they can live in people?”

Everyone nodded, feeling that what Jinbei said made sense. After all, Sky Island was just a legend, and that legendary island was not in the sky of Wano Country.。

“Sky island? Does it really not exist? Bai Ye said calmly: “I got the ark you rode on before from Kongdao.”。”

Everyone was shocked。

That ship actually came from an empty island! ?

I have never heard Bai Ye say it, and I dare not ask the captain. After all, Bai Ye is full of secrets. What is even more surprising is Jinbei, who is the helmsman of this Ark.。

Even though this ship is sailing in the sky, in Jinpei’s eyes, it is just a real ship.。

It just has the ability to fly. If this ship really comes from an empty island。

Then Sky Island is not a legend anymore。

And looking at the marks on this chart, it means that the Soul Sky Tower is really on the Ghost Island.。

Then, everyone looked at Bai Ye together, wanting to go to Sky Island with Bai Ye。

Looking at the dark clouds in the sky mixed with thunder and lightning and heavy rain during the white night。

After half a ring。

Bai Ye said lightly: “I’d better go by myself, it seems that Ark Proverbs can’t get there.。”

Yixiao took a step forward and said: “Captain Bai Ye, I can go. I can control gravity and let myself fly into the sky.”。”

Bai Ye smiled and said: “I know you can do it, but I still forget it. After all, you consumed too much energy when you fought against Rocks Puppet in the Hailou Stone Mine. If there is danger up there, I’m afraid you will get hurt.”。”

Marco said from the side: “Sir Baiye, I can go, my power is the Phoenix Fruit, I can fly into the sky。”

Bai Ye shook his head, “I know you can use your ability to fly into the sky, but I can’t guarantee that you won’t be hit by a seastone bullet. If you are hit by a seastone bullet while flying, your life will be in danger.”。”

Marco retorted forcefully: “Then didn’t you also use your ability to send yourself to the sky island?”

Bai Ye smiled faintly: “We are different, Marco, I can make sure that I am safe。”

After that, Marco stopped talking. He knew his strength, and after all, the level and strength were there.。

Marco’s strength is only about the same as the Shichibukai. Even if he uses the power of the Phoenix, he is afraid of the sea stone. In Wano, a place where sea stone is produced, weapons of the sea stone may appear everywhere. If he is killed A hit will definitely harm Lord Byakuya.。

Stop talking when seeing everyone。

Therefore, Bai Ye asked others to stay away from him。

Then Byakuya secretly activates the Devil Fruit ability。

In the blink of an eye, Bai Ye’s whole body was shaken by thunder, and his body seemed to turn into a brilliant lightning.。

At this time, the dark clouds on the top of Ghost Island suddenly boiled like sea water.。


Several huge thunders fell in vain from the dark clouds。

Moreover, all the giant thunders fell on Bai Y

e. Bai Ye was like a god of thunder possessing him. He did not dodge in the face of the giant thunder.。

Lost his trace in an instant, followed the lightning channel formed by the giant thunder, and rushed into the dark clouds。

Such a method of transforming thunder is something that no one in the White Night Pirates has ever seen before.。

Whitebeard praised: “Boss Baiye can already assimilate the thunder and lightning in the sky for his own use. This is something that even the awakening of the natural system cannot do. Perhaps he has reached the highest level of awakening.。”

Yixiao sat on the stone pier and said with a smile: “I’m afraid that Lord Baiye has not only reached the highest level of awakening, I think he will continue to make breakthroughs.”……”

And look again。

At this time, Bai Ye had already passed through the channel formed by thunder and lightning, and came into the dark clouds, and then the thunder and lightning in the dark clouds gave him powerful energy.。

He suddenly felt a coat of thunder and lightning suddenly forming outside his body. At the same time, he felt that the lightning he released was lighter. This was different from the thunder fruit, it was a natural power.。

And the lightning on that thunder coat even has autonomous consciousness, and can protect Bai Ye without thinking.。

In fact, Bai Ye didn’t know that the dark clouds on Ghost Island had existed for hundreds of years.。

The thunder and lightning above have long had their own consciousness. After a hundred years of waiting, they finally waited for the human beings they recognized who could truly control the power of lightning.。

They took the initiative to recognize their master and took refuge one after another, and finally turned into a thin thunder and lightning coat outside Bai Ye’s body.。

After Bai Ye got this coat, the surrounding dark clouds became bright again。

Hundreds of years of dark clouds finally turned into a pure white cloud。

Baiye came to the top of the white clouds and saw a tower pillar standing on the clouds.。

This high tower is the Soul Sky Tower that Rocks Puppet said。

Above the clouds, there is no one else。

Bai Ye secretly used the mental network to sense that there were five souls on the tower pillar.。

Is it the Wulaoxing gang?

Why are these people hiding here?

How did they get into the sky?

Baiye came to the Tower of Soul Sky。

It was discovered that the Sky Tower is covered with ancient characters from historical texts.。

What’s even more amazing is that when you touch the Sky Tower, you just feel the heaven and earth spinning.。

The whole body is not controlled by gravity!

The body is suspended in the air, and the hands are firmly attached to the tower.。

It feels like the direction of gravity is on the other side of the tower。

So, Bai Ye adjusted his posture and stepped on the side wall of the sky tower.。

If others see this action, Bai Ye’s body will look like he is floating.。

And in front of him was the top of the Tianta Tower that went straight into the clouds.。

Bai Ye pulled out his long sword, he knew that Wulaoxing was in front of him。

Cut through the clouds and run straight up。


Suddenly, a crutch wrapped in domineering pierced the side wall of the tower, blocking Bai Ye’s body.。

“white night! It seems you have found this place after all。”

The old man holding a long sword in Wulaoxing was wearing a white robe, his eyes were as bright as fire, and his words were cold.。

Then four CP0s walked out from behind him. They were dressed in white and seemed to blend into the surroundings above the clouds.。

“Bai Ye, since you found this place, stay here.。”


Bai Ye looked at these five people and sneered.。

Then he drew his sword。

“Can the five of you catch my sword? “


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