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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 208

Bai Ye has already killed two Locks puppets.。

But the souls they lost were only Kaido’s former subordinates.。

It has no effect on improving one’s abilities。

Just some of the lowest quality souls。

If you eat them, you might get diarrhea.。

This is something he doesn’t do。

In fact, he didn’t know that these Kaido’s subordinates used to be Kaido’s givers of artificial devil fruits.。

To some extent, they are capable of resisting several Wano samurai alone.。

However, as for his current ability, it would be a bit funny if he could devour these souls.。

For him, except for those black souls or guys with some special abilities who can swallow souls。

Other colors cannot be seen at all. To him, red, purple, etc. are all white.。

When he saw these souls, he understood that even if these givers were so strong that they were about to reach black souls,。

He can’t even see。

If you can’t see the color, it’s just garbage.。

Bai Ye continues to fight with the two puppets。

This time his pressure was much less, so he turned around。

Then he appeared in front of Yixiao and Jinping, shouting at them both。

“Smile, Jinbei, you and Ryoma go and deal with one, remember not to get hurt.。”

This is an order for them, an order that cannot be questioned。

When Bai Ye hacked the two puppets to death and heard their death cries, they had already heard the possibility of victory.。

Fortunately, these puppets are modeled after humans. They are also flesh and can be injured.。

Even though Jinbei and Yixiao were injured in the battle, relatively speaking, the other party was also injured.。

Facing unknown and terrifying abilities, unless you are like a person with natural fruit abilities, no matter how you fight, you still can’t hit the main body without the blessing of domineering power.。

But this time it’s different. If you drag the opponent down to the human level, no matter how strong the opponent is, they are just a human body.。

If you are a human being, you will die and be killed!

At this time, Bai Ye rushed over, raised the opponent’s giant sword, and then shook it away。

Then he attracts the opponent’s attack to himself.。

after shift change。

Three Locks puppets fight against Bai Ye。

And with a smile, Shigetsuki Ryoma and Jinbe fight against a puppet。

In short, the White Night Pirates are gradually heading towards victory.。

Suddenly, Bai Ye’s arms shook, and lightning flashed, as fast as thunder, and two thunder swords pierced in.。

Rox’s puppet screamed, fell to the ground and twitched a few times, then died.。

The remaining two Rocks were too shocked to speak.。

Because the Locks puppets have the same psychology, they can feel the moment of their own death.。

Rocks has been killed four times by Bai Ye, each time with one hit.。

There is no sense of being sloppy at all. When an opportunity comes, kill him with one strike. This is what Bai Ye does.。

I was killed four times by one person. Anyone who encounters this killer will feel scared.。

Rocks already felt the presence of fear when facing Bai Ye。

At this time, Bai Ye’s eyes were red with blood, and he looked like a dehumanizing god.。

The thunder sword on the thunder arm appears again。

The remaining two puppets have long lost their confidence.。

We are retreating steadily. Without attacking, we can only retreat.……

It seems that Rocks’ ability is still unable to withstand Byakuya, who has all his attributes activated.。

His ability is troublesome, not scary。

His ability is only to allow him to be resurrected indefi

nitely, but he is not completely unkillable.。

If you kill him, you must kill the puppet completely!

“bring it on! Puppets!”

Bai Ye’s whole body was shaken by lightning, and he rushed forward, and the surrounding area exploded like flying sand and rocks.。

In an instant, a Rocks rushed forward alone。

This is a complete suicide attack!

Bai Ye suddenly didn’t understand and didn’t react, but he knew it instantly。

The purpose of this suicide attack is to block Bai Ye’s sight!

The hidden puppet behind him is the real killer move!

Almost in an instant。

Bai Ye already knew the solution. He didn’t even need to use the Heart Network to know the solution just by subconsciously attacking!

Bai Ye ducked slightly to the side, and the long sword moved from bottom to top, drawing a beautiful arc in the air.。

After the thunder and lightning flashed, the Rocks in front fell straight down.。

Then he squatted down and waited for the Rocks puppet behind him。


The white night meets his eyes。

Because the speed of lightning is already one step faster than the puppet。

Bai Ye watched as the puppet swung its giant sword and slashed horizontally at the puppet that blocked Bai Ye’s sight.。

His movements seemed to be in slow motion before Bai Ye’s eyes.。

Until he lowered his head and found Bai Ye squatting on the ground, his mouth slowly opened, but he could no longer turn the direction of the weapon.。

Seeing Bai Ye snickering, as if he was playing a game。

Squatting on the ground, he took out his thunder sword and stabbed it into his chest bit by bit.。

The puppet spat out a mouthful of old blood.。

After shaking for a few moments, he fell down heavily with an expression of disbelief on his face.。

Bai Ye had already killed five puppets by himself.。

Sighing, he felt as if he had reached another level.。

The last living puppet has felt the death of his “companion”。

His legs were already trembling, and he felt that his life was under great threat.。

And now he is facing the siege of three masters, although this affects their performance as devil fruit ability users.。

However, under the combined attack of the opponent’s physical skills and swordsmanship, he actually put himself at a disadvantage.。

And when he saw his companions dying one after another under Bai Ye’s sword,。

Feeling more and more anxious and uneasy。

I even have the urge to run away。

But Bai Ye suddenly discovered a problem。

This person may not be the only Lockes puppet!

If Rocks was used to fighting this way, he wouldn’t put himself in the middle of a fight。

When he kills other puppets, if this one is his true body, he will run away like crazy.。

Find new parasites to parasitize the undead, so as to prepare for resurrection again in the future。

After Bai Ye realized this, he had an idea。

Suddenly his body flashed, and the lightning was teleported to the middle of the fight between those people.。

Bai Ye controlled it very well and didn’t let the lightning coat hurt anyone.。

He just picked up the sword and put it on Rocks’ neck。

Can’t kill him now。

He wants to see what’s in his heart。

If my guess just now is correct, their ideas are connected.。

Then before he dies, he can activate his heart network and see his inner thoughts.。

Maybe we can find other puppets or where the main body is.。

Bai Ye said calmly: “Rocks, do you still have puppets this time?”

When Bai Ye finished saying this, he silently activated his heart network。

I saw a place emerge in the puppet’s heart。

“Tower of Soul. “


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