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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 207

Six Rocks surrounded Byakuya, Jinbei, Ryoma, and Ichigo.。

Jinbei raised his arms and took a stance. Cold sweat had already streaked across his cheeks. He knew that his strength was no match for these replica Rocks, so he asked Bai Ye for help.。

“Boss Bai Ye, don’t you think these guys are not afraid of Hailou Stone?”

Yixiao pulled out the sword in his hand from the scabbard. He could no longer use his abilities here, but at least he was still a swordsman. He analyzed: “I’m afraid his fruit ability was implanted in those soldiers (corpses) before they died, so Let those soldiers follow him to the underground mine, then kill them, and then activate the ability, thus effectively avoiding the influence of Hailou Stone.。”

“A replica of Rocks is formed.。”

When Jinbei heard what he said with a smile, he asked again: “Then should we go up and ask for reinforcements and let our companions come down to help?”

Shigetsuki Ryoma also pulled out his sword and said, “This is the mine of Hailou Stone. Our companions other than us rely too much on Devil Fruit abilities.”。”

Then, he pondered: “So only we can fight Rocks here!”


The six Rocks are already swinging their giant swords of death and are about to swing them.。

Bai Ye calculated how to defeat them and escape successfully.。

If we only talk about personal ability。

I’m afraid only Ryoma can barely compete with Rocks.。

Yixiao, who has lost his Devil Fruit ability, and Jinbei, who is just the former Shichibukai, are no match for Rocks at all.。

Bai Ye’s eyes narrowed and he said calmly: “You guys are fine, I have a way.。”

“Ryoma, you deal with one alone, Jinbei and Ichisaki, you deal with one alone.。”

“Leave the remaining four to me!”

Yixiao heard Bai Ye say this and flatly refused.。

He quickly said: “Boss Baiye, it must be very difficult for you to deal with four people!”

Bai Ye smiled: “No need, I can do it, and there is one more thing I want to tell you.。”

Bai Ye said: “I can still deal with four people by myself, but I have to activate my strongest lightning fruit skill, which may hurt you by then.。”

“But don’t worry, if you are accidentally seriously injured and die by me, I will save you.。”

Everyone was stunned at first, and then they understood。

It was Bai Ye who saved Ryoma, and Bai Ye always keeps his word.。

So everyone obeyed Bai Ye’s order。

Yixiao and Jinbei stood together and walked towards a Rocks。

Ryoma also drew his sword and walked towards a Rocks. He knew how powerful Rocks was.。

When Bai Ye fought the first Rocks, the sword blade and sword energy were flying everywhere, enough to cut him.。

Now it is time to use 100% of his strength to fight against this kind of person.。

In an instant, the two sides were at war!

Yixiao’s swordsmanship is not as good as Rocks, and Jinbei’s attack power is also greatly reduced after losing water, but the two of them can still survive with the help of each other.。

Rocks and the two of them stood together indiscriminately, their attacks sparkling with explosive sparks, and the unparalleled impact of the domineering confrontation burst out.。

Ryoma and Rocks were testing each other. They both knew each other’s superb swordsmanship, so they couldn’t attack easily.。

A full-strength move between masters is most likely to win with one move。


And at this moment,

Bai Ye faces four replica Rocks alone。

He looked proud and murderous。

Now that Bai Ye has faced these puppets, his abilities have been overloaded.。

Bai Ye pulled out his long sword. He realized that now it was very likely that he would have to fight with real swords and guns, so he activated his domineering and domi

neering aura at the same time and said coldly.

“You are nothing but these puppets!”

Bai Ye’s face turned cold and his eyes were as bright as a torch. A large number of thunder and lightning were mixed with domineering energy. The flashing thunder light gathered all over his body and burst out several bolts of lightning that could penetrate everything.。

He made himself look like a god, and then the thunder and lightning power behind him released the strongest awakening power.。

Behind him were several arms shaped by thunder and lightning, and on each arm there was a thunder sword formed by the embodiment of thunder and lightning.。

The whole earth trembled, and the ground that Bai Ye stepped on was already turned into a big crater by the domineering force.。

He lured the four Rocks away from where Ryoma and Yixiao were fighting.。

The sea-floor stones within a certain range will turn into ashes in just an instant.。

The current is like sea water in the deep pit, rolling and surging。

Bai Ye is serious。

He once again activated all attributes to the maximum。

Normally, he might simply use part of his power and kill his opponent instantly with just one move.。

Even for a person of Kaido’s level, if he wanted to, killing him would be as easy as squeezing an ant to death.。

No effort at all, no need to explore your true power。

But it’s different now。

What he has to face now are four extremely powerful men。

Although they are all puppets, their attack power is not reduced at all.。

A fierce light shot out from Bai Ye’s eyes, echoing the brilliant brilliance that erupted all over his body. The arms that materialized from his body swung ferociously, and the dazzling lightning emitted swept almost everything around him.。

The sound of thunder and lightning seemed to be mixed with the roar of death。

Bai Ye whispered to himself。

“No matter how many clones you have, you can’t resist me now!”

The electricity on Bai Ye’s body roared like a strong wind.。

Bai Ye’s whole body was emitting thunderous light, shocking the earth. He was really like a god of thunder, swallowing up mountains and rivers with rage.。

Then, several thunder arms behind him jumped up like thunder, wielding thunder swords, and used their swords to kill Rocks’ puppet!

The sword’s will twists and turns and the incarnation is counted until the afterimage, and the body’s movement is erratic and the sword’s shadow rises instantly!

Bai Ye, whose attributes are fully activated, is like a god coming to the world, fighting with the puppets without reservation.。

The explosive energy burst out, and the whole person flew through the air again

The four Rocks are actually Rocks. They have known their identities for a long time, so they have the same mind. Unexpectedly, these four people, with four times their own strength, cannot compete with Bai Ye.。

I couldn’t help but feel that my sword moves were a little erratic.。

Bai Ye saw this opportunity, and suddenly the power of thunder surged from his sword and penetrated a Rocks puppet.。

In a moment, the puppet exploded into pieces。

Seeing that one move was successful, the second sword and the third sword were thrust out one after another.。

Because Bai Ye still worried about the comfort of his companions, he still couldn’t attack with thunder dragon, thunder unicorn and other thunder beasts. After all, it was a large-scale attack technique.。

Even if they can be saved by then, their internal organs will still be damaged.。

Bai Ye’s sword is as fast as lightning, and his sword skills are as strong as thunder.。

Soon he succeeded again。

Another Rox puppet died under the Hellfire Sword.


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