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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 206

Rocks collapsed in front of Bai Ye’s eyes。

The pierced body trembled slightly, blood bubbles were sprayed out from the mouth, and the remaining breath wanted to say something.。

Staring at the sea-floor stone dome in the mine with empty eyes, his eyes gradually solidified, and his consciousness gradually faded away.。

Soon, his blood had flowed away, and a large area of the ground was dyed red.。

Like an insect with its head removed, only tiny reflex nerves are twitching throughout the body.。

Rocks died like this?

Bai Ye suddenly felt a strange feeling。。

After all, this pirate named Rocks was once the captain among the powerful men who commanded the sea. His strength must be higher than that of the other crew members. It is impossible for such a person to be so weak.。

in those days。

Whether it was the white-bearded Edward Newgate and the golden lion Shiji in their heyday, or the rise of Kaido, the king of beasts, or even BIGMOM, who was known as the evil god by the navy.。

Let me ask, which of these people is not a world-beating boss now?

And Bai Ye remembered that when Rocks fought Garp,。

According to legend, Rocks should have been beaten to death by Garp at that time.。

Why are you standing here so well today?

Does he also have a system?

This is impossible。

Devouring the souls of the dead, earning soul points, and spending the soul points to resurrect the dead. Only he can do this.。

Bai Ye looked at the dead Rocks’ body and remained silent for a while.。


After so many years, even Edward Newgate didn’t call his pirate group the Whitebeard Pirates until he was old. Whitebeard was also about the same age as Rocks when he joined the Rocks Pirates.。

In other words, the current Rocks should be at least Kaido’s age. Kaido is already in his sixties, but looking at the current Rocks, he is only in his forties.

But why doesn’t this Rocks’ physical appearance change at all, nor does he appear to be getting older?。

At this time, the three people standing at the entrance of the cave came over. Jinbei and Ryoma came first. They smiled unconsciously when they looked at Rocks’ body. They smiled happily and slowly walked over.。

Bai Ye felt an indescribable fear, and said in deep thought: “Do you think he is really dead?”

Everyone was puzzled and didn’t understand what Bai Ye meant. After all, Rocks’ body was here.。

“I always have a premonition, and even my heart network seems to be able to sense the existence of Rocks。”

“But this man is already dead. “Jinbei squatted down and checked his breath before saying.。

After all, there was a big hole pierced in the chest, and no one thought this person could survive.。

Bai Ye remained silent, just staring at Rocks’ body.。

Jinbei understood Byakuya’s thoughts: “But unless this Rocks is a devil fruit user,。”

Ryoma denied Jinbei’s suspicion and said, “That’s not possible. After all, this is a cave rich in seastones. No one can use the Devil Fruit’s ability here.”。”

Jinbe then expressed his thoughts: “Then why is Captain Byakuya okay?”

Byakuya stared at Jinbei, knowing that he was the latest to follow her, and at the same time he didn’t know about his own system.。

He is also worried about the fact that Princess Shirahoshi, who returned to human form after eating a Devil Fruit, was able to jump into the sea.。

Sometimes people are like

this. Maybe what they say is just an unintentional sentence, but it represents the doubts in his heart.。

Why was Bai Ye able to activate his Devil Fruit ability in this Hailou Stone Cave?

Since Byakuya can do it, this Rocks may also have Devil Fruit abilities.。

Bai Ye also agreed with Jinbei’s idea in his heart. After all, this Rocks was too suspicious.。

How could he die by his own sword so easily?。

Everything happened too fast, which also meant that it was too suspicious.。

And he still looks like he’s forty years old。

There’s no reason why Rocks isn’t a capable person.。

So he is definitely a legendary ability user.

Bai Ye raised the Hellfire sword, raised the sword with his hand, and cut off Rocks’ head.。

But even so, he could still feel the slight fluctuations of Rocks coming from the heart network.。

How is this going?

At this moment, Bai Ye suddenly felt a cold hurricane rolling up around him.。

Beside the four of them, several figures suddenly appeared, like ghosts, appearing suddenly.。

Bai Ye looked at it and couldn’t help but be shocked.。

Why did this suddenly appear? These are clearly the Kaido soldiers who were killed by Rocks before.。

All these corpses came back to life!

Bai Ye saw that all the scars on the corpses had gradually disappeared.。

The faces, heights, and even bones of those people all made clicking sounds at the same time.。

An even weirder scene happened next。

The faces of those who had died all turned into the appearance of Locks.。

“Hey Hey Hey! Bai Ye, you can’t imagine it。”

The six corpses lowered their heads and laughed in unison.。

Bai Ye watched them all turn into Rocks!

He is indeed alive!

Bai Ye could no longer think about it and opened the system to check Locks’ attribute values.。

Name: Rocks

Soul Level: Pure Black

Abilities: Fruit of the Dead (Awakening!), Overlord Swordsmanship (Awakening!), Overlord Color Haki (Awakening!)。

Fruit ability: Undead Parasitism: Can produce several undead seeds. These seeds can parasitize living people and create replicas.。

When the original body dies, the copy of the parasitic seed dies and becomes the original body and regenerates into the original body when it died.。

Undead parasitism?

He actually has this kind of devil fruit ability。

According to the ability introduction, his ability is a bit like Brook’s Underworld Fruit ability.。

But there are some differences. Brooke was resurrected from the dead.。

His soul can only wander in the real world until it finds the original body and possesses it back, and it can only be resurrected once.。

However, Rocks’ undead fruit ability can be regarded as a more advanced underworld fruit ability.。

Not only can he continue to create copies and resurrect。

Moreover, the clones can also fully possess Locks’ own power. As long as all the clones are not destroyed, he will be immortal!

It seems that if you want to kill him, you must kill all his copies.。

And no wonder Rocks always has a face that looks like he’s only forty years old。

It turned out to be the result of the devil fruit ability.。

Inside the Hailou Stone Mine, there are six such replicas。

They are not the shadow clone techniques that the ninjas of Wano know.。

Each of them is an entity。

And everyone has the ability of Rocks。

Both strength and swordsmanship have reached their peak at the same time!


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