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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 205

As soon as I heard Bai Ye say this so arrogantly,。

Locks was stunned for a few seconds and then started laughing wildly.。

“Hahaha, what did you say? Who is not strong enough? Boy Bai Ye, you are really arrogant!”

“Don’t you have an invincible thunder fruit ability? Apart from this, what other ability do you have to compete with me?”

Rocks opened his hands, his expression went crazy。

“Haha, I know your Devil Fruit is powerful, but it can only work on the ground.。”

“I guess no matter how stupid you are, you should have discovered that this mine is full of the power of the sea that will invalidate your abilities!”

Bai Ye glanced at Rocks with contempt and said with a smile: “The power of the sea? So what?””

Locks was irritated by Bai Ye’s indifferent attitude and shouted angrily: “How about it? Because fighting here is only fair! Up there you can activate the ability of the Thunder Fruit! It’s not fair!”

Bai Ye spread his hands and almost laughed at Rocks’ remarks.。

It seems that he is a typical villain in novels. He would only say such childish words when he is afraid of someone.。

“Oh, okay, whatever you want。”

So he yelled and drew his sword。

“Die! White night boy!”

Rocks was completely outraged.。

Stride forward and stand proudly。

Rocks’ long sword was wrapped in domineering energy. He swung the sword fiercely, and a domineering sword energy flew over the long sword.。

“The unparalleled tyrant!”

Bai Ye has already explored Locks’ actions through the Heart Network ability.。

But his blow still shocked him。

This is a fierce blow from a top swordsman。

Bai Ye discovered that Rocks’ strength should not be underestimated.。

Rocks’ sword that swallows mountains and rivers with rage。

Stronger than Kaido’s mace。

Even stronger than Ryoma’s sword!

Bai Ye planned to face Rocks head-on, so he said to the three people he brought。

“Get out of your way, I’ll deal with him myself。”

Bai Ye took a step forward, wrapped in the dark fire with an armed and domineering aura, and placed it on his chest。

He caught Rocks’ fierce sword energy head-on.。

The sharp blade and sword energy intersected, and the resulting explosion echoed throughout the mine.。

“Hehehehe, if you don’t know how to use Devil Fruit, you will hit me with an egg against a stone! Rox roared.。

Faced with Rox’s roar, Bai Ye smiled, a sneer appeared on his face, and then fought with him with a long sword.。

This is a pure swordsmanship showdown, no Devil Fruit powers are used.。

Both of them are as strong as lightning, and there is no chance of anyone else interfering in the battle between the strong men.。

This battle between Bai Ye and Rocks, the old and the new, are two strong men who are overturning the world.。

The decisive battle in the Kailou Stone Mine where Devil Fruits cannot be used。

This can be called the battle of the century and will definitely be recorded in the history of pirates.。

The two swords are intertwined, and the sword energy is everywhere in the mine.。

Even Ryoma and Yixiao used their own moves to knock away the flying sword energy, but they could not completely block the incoming sword energy.。

The exploding sword energy tore clothes and slashed the skin behind them.。

Rocks becomes more fierce as he fights, and Bai Ye becomes stronger as he encounters fierceness. Their weapons, the Death Sword and the Hellfire Sword, are both among the twelve most powerful knives.。

If there were only some people with low combat power standing in the mine, they would probably be hacked to death by the crazy sword energy flying towards them.。

After seeing more than a hundred moves, Rocks saw that he could not gain the upper hand, and the charm of his speech had dropped to one third, and he said: “Good boy, you really have s

ome skills!”

The giant sword of death struck again, bringing with it several fierce domineering sword energies.。

Seeing the rushing sword energy, Bai Ye suddenly laughed and said: “Lokes, do you only know this one move?”

Rocks looked serious: “As long as my move is stronger and more ruthless than the last move, that’s all!”

Rocks is right. In hot-blooded anime like One Piece, the main characters in the anime are often equipped with various moves. Those supporting characters who only appear in a few scenes don’t even have moves, let alone moves. None。

Except for a few representative moves, they are basically just random slashing and fierce sword energy.。

Seeing those fierce sword energy flying towards him, Bai Ye was not nervous, “Haha, that’s not necessarily the case.”。”

Without hesitation, Bai Ye jumped into the midst of those sword energies. Bai Ye, under the white clothes, looked as calm as if he was dancing, and had already dodged most of them.。

Immediately afterwards, he took out the Dark Fire Sword to resist the remaining sword energy. The Dark Fire Sword carried the power of black fire learned from Jhin, and the entire sword body seemed to be an extremely evil weapon.。

In an instant, those sword energies were split open。

Bai Ye smiled and said: “Lokes, if you have any other skills, use them. I haven’t had enough fun yet.”。”


Rocks doesn’t have any skills anymore. He has already used them when he should use them, and this is the first time he has fought with one person for such a long time.。

This long-term battle has exhausted him quite a lot.。

His moves have slowed down and he is gradually falling into a disadvantage。

Bai Ye was enjoying the fierce battle, but at the same time he felt the weakness of his opponent’s fighting power.。

I saw him sighing: “Locks, it seems that you have also disappointed me. I have been looking forward to it for so long in vain.”。”

“It wasn’t bad at first, but your attack power doesn’t last long, right? Isn’t it a bit empty?”

Bai Ye joked, his words were sarcastic.。

“But I’m sorry. I’ve had enough fun。”

Just heard a loud roar。

The sword energy flashing with blue lightning and black flames intertwined on Bai Ye’s Hell Fire Sword。

For a moment, the inside of the mine was like flying sand and rocks, filling the entire area.。

Before the dust fell, Bai Ye’s god-like figure appeared again。

His body was completely wrapped by thunder and lightning. He stood on the ground holding a sword in both hands. A cyclone generated by the power of thunder and lightning was already generated under his feet.。

The crackling sound of the sea floor stone ground breaking began, followed by a loud bang!

The ground, which was as hard as diamond, suddenly shattered, and a huge deep pit was formed on the sea floor stone where Bai Ye stood.。

Not far away, Rocks’ face had already changed color, and his eyes widened, as if he had seen a terrifying devil.。

“Why are you not affected by Hailou Stone??”

This has gone away from the inherent concept in Rocks’ mind. Able people are not afraid of sea tower stones? How can it be!

The only weakness of an esper is the sea, and the Sea Tower Stone contains the power of the sea!

“Maybe it’s because I’m strong enough。”

Bai Ye shrugged。

“A thunderous blow!”

next moment。

The white night flashes in place。

Countless thunder lights bloomed on Bai Ye’s body, as if his body transformed into a ferocious beast with lightning.。

Bai Ye has become one with the giant beast. After a burst of thunder and lightning, a short and deafening explosion followed.。

After the thunder and lightning passed, the Hellfire Sword had already pierced Rocks’ chest.。

Locks shook his head twice.。

With a thud, he fell heavily to the ground on his back.


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