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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 204

Byakuya killed Kaido and discovered the secret of the historical text Kaido was studying in the underground chamber.。

In other words, there is a stone with a historical text underground.。

As Kaido, it is normal to get the historical text stone.。

In addition, Wulaoxing and Rocks have not yet been resolved。

Those people must be hiding in this underground secret room。

So, Bai Ye decided to go underground to find out what was going on.。

“before this。”

Byakuya looks at Kaido’s soul。

“Kaido, it seems that even though you are invincible, you are still dead in the end.。”

Kaido’s soul gradually formed a human form。

“How can you still see me?”

Hearing Bai Ye’s voice, Kaido thought he heard it wrong, but seeing Bai Ye’s look in his eyes, he couldn’t help but feel angry.。

“Of course I can see you, and……”Bai Ye’s eyes flashed with luster, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.。

Then, he said coldly: “I can still devour you。”


This really shocked Kaido.。

Then his eyes lit up, and he suddenly thought of something, and he shouted loudly: “Did you get your powerful abilities by devouring the souls of strong men?”

“No wonder you can use the ability of Jhin’s Black Flame Sword。”

“Haha, you discovered it too late。”

Bai Ye put away the long sword in his hand, with a smile on his lips.。

He raised his hand, his palm facing Kaido’s soul。

Kaido suddenly felt that he was completely controlled。

“You, you want to devour me! ?”

Kaido was shocked, fear and anger impacted his thoughts at the same time。

Kaido wanted to break free from Byakuya’s control, but as a soul, he no longer had the abilities he had before, let alone that powerful body, and was unable to break free from Midnight’s control.。

The only thing I do is endless talk and useless struggle。

Name: Kaido

Level: Black Gold

Abilities: Dragon Fruit (Awakening!), Dragon Soul Body (Awakening!), Overlord Color Haki (Awakening!)

Bai Ye glanced at Kaido’s page and couldn’t help but frown.。

Just this page? Are you embarrassed to take it out?

Byakuya swallowed up many souls, even a strong man like Kaido just added some body to him.。

But this awakened dragon soul body turned his body into such a strong man, which did not fit the image of a seventeen-year-old young boy that he had always maintained.。

Bai Ye not only complained: “Kaido, you are such rubbish, the layout is so bad!”

“What did you say? “Of course Kaido doesn’t understand.。

“There’s nothing wrong with you, and you’re worthless to be devoured by me.。”

“Go to death in peace。”

Byakuya didn’t say any unnecessary nonsense to Kaido and clenched his open palm into a fist.。

Then a wail came from Kaido’s mouth。

Kaido’s soul was crushed by Bai Ye and disappeared into the air。


After discussion。

Bai Ye decided to enter the mine, but he didn’t bring too many people with him this time。

With just a smile, Jinbei, Ryoma and the others。

Bai Ye said to the remaining people: “It’s not that I don’t recognize your strength, it’s just that I don’t want to put my companions in danger because of the large number of people.。”

Bai Ye picked up a piece of gravel on the ground, threw it into the air, and said: “There is a huge sea floor stone mine underground.。”

This strange stone only exists in the New World, and Wano is where it was produced.。

It is equivalent to the crystallization of the sea. Its composition is similar to that of the sea. It can be said to be the solid form of the sea. Therefore, in addition to being afraid of sea water, people with devi

l fruit abilities are also afraid of sea tower stones.。

Seastones are often used to deal with people with abilities. In One Piece, there are often scenes where prisons or handcuffs made of seastones are used to imprison people with abilities.。

Not only can the Sea Tower Stone imprison a person with abilities, it is also extremely hard. It is said to be as hard as diamond and cannot be broken by ordinary means.。

Sea water can only make the person with abilities lose their strength, making them unable to swim or actively use their abilities.。

People with abilities like Whitebeard know very well that Sea Tower Stone is the easiest way to restrain them.。

A huge underground chamber was built beneath Kaido’s Skeleton Fortress.。

This is also a natural barrier to prevent ability users from suddenly rushing in.。

Among the White Night Pirates, only Jinbei and Shigetsuki Ryoma are not espers.。

Everyone else has Devil Fruit abilities, even if Byakuya eliminates the side effects of Devil Fruits。

He was also worried about the impact they would have when they entered the Hailou Stone Mine.。

Even if Yixiao loses his devil fruit ability, he is still a strong man.。

In other words, bringing these three people in is the best choice.。

In addition, on Ghost Island, you can also let the remaining people clean up the mess to avoid being attacked by the remaining enemies again.。


Bai Ye and others opened the door to the secret room。

This place is exactly as imagined. Not only the floor and ceiling, but also the surrounding walls are made of seastone.。

After passing a long underground corridor, they came to the real mining site of Hailou Stone.。

The stones on the ceiling above the mining site are shiny and unique in shape, slightly emitting the power of the sea.。

Deep in the mine, the corpses of several Kaido men were scattered.。

Rocks was standing among the corpses。

The blood on the knife edge fell to the ground drop by drop。

Rocks looked fierce and said in a deep voice: “Bai Ye, since you are here, it means Kaido has been killed by you, right?”

Bai Ye quietly looked at Rocks, the captain of the legendary pirate group.。

And what Bai Ye is doing now may be the same as what Rocks wanted to do before, it is also an action to subvert the world.。

“Yes, I killed Kaido. Why, I killed your former crew member. You should avenge him.。”

“Hey hey hey, revenge?”

After Rocks laughed wildly, he snorted coldly, and then shook his head crazily.。

“I’ve wanted to kill that kid Kaido for a long time. He disrespected me before. You killed him this time. I want to thank you even more.。”

“I was also his former captain, and he treated me equally well.。”

“Many people are like this. They disrespect me until they die. I gathered their so-called strong men just to give them face. Do you know what I want to do? I want to subvert the world!”

Rocks was talking like crazy.。

“Oh, yes, you know, what you are doing now is imitating me, right? You also want to be the only emperor of the sea, pirates, navy, Celestial Dragons, everyone will surrender to you!”

Rocks looked solemn and continued.

“But don’t forget, unless you are strong enough, the people around you will betray you one after another! betray you! Finally escape when you are in danger!”

“Codes! That must be it, Boy Byakuya! You will also face everything I have experienced in the future!”

“Feel the feeling of betrayal!”

Bai Ye pulled out his long sword with a cold expression: “We are different, it’s just that you are not strong enough.”


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