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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 203


A bolt of lightning pierced Kaido’s body, causing Kaido’s huge body to sway in the air。

Like a kite with its string broken, it floated in the air and finally fell into the abyss.。

Kaido’s body in dragon form also changes back to human form。


Because Kaido destroyed the ground, a secret space appeared on the ground。

It turns out that there is a secret space underneath the Kaido Fortress on Onigashima.。

After Whitebeard looked at it, he calmly analyzed: “It seems that Kaido plans to escape from here.”。”

Kaido was seriously injured and fell to the ground. He endured his body being pierced by lightning, fire, shock, shadow and other abilities, and stood up.。

This was the first time he felt death was so close。

This huge body was defined as an immortal body not long ago.。

Kaido’s physical strength is enough to sweep through a large group of people. It is precisely because of this that he can endure these attacks.。

But, he is going to die today。

“he he he he he!”

Moria was so excited that he laughed loudly. The once invincible Kaido turned out to be like this.。

His hair was messy, both of his sharp horns were broken, and there were wounds of varying degrees on his body, with blood pouring out.。

A materialized lightning beam is piercing Kaido’s body。

Kaido’s eyes revealed panic. With his current physical strength, he could no longer change into any form.。

Bai Ye took a step forward, his eyes were cold, and the arcs of electricity all over his body burst into the sky.。

In this small space, the white night turns it into a strange scene。

It seems that there are dark clouds all over the ceiling, flying electric dragons fill the air, and lightning and thunder flash on Bai Ye’s hands.。


Now Byakuya is the god of death in Kaido’s eyes.。

Kaido can no longer resist。

The tip of Bai Ye’s long sword hangs on the ground, and the black flames and blue lightning on the sword are constantly changing.。

Kaido saw the black flames on Byakuya’s sword and was shocked: “That, that’s Jhin’s move!”

Bai Ye raised the long sword, and sparks and electric flowers floated in the air from the long sword.。

“You’ll know soon, Kaido。”

Byakuya made a palm with his left hand, aiming at Kaido, and threw the sword with his right hand, getting ready for fencing.。

Bai Ye’s long white clothes were floating lightly in the wind. He deliberately focused all his energy on the long sword.。

In order not to accidentally hurt other members of the White Night Pirates。

“Goodbye, Kaido。”

“A thunderous blow!”

next moment。

The white night flashes in place。

In just the blink of an eye, lightning bloomed on Bai Ye’s body, as if his body transformed into a ferocious beast with lightning, its aura was extremely shocking and full of murderous intent.。

Bai Ye has become one with the giant beast. The thunder and lightning on the giant beast made a sound of piercing the sky, and there was a short and deafening explosion in place.。

As if in the void, millions of birds chirped at the same time and rushed towards Kaido.。

Bai Ye’s attack was extremely fast! And the moves are extremely powerful。

I can only see the starting move, but I can’t see the slashing process.。

When everyone saw clearly, his body had already appeared behind Kanduo。

And Kaido was stabbed with a big hole in his chest, and blood splattered around crazily.。

“good trick……”

Kaido lowered his head and saw the big hole in his chest, what else was he going to say?。

But Bai Ye swung his sword again, slashing through the air。


Kaido is dead。

The huge body collapsed to

the ground。


This move is not only exquisite, but also extremely cruel. It doesn’t even affect other people when it is launched.。

Originally, Thunder Fruit shouldn’t have such sophisticated tricks.。

Everyone couldn’t help but be stunned. The level of shock was beyond words.。

Ryoma was also sweating on his palms. He knew that the move that Lord Bai Ye used just now might not be his opponent even if he practiced it for hundreds of years.。

Yixiao and Whitebeard nodded in admiration. They were shocked beyond words.。

Among the crowd, only Moria was laughing crazily, and even cried with joy in the end。

“it’s over! it is finally over! Kaido is finally dead!”

Bai Ye raised the corner of his mouth and said with a smile: “It’s over? Moria, do you think this is enough?”

Bai Ye walked to Kaido’s body and looked at his huge body with a cold smile.。

“Moriah, wouldn’t you put the shadow into the dead body? Kaido’s body will be given to you. In the future, if you want him to serve you tea and water, as a slave or as a soldier, I don’t care. This is your freedom。”

“This body seems to be stronger than the corpses of the giant Oz you collected.。”

Moria became excited again and took out a shadow he had accumulated before and stuffed it into the corpse.。

Looking around in the white night。

Look carefully at this secret room。

Look at the various ancient characters carved on the decoration of the secret room.。

It seems like Kaido is plotting something here。

Whitebeard stepped forward and said: “Sir Baiye, these words on the wall should be words from historical texts.。”

Whitebeard looked at the words engraved on it carefully and couldn’t help but recall。

“The reason why Roger became the Pirate King back then was because he explored the secrets of these historical texts and found the onepiece in the final land.。”

Bai Ye’s eyes were still staring at the words on the wall, studying them thoughtfully.。

“Are you saying that Kaido also wants to become the Pirate King?”

Then he smiled and looked at the results of the above research。

“It seems that he has not come up with any research results, but I am also very interested in the words in the historical texts.。”

Whitebeard stood aside and smiled. He knew that Bai Ye was just curious and that his purpose was not here. He intended to subvert the world.。

And the world has hidden a blank history for a hundred years, and at the final place of the Grand Line, he always felt that there was something that could be subverted hidden by the world government.。

For Bai Ye, getting that thing is the most important tool to subvert this history!

“Lord Baiye, if you want to explore the mystery of historical texts, you must find two people in this world。”

“The first is the ancients who carved these words, and the second is the researchers who interpret these words.。”

“In this Wano country, the Kozuki clan are the sculptors who have carved historical texts throughout the ages.。”

Whitebeard smiled: “It seems that after the battle is over, you need to have a good talk with Princess Guangyue and let her get on your ship.。”

“The other is the historian of Ohara, which was once destroyed. Although Ohara Island has been destroyed by the World Government’s demon-slaying order, I heard that a girl escaped.。”

“The girl survived and ended up hiding in an unknown pirate group。”

Bai Ye knows who Whitebeard is talking about. After all, he knows the history of One Piece.。

Nicole Robin。

Bai Ye recited the name silently in his mind, and the figure of the woman appeared in his mind.。

Am I going to meet you?


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