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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 198

After everyone went through the difficulties of Octopus Xiaohei,。

There is no longer any obstruction on the sea, and the strong winds and huge waves are just a temporary scene.。

Bai Xing asked Xiao Hei to take the lead, and everyone hid behind Xiao Hei and planned a surprise attack.。

The port of Onigashima。

This is Kaido’s warship port, and now all the warships have been dispatched。

Only the port fortifications remain。

Guards at the port, they saw the octopus approaching

“Eh? Why did the black octopus come back on its own?。”

“If it comes back, it means that all the enemies are buried under the sea, right?。”

“So where have all our ships gone?”

“Could it be that they were both destroyed by this octopus?”

“No way? It shouldn’t dare to disobey Lord Kaido’s orders, right?……”

Kaido’s men were muttering there, and no one knew who suddenly shouted:。

“Look! Why is that octopus charging over?”

After a scream。

What Kaido’s soldiers saw was a huge octopus rushing to the port at extremely fast speeds。

He hit the coast with all his strength on a lighthouse during the coastal defense offensive.。

There was a loud bang, and the earth shook.。

The newly built defense lighthouse collapsed instantly。

And almost all the soldiers at the port fell down。

At this moment, dozens of Wano warships appeared from behind Octopus!

It is precisely because of the huge size of the octopus that the samurai of Wano can hide well.。

Immediately after the warship landed at the port, thousands of samurai swarmed from the ship and poured into the port of Onigashima!

The samurai drew their swords and started fighting the pirates without any preparation.。




The battle at the port was simply an overwhelming attack。

Those pirates had no room to fight back. The swords of the samurai were like chopping melons and vegetables, slaughtering all the pirates.。

The sound of fighting and shouting resounded through the sky。

“Warriors! charge! Take the port as soon as possible!”

Hiyori Kozuki directed the samurai to charge。

Behind these warriors are the monsters of the White Night Pirates and their newly acquired octopus pets.。

Fighting without any worries at all, this kind of fighting power is the strongest。

Kaido’s men couldn’t resist at all and began to flee one after another.。

Bai Ye noticed that there were no cadres from Kaido commanding the port.。

Kaido is not here。

Neither Brachiosaurus Quinn nor Pteranodon Ash are here.。

Even Kaido’s six volleying sons are not here。

Not even the givers with artificial animal fruits。

Byakuya became suspicious. Now he has arrived at the port with the samurai of Wano Country and got off the ship.。

He found that the port’s defense seemed a little weak.。

Maybe they are cheating。

Bai Ye took a step forward and shouted: “Everyone spread out, don’t gather in large groups.。”

“Everyone knows the terrain of Ghost Island. We have three routes to overtake the Skeleton Fortress!”

The samurai were completely at Baiye’s command. These samurai were initially governed by squad leaders, and each ship had a squad leader.。

At this time, their teams, led by their respective squad leaders, began to disperse。


A huge shelling sound spread throughout the port, the sound was like an earthquake, resounding throughout the world。


Bai Xing suddenly cried loudly。

The black octopus Xiaohei was hit by an inexplicable bombardment. He was shaken twice, his vision went dark, and he fell to the ground injured.。

The rumble of falling to the ground was as loud as the collapse of a high-rise building, followed by a large amount of dust.。

Marco quickly used his phoenix state to fly over to check.。

Because he is a ship’s doctor, he can treat both human and animal injuries. This is his duty as a ship’s doctor.。

“Princess White Star, this octopus is fine. It just fainted. Let it rest here for a while.。”

Marco said, he turned around and saw the huge cannonball next to him。

The diameter of this cannonball is ten meters. He can’t imagine how huge the muzzle is that can launch this cannonball here.。

How powerful is it to be able to knock out such a terrifying octopus with just one blow?。


Then there was another shelling。

“careful! “Marco shouted。

A giant cannonball came from the distance again。

Yixiao stepped forward and activated his devil fruit ability to float in the air.。

Facing the oncoming cannonballs, he activated his ability。

“Gravity field!”

Under the influence of gravity, the cannonball’s flight speed was weakened, but it still flew towards them.。

Whitebeard also ran over to help.。

Whitebeard’s eyes narrowed, and he waved Guandao Yunche. This supreme sharp knife that exerted its power in the war on the top was still used to the extreme by Whitebeard!

The power of the shaking fruit spreads on Yun Che’s sword。

It condensed into a huge transparent ball of light, and with the wave of Whitebeard, it slashed towards the giant cannonball!


The terrifying vibrating power burst out, and the power was transmitted into the cannonball with just the right amount of power.。

I saw a crack starting to crack on the surface of the cannonball, followed by another crack.。

As more and more cracks appeared, they continued to spread from the inside to the outside, crawling over the shells like spider webs, and then exploded from the inside!

A meteor shower of shell fragments fell from the sky。

And below are groups of Wano warriors。

When Whitebeard still wants to use the fruit ability to break those fragments。

Just watch the fragments turn into electric ashes in mid-air by Bai Ye’s lightning ability.。

“Ryoma, go cut off the muzzle! We can’t let that shell fly over again. It’s too dangerous.。”

“My ability cannot directly destroy that kind of shell!”

Ryoma took the order, rushed into the crowd quickly, and struck in that direction with one blow。

“Iai sword energy!”

A swordsman who has practiced his swordsmanship to the highest level will have the power to pierce the sky with a single sword.。

This is especially true for swordsmen of Ryoma’s level. His sword energy is different from Sauron’s Three Thousand Troubles Wind.。

His sword energy is more powerful than Sauron’s sword energy, and his attack range is farther.。

Once the target is locked, you can stand still, which can completely embody the sword energy.。

Can hit the target with one blow, extremely accurate。

What’s more, the location of the giant cannon that fired the shells was so obvious that it was impossible to miss it.。


The cannon showed slight cracks, and then it was instantly cut into two pieces!

At this time, the threat of the giant cannon has been resolved, and the warriors also divided into several groups to surround Kaido’s fortress.。


At this time, in the castle。

Quinn and Jhin stood in the eyes of a skull, watching everything happening in the port.。

There was no blood on their faces, and their eyes were uncertain, but they also revealed coldness.。

They witnessed the entire fleet group being annihilated。

The black octopus, known as the king of the offshore sea, defected to the enemy。

The port fortifications were instantly dismantled by the samurai of Wano.。

In the end, even the giant cannon secretly developed in Wano Country a few years ago was destroyed.。

It seems like that’s the only way to use it。


Lightning flashed before their eyes。

Bai Ye’s ability to activate the Thunder Fruit appeared in front of them。

The corners of his mouth raised, his words revealing contempt for them。

“Ask, where is the trap you set? Why did I not see it? “


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