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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 194


Did I hear that correctly?

Together? What together?

How can such a scene happen together? I am also a princess of Wano Country, okay?

Also, we just met today, and we want to do this kind of thing with you?

Are you kidding me?

Although Hiyori once used her Kabuki identity to hide her true identity, she had already learned this knowledge in the mansion.。

But she, Hiyori, would not just have sex with a man casually.。

Kozuki Hiwa has cursed mmp countless times in his heart。

But she was still smiling on the surface and still looked very dignified.。

Baiye knew this woman’s inner thoughts by reading。

Haha, this Hiyori is indeed a woman with the demeanor of a female monarch, and even has the demeanor of a chivalrous woman.。

Unlike his brother Momonosuke, in the original work, that kid is simply a pervert who is hated by everyone, right?。

So much so that every time he appears, there will be remarks that Momonosuke must die.。

Even those novels about One Piece before time travel would publicly execute Momonosuke.。

And in this era that Byakuya traveled through, where is Momonosuke? Maybe I haven’t met Luffy yet.。

Kozuki Hiyori was a little embarrassed, but still kept smiling: “Byakuya-sama, this is not good, is it?”。”

Bai Ye joked: “Very good, what’s wrong with it?”

“Otherwise, you ask them?”

Then Bai Ye pointed to the three women around him,

Hancock’s face was rosy but he still maintained his pride. Facing Hiyori, who was about to become his competitor, he treated Hiyori coldly.。

Bai Xing cuddled up next to Bai Ye, staring intently into Bai Ye’s eyes, as if they were the only two people in the world.。

And Peach Rabbit is even more interesting. He is more afraid of strangers than before and keeps hiding.。

He lowered his head, smiled from time to time, and shook his head from time to time.。

He is completely different from the former Vice Admiral.。

Guangyue Rihe suddenly acted like a ghost. I really wanted to go over and ask, but looking at the state of the three women,。

It is estimated that only Hancock can answer her, but seeing as she is like that, forget it, don’t get in trouble.。

Mitsuki Hiwa calmed down for a long time and pretended not to have seen the scene in the room.。

Pretending to be calm, he said: “Byakuya-sama, the scouts in front of us have explored some clues about Kaido and want to build a defense base in the shortest possible time. Moreover, he even transferred all soldiers from Wano Country to Onigashima. Got it。”

Bai Ye smiled and said: “Haha, is he planning to fight me to death?”

Kozuki Hiwa’s eyes narrowed and he said, “I’m afraid judging from the information brought to the scene so far, it’s like this。”

Bai Ye lay back on the bed again, secretly activating the heart network。


The coverage area of the Heart Network has reached the Ghost Island in the distance。

The ability to perceive color domineering and the heart network。

Even from such a distance, you can already see the appearance of Onigashima。

So, he saw Kaido, Jhin, and Quinn commanding their soldiers and building a new defense fortifications on Ghost Island.。

Look at Rocks on the other side。

oh? Why is even the legendary pirate Rocks helping?。

Then his mental network continued to search. In a conference room, the people in CP0 were discussing something in a low voice.。

Bai Ye listened carefully and almost squirted out.。

How are these guys planning to escape from Ghost Island? They are thinking of escaping even before the fight begins.。

Then Bai Ye found the old man from Wulaoxing again。

What’s even more ridiculous is that the guy from Wulaoxing actually hid in a room on Ghost Isla

nd and practiced swordsmanship secretly.。

Does he still want to defeat me with his sword skills?

Byakuya had seen enough, closed her heart net, and said to Hiyori who was still standing aside.。

“Ms. Hiyori, you are right, those people are indeed building fortifications.。”

Bai Ye smiled mysteriously and said to Hiyori again。

“As for how they built it, where in the adjacent waters there were reefs or ambushed warships, and the traps such as spikes and billiard balls on the ground, I also know it clearly.。”

“But there’s one more thing。”

Bai Ye stared at Mitsuki Hiyori, his eyes were about to see through her smaller body.。

“Kaido doesn’t think he can defeat me just by relying on this kind of thing, they just plan to reduce your troops.。”

Hiyori’s eyes widened and she didn’t quite understand what Bai Ye said: “Us?”

“Yes, it’s you, I hope you can also join the fight。”

Hiyori was shocked. She knew that the White Night Pirates were already so powerful. For him, destroying Kaido was just a matter of minutes and minutes. Why would she let her citizens sacrifice their lives? Woolen cloth。

Hiyori didn’t speak or agree, she could only listen quietly to what Byakuya was going to say next.。

“If my guess is correct, there should be a lot of gunpowder and seastone ore on Onigashima.。”

Hiyori didn’t expect that Byakuya really knew the layout of Onigashima very well.。

It is very clear that there is a huge sea floor stone mine on Ghost Island.。

Facing Hiyori’s shock, he just smiled.。

“Although my Leiying can be directly struck on that ghost island, the people there will be killed.。”

“However, I don’t want something on Ghost Island to be destroyed by me.。”

Hiyori Kozuki asked: “Things? Are you talking about the sea floor stone mine? There are such mines in our country of Wano, although the output may not be that much.……”

Kaido smiled and said: “Haha, it’s not just the mine, I don’t know exactly what it is yet. I only found out by using my ability to see through Kaido’s heart.。”

“So we must attack head-on and go directly to the island. Kaido will try his best to stop me when the time comes, so I hope you samurai from Wano can cooperate with me.。”

Kozuki Hiyori’s eyes flickered. Although she was the princess of Wano Country, her abilities were limited after all. Letting her lead the citizens of Wano Country to attack Kaido would be like committing suicide.。

But she knew that those people were warriors and absolutely wanted to destroy their enemies with their own hands.。

At this time, Bai Ye’s request was a great opportunity for them. Being able to kill Kaido with his own hands, even with his soldiers, would be enough to eliminate the resentment accumulated in the past.。

Hiyori gradually agreed to Bai Ye’s suggestion in her heart.。

However, this happened to suit Bai Ye’s thoughts.。

He can see through Hiyori’s thoughts through the Heart Network。

I saw the corners of his mouth raised, and he said with a smile: “However, Mr. Hihe, you have to agree to three conditions.。”

Hiyori suddenly had a bad premonition。

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll make the first condition first, it’s you。”

Bai Ye points to the light, moon and sun with his finger。


Hiyori understood something and her face turned red.。

“If you agree, we will leave at noon tomorrow and go to Ghost Island!”

There was nothing else to do, Hiyori nodded reluctantly.。

But fortunately, Bai Ye didn’t say he wanted it now, if he can delay it for one day, it’s one day。

Then she retreated to prepare for tomorrow’s general attack.。

She decided to follow Byakuya’s suggestion and personally lead the warriors of Wano to fight together with Byakuya to destroy Kaido.


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