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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 193

People celebrated for a while and finally put the dragon horse down.。

At the same time, they also noticed several people behind Ryoma。

They don’t look easy to mess with.。

“Damn it, isn’t that Whitebeard?”

“Wow! That beauty is the pirate empress!”

Unexpectedly, the names of the Empress and Whitebeard have spread to this closed country.。

“Look, who is that woman? She has a fish tail. Is she a fish? Are there any humans like this out there in the open sea?”

“And the blue-skinned weirdo next to him actually has fangs and looks like a fish too.。”

“Why is that woman wearing navy clothes?”


Everyone completely ignored Bai Ye’s existence, because Bai Ye was really inconspicuous among this group of people.。

The strength of those strong men can be seen from their appearance, but Bai Ye only looks like a seventeen-year-old boy. He looks so out of place standing with these big guys.。

So Bai Ye was completely ignored。

At this time, Ryoma walked up to Bai Ye and held his hands again to express his gratitude.。

“No, is this young man the boss of Shuoyue Ryoma?”

“He looks like he’s only a teenager……”

“Could it be that the ones behind… Whitebeard and the Empress are also his?”

“How much cultivation does this require?”

“Do you think the thunder and lightning that just appeared here was caused by this young man?”

“No way, is he really that strong? Strong enough to make that Kaido escape?”

“It’s true that a hero comes from a boy.。”

“Sure enough, the world outside the sea is different from our country of Wano.。”

“Having said that, I want to be like Oden-sama and go out to sea to see what the world is like.。”

After seeing Ryoma’s respect for Bai Ye, the onlookers began to discuss Bai Ye again.。

Bai Ye led his men forward, and the people subconsciously made way for him.。

Among them there are some beauties from the country of Wano.。

Seeing Bai Ye’s achievements at such a young age, they all cast admiring glances.。

What woman doesn’t like a strong man?

Even beautiful people like Princess Shirahoshi and the Empress would bow down to his prowess.。


When Bai Ye thought of this, he suddenly cheered up.。

“I’m sleepy. Let’s go to the Flower City to find a store and take a rest first. This is our preparation.。”

Marco said: “Boss Baiye, what about Kaido?……”

Bai Ye looked tired and said, “With Kaido, I can observe the movements through my abilities, so don’t worry.。”

“Besides, let him prepare well. In addition,……”

Byakuya looked at the Flower Capital in the distance, “The news of Ryoma’s killing just now has spread to the Flower Capital. It seems that the armed forces of Wano Country have surrounded and suppressed all the people stationed here.。”

At this time, several horses came galloping from a distance。

On the saddle, there were several warrior-looking men sitting.。

Among them, there was a woman in casual clothes. Bai Ye

found that this woman’s appearance was really beautiful. She was as polished as gold and jade. Even without a trace of whitewash on her face, she was almost perfect.。

And she seems to have a royal aura mixed with her body。

This complexion is completely different from that of Empress Hancock. This woman’s complexion is that of a true king.。

Bai Ye recognized this woman, she was Kozuki Oden’s only daughter。

Kozuki Hiyori。

Kozuki Hiyori dismounted and immediately saw Shigezuki Ryoma wearing Wano costumes.。

She also noticed Bai Ye beside Ryoma.。

It seems that everything Baiye said and did on the street just now was reported to her through Hiyori’s personal guard ninjas.。

Kozuki Hiyori said with great respect: “Mr. Ryoma, thank you for your great contribution to the country of Wano.。”

“Hiyori-san, please don’t be polite. Hundreds of years ago, I served as a retainer of the Kozuki family. A retainer must fulfill his duties as a retainer.。”

Then she turned around and looked at Bai Ye, who was about the same age as herself.。

“This must be Captain White Night, right?。”

Kozukihi smiled and said softly: “My ninjas have reported to me how you fought off Kaido’s gang.。”

kindness? Brave and heroic?

Bai Ye has explored Hiyori’s thoughts through the Heart Network, and this little girl really has the ability to be a female monarch.。

You just met me and you want to take advantage of me?

Just tease her。

Bai Ye smiled: “Nothing? I just happened to kill Kaido. It’s not a difficult thing.”。”

Hearing this, Hiyori suddenly felt a little speechless. All her citizens had been tortured by Kaido and Orochi for so many years, and there was nothing they could do about it.。

Did he just happen to defeat him?

Are you kidding me?

Hiyori Kozuki calmed down and said, “As long as you help us, all the citizens of Wano will cooperate with you to defeat Kaido!”

Bai Ye’s eyes flashed and he said with a smile: “Okay, help me now. I used a little too much energy just now. Find me a good room. I want to rest for a while.”。”

This…why is this person like this? The person the hero Ryoma admires has such virtues?

“But, but, Kaido has now escaped to Onigashima to regroup, and they will succeed again.。”

“Don’t worry, they will just dig a trap to lure me there, and then I will fall into his trap.。”

Bai Ye breathed a sigh of relief and hugged Peach Rabbit and Princess Bai Xing beside him.。

a few hours later。

Ryoma said outside the door: “Sir Byakuya, Hiyori-sama would like to see you.。”

Hiyori? What is she doing here at this time?

The corners of Bai Ye’s mouth raised as he thought of something: “Step back and let her come in alone.”。”

When Hiyori Kozuki came to the room and opened the door, his face turned red.。

Hiyori said quickly: “Sorry to bother you, I’ll come back later。”

“It’s okay, don’t disturb me, come in, let’s go together。”

Hiyori: “Huh?”


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