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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 191

Wu Laoxing felt an unprecedented fear because Bai Ye showed his true ability.。

They were stunned and didn’t know how to treat this person。

At this time, I heard Kaido say that there was a way to restrain Byakuya.。

They suddenly had a flash of inspiration and followed Kaido to retreat without any hesitation.。

In Bai Ye’s Thunder God state, I can still hear the conversation between them.。

Damn it, I didn’t expect that Wulaoxing wouldn’t even let me have a good fight.。

Even if I kill you at this time, it still won’t make me feel the best.。

Just when you thought you had hope of beating me, you found out in the end that your hope was just a big joke.。

To be strong is to be powerful, so powerful that it can directly crush you.。

No matter what tricks you use, it won’t work。

But in order to show his acting skills, Bai Ye still let them go。

After all, with his current ability, even in the entire country of Wano, even if you sink to the bottom of the sea。

He knows what you are talking about。

Bai Ye watched Kaido and the others running away in despair, so he pretended to put a few lightning bolts in the sky.。

He calculated very accurately and launched a lightning strike right on their escape route.。

This scared them out of their wits along the way.。

Escape quickly to Ghost Island。

Seeing that they were running away, Bai Ye returned to his previous image from the thunder god who overcame the sky and earth, and stopped releasing lightning from the sky.。

The killing intent that burst out disappeared instantly。

Transformed into a skinny seventeen-year-old boy。

No one could have imagined that this seventeen-year-old boy ate a Devil Fruit and became known as White Emperor Byakuya. After the outbreak, he turned into a person who looked like the God of Thunder in the sky.。


Bai Ye sighed, turned around and said to the ark that was still in the sky.。

“You all come down。”

At this time, there was no lightning in the sky, and under Jinbei’s control, the Ark’s motto slowly descended.。

“White night boss~”

As soon as the spacecraft landed, Bai Xing rushed over first and hugged Bai Ye。

Although Bai Xing’s size has become smaller, her body proportions have not changed at all, at least Bai Ye can feel it personally now.。

So, he touched Bai Xing’s head and said with a smile: “I am Bai Ye, your captain, how can something happen to me?。”

“I, I won’t let you be my captain…I…I want you to be……”

Bai Xing suddenly stopped and stopped talking. He lowered his head and muttered in a low voice.。

Bai Ye smiled, raised her chin slightly, and looked at Bai Xing: “What do you want me to do?”

“I, I want you to be my wife in Baiye……”

Bai Xing blushed and lowered his head completely.。

Bai Ye smiled and said: “Haha, you are Princess Bai Xing.。”

“I don’t want to be a princess anymore! I want to be your white star!”

Bai Ye didn’t say anything, just smiled softly, and kissed Bai Xing’s Ying Cun gently. After that, Bai Xing’s face turned even redder.。

A kiss is the best comfort for a girl like Bai Xing. Bai Ye also gradually understands his identity.。

He may already be the strongest person in this pirate world, and Princess Shirahoshi, who is an ancient weapon, relies so much on herself.。

In fact, this dependence doesn’t just come from Bai Ye’s strength, it comes from the intimidating force of a strong person exuding from Bai Ye.。

Any girl will feel a unique sense of security as long as she stays by his side.。

At this time, Bai Ye’s two female crew members also walked over quietly. They didn’t speak and just stayed aside and watched them quietly.。

Empress Hancock found that Bai Ye was fine, and the nervousness she had just mentioned was relieved.。

She also showed excitement. She didn’t feel that the mermaid princess Ba

i Xing was competing with her for favor. After all, she was the most beautiful woman among humans.。

And what about Bai Ye?。

He is a man with the aura of an emperor. It is difficult for him to have only one woman, but so far, his real first woman is himself.。

Others are also latecomers to her. Even if Princess Shirahoshi is the second, they are still two types of women.。

They cannot be compared together.。

Taotu stood aside blankly. After experiencing so much, Taotu had already decided that she was Bai Ye’s woman.。

But on the surface she talks tough, but in her heart she still longs to be with Bai Ye。

After all, there shouldn’t be only one woman by the emperor’s side.。


Peach Rabbit couldn’t help but take a peek at the most beautiful mermaid princess in the world.

and Hancock, who is known as the most beautiful emperor of the sea in mankind.。

And when she looked at herself, she felt that she was just an ordinary lieutenant general in the navy. Even though she was called a goddess among the men, she was not objective. Being called a goddess among men was not a bit of a stretch. Not even honored,

If you change a woman with a little more beauty, she can also be called a goddess……

Therefore, even she doesn’t know whether she is beautiful or not.。

Maybe I am just an ordinary woman, maybe my figure… can be better。

She is very confident about this. She feels that her Shang Yui is not defeated by Shirahoshi, but she just pesters her for the sake of fighting.。

Now that I have left the Navy, why don’t I wait until tomorrow?……

It will look better then。

Just when Peach Rabbit was thinking wildly。

Bai Ye hugged Bai Xing, who was already full of tears, and held the hand of Empress Hancock.。

Walking in front of Peach Rabbit。

“What are you thinking about? naval goddess。”

Because of the heart network, Bai Ye has listened to Taotu’s inner thoughts.。

He found it a bit ridiculous that the majestic naval goddess could not be confident.。

Moreover, this woman’s attitude towards him has undergone earth-shaking changes in just a few days.。

It’s like a roller coaster, going from hate to love。


This kind of change is almost like developing a game。

Bai Ye deliberately didn’t reveal Peach Rabbit’s inner thoughts.。

It’s quite interesting to see the little changes in this somewhat arrogant woman’s heart.。

Then I changed my mind and ignored her.。

As a result, the crew members of the White Night Pirates also stepped off the ship.。

Everyone walked up to Bai Ye one after another, feeling extremely impressed by their captain’s strength.。

The older Yixiao and Baibeard both smiled respectfully at him and even bowed to him.。

These two people, one of the top experts in the world, would actually respect one person so much.。

Besides Bai Ye, who else in the world can have such treatment?

And Moria was the last one to come down.。

Although he was a little depressed because Bai Ye let Kaido go, he didn’t dare to complain to Bai Ye, after all, his strength was there.。

It’s just that he really doesn’t understand why Bai Ye did this. With such a powerful ability, he would let them go?

Of course, Bai Ye also felt Moria’s doubts。

He waved and called him over。

“Moriah, you think I shouldn’t let Kaido go, right?”

Moria didn’t dare to speak. Even though Bai Ye was less than half his height, in his heart Bai Ye was as inviolable as a god who punishes others.。

“It’s okay, I know what you’re thinking and I can understand it。”

Bai Ye said calmly。

“Since I promised you, I will fulfill my promise and get rid of Kaido with my own hands.。”

“However, instead of getting rid of them here, it would be better……”

“Let Kaido feel like killing him again at the most desperate time in his life。”

“Isn’t it more interesting? “


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