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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 188

There is always no skill in the competition between forces.。

Whoever is strong is the winner. In the world of strong people, only those with strong fists are the truth.。

Rocks and Kaido are in a stalemate with Byakuya。

They tried their best, their faces were flushed, and sweat continued to streak down their foreheads.。

The sky is constantly flashing with the sound of tearing the sky due to the collision of domineering energy.。

They couldn’t believe how strong Bai Ye was. Even when they were attacked by two super strong men, Bai Ye could still be so calm and composed in their opinion.。

Moreover, Bai Ye didn’t draw his weapon at all。

Just by wrapping his fists with armament-colored Haki, he was able to take their full blow.。

The corners of Bai Ye’s mouth were raised, with a look of contempt for the weak treated by the strong, like a king who rules over the world, arrogant in the world and overwhelming all living beings.。

“Try harder, don’t act like you haven’t eaten。”

The guys from Wulaoxing and CP0 are still watching the show. They represent the navy and the world government. They will not easily interfere in the duel between pirates unless absolutely necessary.。

Now none of the three people have seen defeat, and Kaido and Rocks seem to still have room to compete.。

As for the reason that allowed them to come all the way to Wano Country, it wasn’t just as simple as killing Bai Ye.。

On the surface, they help the pirate Kaido to check and balance Byakuya’s power. In fact, they have already planned to let the pirates fight with each other to the death.。

Then the world government can take advantage of it。

Easily kill two Five Emperors。

Finally, the country of Wano will be owned by the world government.。

After all, Wano has the weapon that pirates fear most in this sea.。

Sea floor stone!

Almost all the powerful people in this sea are Devil Fruit users, and the Sea Tower Stone with the power of the sea is the real nemesis of these people.。

In these years, the world government can only rely on joker, the former Celestial Dragon – Don Quixote Doflamingo as the middleman.。

They are secretly doing underground deals with the Dark World headed by Kaido, so they turn a blind eye to these pirates.。

One of the reasons is that with sea floor stone weapons, they will easily have the ability to compete with the pirates in this world.。

But in recent years, Kaido has been asking for benefits from the world government, using various reasons to say that the production of sea floor stone is reduced, there are not enough personnel, and there is insufficient funds.。

The territory is not big enough and there are not enough subordinates.。

In short, Kaido used the weakness of the World Government to increase his power, so they swallowed their anger and allowed these pirates to do whatever they wanted.。

Until recently, Bai Di Bai Ye suddenly appeared, completely breaking this part of the balance.。

I didn’t expect to go directly to Kaido’s lair and start a direct war with Kaido.。

This is a great opportunity for the world government to work together to eliminate these pirates.。

Then once the country of Wano becomes the territory of the world government,。

This place will become the world government’s largest arsenal and arsenal!

The world of pirates will end!

The world will also restore peace!

World government will become the supreme power。

This idea is exactly the result of discussion between the old men of Wulaoxing and Lord Im at the top of the Tianlong people.。

What Kaido, the King of Five Emperors and Hundreds of Beasts?

What legendary pirate Rocks?

What kind of double devil fruit ability user Bai Di Bai Ye?

These people are all just pawns of the world government.。

The world is so big, only Master Yimu is the only king。

In their eyes, mortals are just ants tha

t they trample to death casually.。

But their plan failed。

They didn’t really feel the terror of Bai Ye. Only those who actually fought with him would understand。

This erasure plan is absolutely wrong!

It’s just that these people are still aloof and unable to correctly understand panic。

The old man holding a long sword in Wulaoxing was wearing a white Taoist robe and had piercing eyes. He pushed up the round-framed glasses on his nose.。

He spoke coldly and said, “It seems Kaido is going to lose. Do you want to go over and take a look?”。”

The Five Old Stars verbally ordered the CP0 who came to the Land of Wano to say that these people are the top combat forces of the World Government. They have a total of four top masters who can use Haki.。

A tall man, wearing white clothes with an obvious scar on his chest, looked at the battle of the pirates with disdain and said: “Sir, do you want us to help Kaido?”

The bald man with a dragon tattoo scar on his forehead and a long mustache said sternly: “Sir, I don’t think it’s necessary. Isn’t this the decisive battle between pirates? The winner is not decided now, we I have no right to interfere, and my subordinates don’t think it’s necessary.。”

A man who looked like a Japanese kabuki actor said loudly, “Yes, sir, look, aren’t there still Kaido’s subordinates there? Maybe it won’t be our turn either?””

An old man with white curly hair and a burn scar on the left side of his face. Apart from the scar, he was wearing a snow-white suit. He was also the only old man among them who was leaning on a log cane. He said slowly:

“You mean those corpses? Or a crippled fat man? Or that little bird?”



The top leaders of the five world governments all laughed. No one of them planned to take action, at least they thought it was not necessary to take action yet.。

Kaido’s territory in Wano Country has to be settled by the owner of the territory.。

These five people are still arrogant and don’t take anyone seriously.。



Bai Ye’s arm gradually exerted strength, using about 30% of his strength.。

His armed domineering force is mixed with the intimidating power of some overlord domineering force.。

I didn’t expect that he could actually use the power of a double-layered domineering fusion.。

Through the mace and giant sword, Bai Ye’s overlord color gradually passed into their bodies。

A feeling of fear spread into their hearts。

The biting coldness tortured both of their bodies, as if a deep crack appeared on the ground, like an abyss, bottomless.。

They are in that endless abyss。

Kaido and Locks hurriedly took a few steps back, sweating profusely.。

They didn’t expect that Bawang Color Haki could be used in this way.。

Could it be that we can’t fight Bai Ye for a long time?

How to fight then?

But once Bai Ye’s overbearing domineering energy reaches their bodies, their bodies will feel extremely cold. In just an instant, their fighting spirit will waver.。

“You can’t beat me。”

At this time, Bai Ye is like an emperor who dominates the world, despising everything。

He just has the body of a normal person, which is not as good as the little giant body of Kaido and others, but now he is like a small mountain,

A mysterious and terrifying aura rushed towards my face, like a demon god, exuding a terrifying aura of death.。

Bai Ye’s eyes narrowed and he sneered:

“We are all pirates too, I will give you two choices now。”

Kaido and Locks listened carefully to what Bai Ye had to say, but they still maintained their fighting posture, fearing that Bai Ye would take the initiative to attack.。

But how could villains like them know that powerful people like Bai Ye disdain sneak attacks?。

“Either kneel down and be a dog。”

I saw the corners of my mouth raised, with a hint of fear.。

“Or run for your life quickly! “


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