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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 180

Following Kaido’s order。

The whole country of Wano was moved, and the whole country of Wano fell into a tense atmosphere.。

Kaido summoned many pirates and strong men to set off one after another, heading towards the Wano Country, forming an iron wall throughout the entire Wano Country.。

Especially at the entrance to Wano Country and the waterfall, strong people gather。

Yan Calamity Ash, Plague Calamity Quinn, and the Six Lingkong disciples all arrived one after another.。

In addition to them, there are also the New World pirates summoned by Kaido. Although these people are not as good as Jhin and the others, they are still famous people in the New World. The bounties have all exceeded 500 million.。

“Hey, hey, there’s no Whitebeard, there’s no Bai Emperor, are these guys really planning to attack by force?”

“Haha, that seems to be the case. They are already preparing to come up. Isn’t this too arrogant?”

“The White Emperor Pirates are known as the most powerful pirates at present. It is normal for them to be arrogant, but they are all so arrogant without the White Emperor. It seems that the victory of the war has made them swollen!”

‘Hahaha, without Bai Di here, what do they have to worry about? And I guess there are about ten of them. When we defeat them, some of them will probably regret it!’

Seeing that Ryoma and the others were already on a pirate ship, pulled by the giant carp, and heading towards the waterfall, many pirates couldn’t help but be surprised.。

This is no longer a matter of arrogance, but of not taking them seriously at all.。

Although the White Emperor Pirates are now extremely powerful and are known as the world’s number one pirate group after the Summit War, it is true that former sea emperors such as Kaido, Charlotte, and Lingling cannot compare, and they also admit it.。

But the reason why the White Emperor Pirates were able to sit on that throne, apart from the fact that the White Emperor Pirates were very strong, was also due to the fact that the White Emperor was sitting on the throne, because his unfathomable strength made countless people frightened. Especially after seeing Bai Ye fight three enemies alone in the battle on the top, and the most popular one, Cyborg Kong, and many other powerful enemies were killed.。

Everyone’s fear of Bai Ye became even stronger。

Because of Byakuya, they became the White Emperor Pirates.。

Without the existence of Byakuya, even if he merged with the Whitebeard Pirates, he would not be qualified to sit on the throne, and he would not even have a chance to be compared with Kaido and the others.。

Just like the Whitebeard Pirates, after losing Whitebeard, the entire Whitebeard Pirates fell instantly. They were no longer known as the Four Emperors.。

The same is true for the White Emperor Pirates. Bai Ye is the core and the one who supports the White Emperor Pirates to sit on the throne. If Byakuya is not there, the White Emperor Pirates will not be qualified to sit on the throne, and they will not be treated like this. fear。


When Byakuya was not there, Ryoma and others forced their way into Wano Country, which made many pirates unhappy. If Byakuya was there and you forced it, then they would have nothing to say. That is normal.。

After all, Bai Di is known as the number one in the world and is qualified to break in. No one dares to refute or even fear him.。

But without Bai Emperor, what qualifications do you have?


Seeing the approaching pirate ship below, Quinn felt a little unhappy and snorted coldly: “The victory of the War on Top has made these people dizzy. Could it be that they really thought it was because of them that the War on Top Did he just win?’

Although Ryoma and the others are quite strong and not weaker than them, anyone who has watched the entire Summit War will know that the biggest task of Ryoma and the others in the Summit War was just to hold back a few powerful naval men, and finally won the Summit War. , the person who finally made the final decision。

After all, there is only one person。

Bai Di。

Without his presence, they would definitely be defeated in the war, even with Whitebeard around.。

Hearing this, the ugly black charcoal snake next to him smiled sinisterly: “Isn’t this great?”

“The more arrogant they are, the more advantageous it is to us. If we can use this opportu

nity to kill all these people, even if Bai Emperor comes in person, we will still be worthy!”

“Although Bai Di is strong, he can’t face all of us, not to mention we have Lord Kaido, and that Lord, even more!”

Speaking of which。

Black Carbon Orochi stopped talking. The World Government’s assistance cannot be made public and can only be done secretly.。

After all, Kaido is the opposite of the World Government and the Navy. If people know that they are cooperating, it will not only weaken the majesty of the World Government, but may also cause dissatisfaction in many countries below.。

Jing, who was wearing a black mask, looked at the ship coming up below, expressionless and silent, not knowing what to think.。

“These guys actually dare to come up and kill them!”

“What a bunch of arrogant guys!”

Seeing that the pirate ship, pulled by the giant carp, had climbed up the waterfall and headed upwards, the pirates around seemed to have exploded, and they ordered the people below to point the cannon barrels at the pirate ship. Ready to take action。

“These guys really dare!”

Quinn gritted his teeth, and his eyes under his sunglasses stared hard at the pirate ship of Ryoma and others. If looks could kill, the people on the entire pirate ship would probably have died countless times.。

at this time。

Jin, who had been silent, said coldly: “We can’t wait any longer, those shells are of no use to these people!”’

As soon as the words fell。

Jin walked forward, then jumped。

It transformed into a pterosaur, with flames lingering all over its body. Behind its breath, black color lingered all over its body, like a demon coming out of hell.。

“Jhin takes action!”

“Was he planning to kick the entire ship off?”

“If these guys can be kicked down, these people can be wiped out. There are many people with abilities in the White Emperor Pirates!”

“It’s useless, I heard that all the ability users on Bai Emperor’s side have no side effects!”

I don’t know if I said this sentence, the atmosphere around me suddenly stopped.。

They suddenly remembered that Bai Di seemed to have the ability to avoid side effects. The former White Beard was also displayed in front of everyone, ignoring the sea water, taking root in the sea, and using his abilities proficiently.。


At this time, Jhin also turned into a pterosaur and flew down. With a strong whistling sound, Jhin’s eyes turned cold and he flew at a very fast speed. At a strange angle, he came to the side of the pirate ship, ready to kick the pirates. Kick the boat down。

see this scene。

The expressions of everyone on the pirate ship did not change, as if they had not seen Jhin.。

at this time。

Marco twisted his neck and walked out slowly: “Hey, it’s really troublesome. Why don’t you wait for us to go over and have a good fight?”’

‘Besides, what’s the use of kicking us down? We’re not afraid of sea water!’

between words。

Marco’s whole body was filled with green flames, and he instantly transformed into a phoenix, approaching Jhin at an extremely fast speed.。

A flash of lightning, almost in an instant。


Marco blocked Jhin’s attack with one kick, shaking the air around him and making a deafening roar.。


Jin’s eyes flashed, he quickly backed up and approached the other side at an extremely fast speed.。

he hasn’t given up yet。

He still wants to kick the ship away。

It’s just a pity that Marco’s speed is not weaker than him at all。

Marco quickly approached and blocked Jhin’s attacks every time.。

“You can’t stop our Jhin!”

Marco said coldly, and then kicked Jhin in the body。


Jhin was kicked out directly。

After several battles, coupled with the training of Whitebeard and White Night, Marco’s strength has already been substantially improved, and it is far from what it was back then.。

“How is it possible, Boss Jin was kicked away!”

“This is Phoenix Marco, a user with phantom beast-type phoenix abilities!”

“The captain of Whitebeard’s squadron, the strongest person in the Whitebeard Pirates besides Whitebeard!”

“His speed is so fast, even a little faster than Boss Jin!”

“No wonder he can become the captain of the Whitebeard Team, his strength is not weaker than Boss Jin!”

Seeing Jhin being kicked away, everyone was a little shocked. Jhin was suppressed. This kind of situation is rare. This is the first time they have seen it.


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