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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 175

Doflamingo is annoyed now。

Byakuya went to war with Kaido, which had a huge impact on him。

He has always cooperated with Kaido. Although they often use each other, most of them are because they are afraid of Kaido’s strength.。

Not long after the war started, Kaido called him and asked him to come over and help, but Doflamingo didn’t dare.。

He knew Byakuya’s strength, and Kaido had lost to Byakuya before, so there was no guarantee that he would lose this time. What’s more, Byakuya’s strength this time was even stronger than before. If there was a fight, Kaido’s chances of winning were not high.。

But Doflamingo was also worried that Kaido would win, because during the call, he could feel the confidence exuding from Kaido’s words, as if he was 100% sure to defeat Byakuya.。

The more this happens, the more worried he is。

Although he didn’t know what Kaido’s trump cards were, it spoke volumes for Kaido to be so confident.。

But when he thought of Bai Ye’s strength and methods, he became even more afraid. Not to mention Bai Ye’s strength, it was well known that Bai Ye’s methods were even more ruthless. Anyone who offended him would definitely not end well.。

If he chooses to help Kaido, this will undoubtedly give Bai Ye a chance. Once Bai Ye wins this war, he will definitely be eliminated by Bai Ye.。

So now Doflamingo is very worried. Both sides seem to have trump cards, and he can’t afford to offend either side. Once he makes the wrong move, he will surely perish.。

After a long time, Doflamingo stopped and said to everyone: “Say what you think, should we help Kaido!”

heard this sentence。

Everyone looked at each other. To be honest, they really didn’t recommend Doflamingo to join Kaido’s side and become the enemy of Byakuya.。

After all, they are all seeing the strength that broke out on top of Zhan Baiye. It is absolutely terrifying. It would be too easy to erase them.。

“Young Master, I think it’s best not to join Kaido’s side, otherwise Bai Ye will definitely take action when the time comes, and I can also see that Bai Emperor seems to intend to rule the entire new world and wants the new world to be his territory!”

“Others may not have this ability or qualifications, but Bai Di should have this ability and qualifications!”

“Moreover, Bai Emperor is cruel and ruthless. If we really go to help Kaido, Bai Emperor will definitely not let us go, and we are no match for him!”

Speaking of which。

Everyone felt a little sour in their hearts。

Although these words are hurtful and a bit demoralizing on my side, this is the truth.。

Their strength is indeed no match for Bai Di’s side. Not to mention that Bai Di took action himself. The White Night Pirates, which merged with the Whitebeard Pirates, have become even more powerful. Marco, Ryoma, Yixiao, no one is comparable. The high-end combat power of a general?

at this time。

Someone specifically reminded: “Young Master, Bai Di had already defeated Kaido before the Whitebeard Pirates joined. Now they have integrated the Whitebeard Pirates, and Bai Di also has an extra demon.” The fruit is stronger and unfathomable. I think that only the world government can have a chance

to destroy Bai Di and the others. The rest of them probably have no hope!’

“Even if Kaido and BIGMOM join forces!”

Hearing these words, Doflamingo’s face changed drastically, becoming extremely gloomy. He kept changing his color. He bit his fingers and felt uncertain. In fact, he was more inclined to Bai Ye’s side.。

If Kaido hadn’t been overconfident, he wouldn’t have to think about it now.。

After all, Byakuya is much stronger now. Compared to the first time he faced Kaido, both Byakuya himself and his pirate group have become completely different.。

After thinking for a long time, Doflamingo said in a deep voice: “Now contact Bai Di and ask him if we can join. As for Kaido, we will ignore it!”

Although when Kaido talked to him before, his tone was very confident, and he seemed to have some important trump cards.。

But he doesn’t know this trump card after all, and he doesn’t know whether this trump card can really make Kaido stand up.。

So for the sake of safety, Doflamingo finally chose to join Byakuya’s side. After all, Byakuya’s side was the safest and most reliable side.。

And he would rather offend Kaido than Bai Ye。

If he offends Kaido, there is still a glimmer of hope for him to survive, but if he offends Byakuya, it is probably impossible.。

When the other cadres heard this, they breathed a sigh of relief.。

They were really worried that Doflamingo would get mad and choose to join Kaido’s side and fight against Byakuya.。

Once you really do that, it’s almost like asking for death.。


at this time

In a large room, many navies gathered together。

Since the war at the Navy Headquarters was too fierce at that time, it had been destroyed. The current Navy Headquarters has found a temporary location.。

In the room。

Warring States was sitting on top. Although the war on top had failed, and Warring States himself intended not to be marshal, due to lack of manpower and the need to reorganize the navy, Wulaoxing temporarily let Warring States continue to be marshal until a suitable candidate was found. he is gone。

“You have also seen the news in the past few days. Kaido and Byakuya are fighting. Once these two guys take action, they will definitely not be inferior to the top war some time ago. Regardless of the victory or defeat, it will affect the entire new world. pattern!”

‘Once Kaido wins, Kaido’s fame and power will reach a peak, even better than Byakuya!’

“But if Byakuya wins, the entire new world will be his!”

heard this。

Akainu and the others looked solemn. They also knew the seriousness of this matter. If it was not handled well, both Kaido and Byakuya would grow to extremely terrifying levels. This was not what they wanted to see.。

Having said this, Sengoku paused for a while and said in a deep voice: “And the Five Old Stars and the others don’t want to see such a follow-up, whether Kaido becomes more powerful or Byakuya finally swallows the entire new world.”

“It’s just that compared to Kaido’s power, they don’t want Bai Ye to swallow the entire new world, so they formulated a plan called the Emperor Slaughter Plan!”

As soon as these words came out。

Everyone was shocked.


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