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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 171

Shirahoshi leaves Fishman Island。

Immediately sensed by Daken IX。


Daken IX was overjoyed and prepared to lead his followers to capture White Star.。

at this moment。

The white night and the white stars are still wandering in the depths of the sea。

Because the two of them have special senses, they can both sense the source of those sounds.。

As it gets closer and closer。

They heard more and more voices。


About ten minutes passed。

Bai Ye and Bai Xing stopped。

at this moment。

A dim light appeared in the darkness, and then the light became more intense, turning into a light like a small sun, illuminating everything around it.。

Under the light, everything around also appears。

Surrounding Bai Ye and others, there are countless behemoths. Each behemoth is very huge. Bai Xing and Bai Ye are as weak as ants in front of them.。

These are all Neptunes, but compared to other Neptunes, these guys are too huge.。

Each one is a behemoth thousands of meters long, and each one is like a giant galactic ship, spanning the depths of the sea, making people frightened.。

It’s just that although these behemoths are impressive, they have one disadvantage, that is, they are a bit ugly.。

Seeing the arrival of Bai Ye and Bai Xing, the Neptunes were also very surprised。

“We finally meet the Emperor and the King!”

“Eight hundred years of waiting finally made us wait!”

“The long years have finally come to an end!”

hear these voices。

Bai Xing was still a little uncomfortable at first, but then her young memories revived, and she thought of a series of things that happened back then, and recognized some of them.。

“Have we met before? Bai Xing hesitated for a moment, then said to the giant sea king with an uncertain tone.。

“Lord Shirahoshi, we did meet back then!”

“Yes, it’s just that you were too young back then, so we couldn’t see you often!”

“Now that you have grown up and successfully met the Emperor, our mission is about to come!”

Hearing these voices, Bai Xing was a little confused. She didn’t understand the mission, but one thing she could confirm was that she had indeed seen them back then.。

at the same time。

Bai Ye stared at the many sea kings and said: “What is the fate you are talking about, and what is the emperor?”

After this series of events, Bai Ye always felt that things were not that simple. It seemed that someone had predicted his appearance many years ago.。

This made him feel extremely uncomfortable。

The words fell。

Soon, a huge sea king stretched out his head and said gently: “Lord Emperor, I don’t know if you know what happened eight hundred years ago, which is also the one hundred years of history that you often say!”

“I have heard about this and got some information from some ancient books. Within a hundred years, there was an extremely powerful kingdom that almost covered the entire world. However, this powerful kingdom eventually perished. In Imhe With the combined efforts of twenty royal families, they were finally destroyed!”

“If I guessed correctly, this is a short period of one hundred years, and that powerful kingdom should be the kingdom of the D family!”

Bai Ye threw out his conjecture. This was his idea. There might be discrepancies, but it shouldn’t be big.。

Im’s identity passed through Long, and he roughly confirmed it。

As soon as these words came out。

Many Neptunes were shocked and looked at each other. They did not expect that the Emperor knew so many things. Although some things were slightly inconsistent, nine out of ten of them were true.。

The Neptune, who was like an elder, pondered for a moment and said: “Emperor, what you mentioned is indeed some of the history of that year, and it is not wrong. The kingdom of the D family was indeed overturned by Im, but the D family was The reason why they were subverted was just because they were betrayed back then. The current Tianlong people were once an important force of the D clan, but in the end they defected and joined forces

with the outsider Im, and finally subverted the entire D clan. Then they Becoming a Celestial Dragon will completely erase the history and traces of the entire D clan, but they did not completely erase it successfully!”

“The original historical copy contains some news from that year!”

“And when it was destroyed that year, a certain leader of the D clan spent his life trying to predict the survival of the kingdom and some fragments of the future!”

“It’s just that he didn’t expect that the future clips were too shocking and had a huge backlash on him. He only predicted it for thirty seconds, and finally died!”

“But in these thirty seconds, we got some news, that is, the existence of the king and the existence of the emperor!”

“He left these words at the time: “No one can stop the kingdom from falling. The traitor will ascend to the throne and rule the world for a long time. The times will rise and fall. The royal family will awaken. The King of the Sea will revive. The one who breaks the fate, The emperor will appear and lead the kings to subvert the traitor’s empire. Im will be beheaded under the throne. Everything will end and a new era will finally usher in!””

Speaking of which。

The elder Neptune said calmly: “This is a great prophecy made by a member of the D family back then. After eating the Fruit of Destiny, he could see the fate of all things, creatures, and the world. It’s just that this fruit’s ability Too powerful, every glimpse has to pay a price, and in order to know whether there is a future and whether there is hope, he finally paid the price of his life and saw the last future of the world!’

“And you are the prophesied emperor!”

“A person who breaks destiny, a person with an empty destiny, you can change any destiny!”

heard this。

Bai Ye’s heart was shocked, as if a shocking wave had set off, and he couldn’t calm down for a long time. He really didn’t expect that he had been predicted eight hundred years ago.。

“How is this going!”

Bai Ye whispered in his heart, thinking a lot: “Normally, I can’t be predicted, because I am an outsider!”

Normally, he is not a person from this world. He is just an outsider. Although he has the ability to change everything, he is a person who stepped in halfway. It is impossible for people in the past to know him.。

Just like in a long river, the top represents the past, the middle represents the present, and the bottom represents the future.。

He penetrates directly in the middle. People above can’t see him, but people below can definitely know him.。

But now, someone had foreseen his existence eight hundred years ago.。

This made her feel strange。

“System, what’s going on?”

When you are in doubt, just ask the system. Anyway, he was confused when he traveled through time, and the system knows a lot of things, so it might be able to figure it out.

“Why did people in this world predict my arrival eight hundred years ago?”

“Host, you are not an outsider. As long as you enter this world, even if you are from another world, when you enter this world, you have become a person of this world, and the course of time will also change accordingly, so you are now predicted , it’s just that your arrival has changed the long river of time and space. This is just a measure of how the world works!”

The system voice said calmly。

“According to you, just because I came, the time and space of the entire pirate world changed?”


“Because of your specialness, the world will start for you, directly changing the entire time and space!”

Hearing these words, Bai Ye was shocked。

This was the first time he knew that his identity was so special that it could change time and space.。

It’s like all time is adapting to his existence, rather than him adapting to the entire length of time and space。

Generally speaking, people adapt to the environment。

But the white night is different。

He adapts the environment to his existence, and the history of the pirate world is the environment.


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