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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 170

“Am I the only one who can hear these sounds?”

Bai Ye looked at everyone’s expressions. It seemed that no one had heard the voice. His heart was slightly shocked, and then he looked at Bai Xing.。

at this time。

Bai Xing’s face was full of doubts, and his innocent eyes flickered with confusion, as if he didn’t quite understand.。

“Do you hear those voices too? “Bai Ye pondered for a moment and said to Bai Xing。


Hearing this, Bai Xing was a little panicked and said weakly: “Are those weird sounds that Master Bai Ye said? If it is that sound, I did hear it. They seemed to be talking about emperors and kings!”

As soon as these words came out。

Now it’s Hancock’s turn to be confused.。

Jinbei and Neptune were even more puzzled. They didn’t understand what they were talking about.。

But Neptune reacted quickly. He remembered the legend of Fish-Man Island.。

“Could it be that Lord Byakuya is the legendary person who has been waiting for eight hundred years on Fish-Man Island? “Neptune thought of the previous legends, and felt powerful in his heart.。

Among the legends of Fish-Man Island, there is a legend that after a long time, the mermaid princess will give birth to the sea king Poseidon. She has the ability to communicate and even control the sea king. She even has the ability to control the sea.。

at the same time。

The emergence of Neptune will be the end of everything. The person who breaks destiny, the emperor with the destiny of nothingness, will come. He will lead Neptune Poseidon to subvert time and space, subvert destiny, and create a new era.。

Neptune never believed this legend before.。

But it was only after her daughter Shirahoshi was born and displayed the power of Neptune that Neptune knew the authenticity of this legend. At the same time, he also waited for the appearance of the Emperor.。

“Lord Baiye is the emperor?”

“It should be Lord Bai Ye. Lord Bai Ye has just proclaimed himself emperor and is known as the White Emperor, which is very suitable for the status of an emperor. At the same time, he has abilities that ordinary people do not have, such as being immune to Hailou Stone, which has never appeared in hundreds of years. A characteristic that only he has, and it seems that he can also make others immune to this ability!”

Neptune was thinking a lot, and a lot of things came to his mind in an instant. He thought of the legends of the year, and also thought of the shock brought by the series of rises of the White Night.。

Finally, he looked deeply at Bai Ye and whispered in his heart: ‘The eight hundred years of waiting has finally arrived!’

at the same time。

Neptune said to Jinbe: ‘Jinbei, what Fishman Island has been waiting for for eight hundred years has appeared, and the legend of the year has also come true!’

Hearing this, Jinbei’s pupils shrank and he whispered: “Are you sure?”

“Of course!”

Neptune replied firmly, “A person who breaks fate, a person who has an empty destiny. Apart from Bai Ye, Neptune can no longer think of anyone else.”。

After all, White Night is so special, and it fits the prophecy of the legend back then.。

“It is normal for Shirahoshi to hear the voice of the Neptune type. After all, she is Poseidon, but why can I hear it? And the emperor that the Neptune type talks about seems to be me?”

“Listening to the voices of all things, by the way, should be this ability. I can see the voices of all things. If it is this ability, it is normal that I can understand it. But what is going on with the Emperor? Why do I feel that these guys seem to be saying I!”

Bai Ye pondered in his heart. This series of sounds had a big impact on him. After all, the emperor and the king made him feel suspicious.。

It seems that someone had foreseen his appearance a long time ago。

This is outrageous。

at the same time。

In a room on Fishman Island。

A dark purple mermaid covered his head and said in pain: “Boundless darkness, unpredictable fate, who is this person!”

after a long time。

The m

ermaid was panting, his eyes were bloodshot, and he said in a deep voice: “Whitebeard’s fate has been rewritten, who is that person? Is it the legendary person with a void destiny, the person who can break the fate?”

“The person who breaks destiny has appeared, and the emperor will surely rule the world. An unstoppable era has begun, and no one can stop him!”

“The world government is going to die!”

After saying this, the mermaid was shocked, and then fainted to the ground, with a trace of blood flowing from her eyes.。


at this time。

in a palace。

Bai Ye pondered for a moment and said to Bai Xing: “Come out with me to Bai Xing, I want to know what is going on!”

“Hey, can I go out?”


Bai Xing was very happy to hear that she was going out, but recalling her own experience, she hesitated a little and subconsciously looked at her father.。

Although she was eager to go out, she also knew that if she went out, it would definitely bring trouble to Fish-Man Island, so she didn’t want to go out very much.。

“Come out, Shirahoshi, haven’t you always wanted to go out?”

“With the Emperor here, no one dares to hurt you. Now you don’t need to worry about anything else!”

Neptune looked gentle and said to Bai Xing。

“Really? Father!”

Hearing these words, Bai Xing was wildly surprised, and his innocent face was filled with smiles.。


Neptune nodded, and then said to Bai Ye: “Emperor, I will leave my daughter to you!”

Hearing these words, Bai Ye’s pupils shrank and said: “Tell me Neptune, what do you know and what is going on with the so-called Emperor!”

Hearing this, Neptune smiled softly: “Lord Bai Di, I don’t know much, why don’t you go out with Bai Xing now, maybe those guys can give you the truth!”

Hear the words。

Bai Ye pondered for a moment and said, “Okay!”


Byakuya threw a Devil Fruit to Shirahoshi and said: ‘Eating this Devil Fruit Shirahoshi will allow you to change your body shape, and this Devil Fruit has no side effects!’

“Devil Fruit?”

After hearing this, Shirahoshi looked at the small fruit in his hand, and then looked at Neptune. When he saw Neptune nodding, he hesitated, and then threw the Devil Fruit into his mouth.。

Maybe it was because of his body shape, and because the side effects were gone, Shirahoshi didn’t look unpalatable. Instead, he seemed to have eaten a small snack, without much effect.。

after a long time。

Bai Xing moved slightly, and his body shrank rapidly. His size was directly reduced to dozens of times smaller than Bai Ye and the others. Then his size increased, and then shrunk again.。

After several adjustments, Bai Xing got the same body shape as Bai Ye and others.。

“Let’s go!”

Seeing that Bai Xing had almost adjusted, Bai Ye directly took Bai Xing’s hand, then turned into a bolt of lightning and rushed out.。

The speed was extremely fast, and before anyone could react with their naked eyes, Bai Ye had already left the entire Dragon Palace, and then headed towards the door.。

Watching the two people walking away。

Jinbe hesitated for a moment: “Is it really okay for Princess Shirahoshi to eat a devil fruit?”’

“It should be fine, I believe Bai Di!”

Neptune is very relaxed. Although the devil fruit without side effects is amazing, Bai Ye has too many special abilities, and Bai Ye has also shown them. Because of the legend, Nipton trusts Bai Ye very much.。

“That Devil Fruit does not have any side effects, you can rest assured, and Lord Byakuya does have the ability to remove the side effects of Devil Fruit. In our pirate group, all ability users have no side effects!”

Hancock explains。

heard this。

Jinbei finally calmed down and felt that nothing was wrong.。

After all, it was Bai Di。

between several people’s conversations。

Bai Ye has left the Fish-Man Island with Bai Xing and entered the deep sea.。

Because he swallowed the evil dragon earlier, he has the characteristics of a fishman, so he can travel unimpeded in the sea.


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