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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 169

Neptune was very happy to hear that Bai Ye would help with the matter, and immediately took Bai Ye and others there.。

at the same time。

in the deep sea。

A dark space, with countless behemoths crossing it. They are all huge and hundreds of meters long, or even thousands of meters long. They are all gathered in the depths of the sea.。

“I feel the breath of that adult!”

‘He is getting closer to the king!’

“The encounter between emperors and kings, the wheel of fate has begun, and the emperor who breaks fate has appeared!”

“The eight hundred years of waiting are finally here!”

‘It’s just that this adult seems to be a bit powerful and terrifying. He seems to have stepped into the final highest level!’

“I also felt that although they were far apart, their aura was not much worse than that of the King of Heavenly Dragons!”

“No wonder the Emperor was predicted to be the one to break destiny. Such strength may not be his opponent!”

“Shall we go there? The Emperor and the King have met, and the time has come for us to reappear!”

�� “Go ahead, the Emperor’s strength is enough to subvert everything, we can’t wait!”

Complex words slowly sounded, and the water in the depths of the sea rolled. Countless behemoths began to rise, heading towards the only bright spot in the sky.。


Bai Ye suddenly stopped, frowned, and looked into the distance。

“What’s wrong?”

When Hancock saw this, he couldn’t help but ask!

Could it be that Cracker and the others came over?

Neptune and Jinbe were also puzzled by Bai Ye’s anomalies.。


After pondering for a moment, Bai Ye said。

He did feel a unique force gradually approaching, but this power was fleeting and disappeared quickly, making him wonder if it was an illusion.。

Seeing this, everyone didn’t say much and continued to move forward.。

Soon, they came to the entrance of a huge palace。

On the palace, you can clearly see the marks of countless axes, criss-crossed and looking a bit shabby.。

Neptune explained: “Because of that guy’s ability, we didn’t dare to let Shirahoshi come out, so we had to lock her in. But that guy didn’t give up because of this, and would throw an ax at Shirahoshi every day, so for so many years In the past, this gate has left many traces!”

The words just fell。

There was a whistling sound in my ears, like something was shooting out.。

call out。

After a moment, everyone’s eyes focused on it, it was an ax。

See the situation。

Bai Ye’s expression changed, and he stretched out a hand. His armed domineering aura instantly covered him, and he grabbed the ax with one hand.。


The two collided, making the sound of gold and iron, sparks splashed, and a wave of air swept around, spreading in all directions.。


Bai Ye squeezed it slightly, and the entire ax was shattered, exploded, and slowly scattered into pieces.。

Seeing this scene, everyone was slightly shocked. The fact that he grabbed the ax so easily showed that Bai Ye’s physique was also extremely powerful. After all, it shot out at such a speed, both in terms of strength and speed, it was extremely amazing.。

Even if Jinbei wants to stop him, it will take some effort, and it will definitely not be as easy as Byakuya.。

“The rumors are indeed true, Bai Ye’s physique is not much weaker than Cyborg Kong and the others! “Nipton whispered in his heart. If he hadn’t se

en it with his own eyes, he would have regarded the news as rumors. The main reason was that Bai Ye looked too thin and did not look like a person with good physique.。

“go in! ” said。

Hear the words。

Neptune quickly led the way and then opened the door。

Suddenly a ray of light shone, and a huge creature appeared in front of everyone. It was a fan-like mermaid with wavy and flowing long pink hair, bright blue eyes, beautiful appearance, plump upper body, and alternately dark and light breasts. pink fishtail。

The appearance is stunning, with a unique temperament。

“it’s beautiful!”

Seeing Bai Xing’s face, Hancock couldn’t help but sigh. She was extremely confident in her beauty, but facing Bai Xing, he couldn’t help but sigh, feeling that she might be a little weaker.。

That people who make her so proud are like this is enough to illustrate the charm of White Star. You must know that Hancock is famous for being proud and even arrogant, and is extremely confident in his beauty and charm.。


Seeing Neptune, Bai Xing was immediately overjoyed. Her voice was very soft and soft, and it sounded very comfortable.。

“White Star!”

Seeing Bai Xing, Neptune was also a little happy, and then said: “White Star, you don’t need to stay here anymore!”’


Hearing this, Bai Xing became even more happy. Because of Daken IX, she had stayed in this almost prison-like place for nearly eight years, and she was only thirteen years old now.。

Her childhood was almost non-existent and could be described as dark. After all, she was still here when she was only a few years old.。


Neptune nodded, and then introduced Bai Xing: “This one is Lord Bai Ye, and this one is Hancock. They are both benefactors who help you get out of here!”

With Bai Ye taking action, he was not worried about failure at all.。

“Hello, Lord Baiye, Lord Hancock!”

Bai Xing said respectfully to the two of them.。

Due to years of living in darkness, Bai Xing is a little timid, but he still has a very good character.。


Hearing this, Hancock gave a rare greeting. This kind of thing is actually rare. She will only be normal to Bai Ye, and is extremely arrogant when facing other people, even Peach Rabbit.。


Bai Ye nodded, smiled softly, and looked at Bai Xing with a look of amazement. No wonder even Hancock was amazed. Bai Xing’s face was indeed stunning.。

at the same time。

A wonderful power appeared, making Bai Ye frown. This power was really weird. He had never seen it before.。

And he could feel that there seemed to be people nearby。

Then Bai Ye followed the strength and looked at Bai Xing。

Seeing this, Bai Ye suddenly had a flash of inspiration.。

Could it be Bai Xing’s ability?

Neptune’s abilities?

And could those auras be of the Neptune type?

at this moment。

Bai Ye heard a faint voice: “We are almost there, the emperor and the king have met!”

“The one who breaks fate!”

“Such a powerful aura, the Emperor is so powerful, no wonder he is predicted to be the one who will subvert the entire world!”

“He has already stepped into that aura, and he has the aura to compete with the King of Heavenly Dragons!”

hear these words。

Bai Ye’s heart was shocked!

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