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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 168

The Ark Proverbs are too conspicuous。

Just by appearing near Fishman Island, people immediately knew that White Night was coming.。

And when Bai Ye enters Fish-Man Island,

Neptune was already waiting at the door with a group of people。

“Welcome Baidi!”

Neptune was at the entrance, leading a group of fishmen and mermaids, and said respectfully in the direction of the Ark’s motto.。

Although Neptune’s status is not bad, it is still far behind compared to Bai Ye. In addition, the war on the top has just ended, and Bai Ye’s reputation is well known. Even Neptune must be respectful.。

Afraid of offending Bai Ye!

at this time。

When Bai Ye and Hancock walked into the Ark, many fishmen were even more nervous, looking at Bai Ye with fear in their eyes!

“What a terrifying smell!”

“And so young!”

Looking at Bai Ye walking slowly, Neptune’s eyes narrowed, and his heart was filled with shock. Bai Ye looked too young, with a trace of childishness all over his body. His young face looked even more harmless, but Bai Ye’s aura It was a bit scary, and a terrifying aura rushed towards his face, making him feel deeply stressed.。

He could also see that this was not Bai Ye’s intentional act, but the aura that came out naturally.。

“Are the people from BIGMOM here? “Bai Ye walked up to them and said softly.。

Then he looked around and saw that there were quite a few people coming to Fish-Man Island. In addition to Neptune, there were also some other high-level officials, as well as Kai Xia Jinbei.。

These people are all high-level officials of Fishman Island。

“They haven’t arrived yet, but according to the news, they should arrive in two days at most!”

Having said this, Neptune paused for a while and continued: “Sir Baiye, let’s go to the Dragon Palace to discuss the details in detail. We have prepared a banquet and are waiting for your arrival!”

“Then lead the way!”


Under the leadership of Neptune, Bai Ye and Hancock quickly arrived at the Dragon Palace on Fish-Man Island.。

In the magnificent palace, there are neatly arranged places with a lot of food and wine.。

There are two positions at the top, one for Neptune and one for White Night.。

go inside。

Everyone sat down directly。

Then the banquet officially started。

Bai Ye sat above him, took a sip of wine, and said lightly: “How many people came from BIGMOM this time?”

Although there are many cadres in BIGMOM, not many are powerful. Except for Katakuri, who is a bit outstanding, the others are extremely ordinary.。

Of course, this is just for Bai Ye, those people seem a bit ordinary. If placed in the new world, some cadres are still quite good.。

“According to the news we got, a lot of people came from BIGMOM this time, led by one of the three generals, Biscuit Minister Charlotte Cracker! “Neptune answered truthfully, with a relaxed expression.。

Cracker is definitely considered a good player in the new world. After all, being able to reach the position of three generals is enough to illustrate his ability.。

But facing Bai Ye, Cracker is not afraid.。

So Neptune didn’t have the worries he had in the past, but instead looked more relaxed.。

Even Bai Di came here in person, let alone Kelijia, even if BIGMOM came in person, he wasn’t very worried。

“Oh, then I will wait for two days to help you get rid of him!”

Bai Ye said calmly。

Coming to Fishman Is

land and solving their troubles is a matter of course, no matter who comes here, even Katakuri。

“Thank you, Mr. Baiye!”

Hearing this, Neptune was immediately overjoyed. Bai Ye was willing to stay, and they were definitely safe.。


Everyone toasted to Bai Ye。

Then, Bai Ye looked at Jinbei and said calmly: “Jinbei, you no longer have the status of Shichibukai, right?”

“The Shichibukai’s identity was indeed taken away by the navy! I am now a pirate again!”

“In that case, how about joining us? Are you interested?”

As soon as these words came out。

Both the other senior officials of Fish-Man Island and Neptune and Jinbe themselves were a little surprised.。

They didn’t expect that Bai Ye would personally invite Jinbei。

Although Jinbe’s reputation is good and his strength is pretty good, there is still a gap between him and Byakuya’s cadres and monsters.。

Maybe just like Moonlight Moria。

no big difference。

Jinbei took a deep breath and said in a deep voice: “I am willing to join, Byakuya-sama!”

There is no need to think about this kind of thing at all。

As we all know, although Bai Ye is unscrupulous, he is very good to his subordinates and cadres, and even protects his shortcomings. His personality is somewhat similar to Whitebeard, and he values his cadres very much.。

In addition, now that the Byakuya Pirate King is famous, few people dare to offend the Byakuya Pirates. If you can join the Byakuya Pirates and become a cadre at the same time,。

This is very beneficial to both myself and my hometown, especially Fish-Man Island.。

The geographical location is quite special. If Jinbei can join the White Night Pirates, not many people will dare to covet Fishman Island.。

Even BIGMOM may have to think about it。

If she really takes action, she will really offend Bai Ye.。

At that time, we may really have to take action.。

“If you join, we welcome you at any time, but you have to think carefully. If you join, you will participate in the battle of Wano. Have you thought clearly?”

Bai Ye said calmly。

It was no surprise that Jinbei would join this, but he still thought it would be better to let Jinbei think it through. After all, he and Kaido were going to fight.。

“Lord Baiye, I have thought it through!”

Jinbei’s eyes were particularly firm. He had wanted to join the Byakuya Pirates since he witnessed Byakuya’s grace in the battle on the top.。

After all, no one in this world can influence the direction of a war like Bai Ye, and even make the world government and the navy compromise.。

Even Kaido and BIGMOM cannot achieve this ability.。

“You are welcome to join!”

Bai Ye smiled slightly。

The addition of Jinbei can be regarded as adding another level of combat power to their pirate group.。

Jinbei’s strength is not bad。

At the same time, because of the characteristics of fishmen, Jinbei’s abilities at sea are also more powerful.。

With his existence, it will have a significant effect on their side.。

Then, Bai Ye said: ‘Nipton, I heard that there is a mermaid princess on Fish-Man Island. Can I meet her?’

“Lord Baiye, of course this is possible, but my daughter cannot come over due to some special reasons!”

Having said this, Neptune sighed, and then briefly explained Bai Xing’s situation to Bai Ye.。

After listening, Bai Ye stood up directly and said: “Take me there, I will help you solve this matter!”


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