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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 165

Whitebeard had to be surprised。

After all, what happened to the Rocks Pirates happened decades ago, and after the incident passed, the World Government basically erased all traces of it in order to cover up the matter and avoid causing unnecessary panic.。

Just like the erasure of the kingdom a hundred years ago, the World Government uses the same method to erase all unnecessary things.。

Because of the actions of the World Government, many things in history have disappeared, leaving only those things that the World Government feels can be left behind.。

Even so at that time, some things still left traces. This is the case for a hundred years, and the same is true for Rocks.。

Most people may not know about the Rocks Pirates and have no way of knowing, but after all, Whitebeard was a member of the Rocks Pirates.。

He is one of the few people in the world who knows what happened back then.。

“I also got the news by chance!”

Bai Ye didn’t explain too much and left the problem to the chance。

After all, it’s impossible to tell Whitebeard that I learned about it from the anime, right?

Even if I told Whitebeard, he probably wouldn’t know what was going on.。

After all, this world doesn’t know the meaning of anime either。

Whitebeard didn’t think much about it either.。

Although traces of the Rocks Pirates have been wiped out, after all, it happened decades ago, and there are still some people or things left behind.。

It’s normal for Bai Ye to know。

“This matter is actually not a secret!”

Whitebeard smiled softly, his eyes flickering, as if recalling what happened back then, and said lightly: “Back then, Rocks was famous all over the world, popular, and worshiped by countless people. He was known as the world’s strongest man and received countless awards. People’s approval!”

“I also highly recognized his strength back then!”

“It’s just that he is not willing to be an ordinary strongest man in the world, but wants to rule the entire world. He feels that the existence of the world government is hindering him, so he summoned all the strong men in this sea in the past, hoping to follow We work together to overthrow the world government!”

“Because of his reputation, Locks’ call was quickly responded to. I am one, BIGMOM is one, and Kaido is also one. They were all attracted by the world described by Locks, and they have gathered together ever since!”

‘At that time, most of the strong men gathered in the Rocks Pirates, which brought the entire pirate group’s strength to an extremely terrifying level. It once threatened the World Government and even made the Celestial Dragons at that time afraid to go out!’

“Just like you threatened the Celestial Dragons at that time, Rocks also threatened the Celestial Dragons, scaring those people from leaving the Holy Land!”

Whitebeard thought for a while and smiled at Bai Ye.。

“The path you are taking is quite similar to his. Both are extremely powerful and are recognized by people in the world. However, you are a little different from him. He seems to be smarter and more calculating than him!”

heard this sentence。

Bai Ye rolled her eyes, just tell me, why is it all on me?。

But Bai Ye didn’t say much, but waited for Whitebeard’s answer.。

“Rocks is very powerful and ambitious. At the same time, his methods are also very good. He immediately attracted many strong men and made the strength of the entire Rocks pirate group grow by leaps and bounds. But there is one thing he did not do well!”

‘That is, as long as they are strong, no matter who they are, they can join the Rocks Pirates. Regardless of whether they have conflicts with other crew members, as long as they respond, they can become a crew member of the Rocks Pirates!’

“Although his approach elevated the pirate group to an extremely terrifying level, it also laid the groundwork for future failures!”

“Because the crew was too chaotic and each had their own hatreds, internal strife continued, and many people killed each other, causing the entire Rocks to become a mess. Later, because of the crew’s problems, many people directly rebelled, causing Rocks to Besieged by Garp and Roger, he was finally defeated by the tw

o of them!”

“Because of Rocks’ failure, the Rocks Pirates were disbanded!”

“Eventually the division collapsed and we all went our separate ways!”

Although Whitebeard downplayed it, Bai Ye could still feel how powerful Rocks was back then.。

After all, being besieged by Garp and Roger at their peak shows how powerful Rocks is. These two people are no joke. They are both standing at the top of the world. Moreover, when they were still young, their bodies may have reached a peak state。

Both burst and endurance should be stronger than they are now.。

So it is normal for Rocks to lose. At the same time, this point is enough to show that Rocks was stronger than Roger and Garp back then.。

After all, it seems that the two of them joined forces to solve Rocks!

“Did Rocks die that year?”

“And have you passed the Battle of the Valley of the Gods?”

Bai Ye asked。

Whitebeard shook his head: “I don’t know if he’s dead or not. I didn’t go there directly. But through the news from the World Government, it seems that Rocks was beheaded, but no one has seen Rocks’ body. This guy No one knows whether he died or not!”

“But he should be dead. After all, so many years have passed. If he hadn’t died, there would have been rumors!”

“If he was still here, the sea would not be like this!”

If Rocks were still alive back then。

The sea is indeed not like this. Roger may not be able to become a pirate group, and it is even more impossible that there were only three pirates back then.。

And then it’s even more impossible to have only four emperors。

According to Locks’ strength, as long as he lives, he will definitely have his place among the top combat powers in the world.。

“If you don’t see a body, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is dead, but you are right. After so many years, if Rocks had not died, he should have appeared long ago!”

Bai Ye pondered for a moment and nodded.。

Although he roughly knew some information through the original work, the information did not directly tell whether Rocks died directly, so there was still a certain amount of suspense.。

It’s just that he thought that this world is inherently wonderful, with all kinds of fruits. Maybe Rocks was resurrected through some wonderful fruits, or maybe it’s not impossible to come back to life.。

It’s just that there has been no news from Rocks for nearly forty years, which seems to mean that Rocks was already dead that year.。

Although the Golden Lion disappeared for twenty years, it still appeared later. As for Rocks, there is no news at all, so it may not be impossible.。

“Gu la la la, if he could have appeared, he would have already appeared!”

Whitebeard grinned: “But Bai Ye, you have to be careful. Your experience is actually somewhat similar to Rocks. I don’t want you to follow his path!”

speaking of。

Rocks and Bai Ye are indeed very similar.。

They have all threatened the Tianlong people, and they are also the most powerful people in the world.。

The only difference may be that Bai Ye is smarter and is younger, which gives him more room for improvement.。

“I never follow anyone else’s path, I only follow my own, and I never look like anyone else!”

Bai Ye said calmly。

There is no fluctuation in my heart。

Rocks’ deeds are indeed shocking, but to Bai Ye, these are just a story.。

There is no chance of repeating the same mistakes。

“Gu la la la, I believe you!”

Whitebeard’s eyes flickered: “When I first heard about you, I knew that you, a man, might overturn the whole world!”

“And you will end this era and create a new era!”

“And this era is called white!”

Hearing these words, Bai Ye was a little surprised: “You gave me such a high evaluation? It surprises me!”

Indeed, Whitebeard’s evaluation was too high, almost pushing Bai Ye to a whole new level. He seemed to be different from everyone else in this world, which made Bai Ye very uncomfortable.。

If someone else blew it, he wouldn’t feel anything.。

But Whitebeard is different. This man has been through several eras and has been among the strongest in the world for decades. What he says is naturally different from others.。

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