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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 162

Things about Wano Country。

Bai Ye had actually wanted to do it a long time ago, but it was temporarily delayed due to the issue of the war on top.。

Now that the war is over, he has freed up his hands to deal with Wano’s affairs, and by the way, Kaido’s.。

Kaido is not dead. After all, he is a disaster and cannot be left behind.。

And the country of Wano is Kaido’s lair, so he must be destroyed.。


The banquet went on as expected, and everyone had a great time. Except for Hancock and Peach Rabbit, everyone else was drunk. Even Marco and others were drunk into a puddle.。

These guys are also looking for death。

He actually wanted to get Bai Ye drunk, and even specially found a few people. But they didn’t know that Bai Ye had a huge amount of alcohol. No matter how many of them came, they couldn’t get drunk.。

Even Baibeard was impressed by Baiye’s drinking capacity.。

He has never admired a few people in his drinking life, and no one can make him admit defeat, but here at Baiye, at least in terms of drinking capacity, he has completely lost, and he has simply surrendered with a white flag.。

However, at the beginning of the banquet, Marco did not forget Whitebeard’s instructions. He spread the news that Whitebeard was integrated into the White Night Pirates, and at the same time, the news that Whitebeard’s territory was integrated into White Night was also spread.。

After saying that, the banquet started directly, and this news was forgotten by Marco.。

Didn’t think much about it。

In fact, there is no need to think too much. As long as the news spreads, he feels that although it will cause some fluctuations, the impact should not be big.。

The main thing is that the war has just been resolved, and everyone has seen Bai Ye’s super strength. As long as they are not seeking death, they will basically not touch Bai Ye’s landmine, because once touched, it will be a dead end.。

After the news spread。

as expected。

In just one or two hours, it suddenly caused a violent shock in the new world.。

“Whitebeard actually joined the White Night Pirates?”

“With the arrogance of these guys, they would stoop to others!”

‘Damn it, if that’s the case, we won’t dare to snatch Whitebeard’s territory. After all, it’s all Bai Ye’s territory now!’

“People like Marco have made good calculations. Once these territories are marked with Bai Di’s name, how many people will dare to take action?”

‘It’s hard to say this. I heard that several pirate groups are ready to take action!’

‘Just do it, those guys are all cannon fodder and are seeking death.。’

“That’s right. Bai Di’s reputation has just risen. Anyone who dares to touch his territory is seeking death!”

“It’s hard to say, but I heard that BIGMOM is planning to take action. They seem to want to take over Fish-Man Island!”

“Has BIGMOM taken action? This is provoking Bai Emperor. It seems that there will be another good show later. I wonder if Bai Ye will take action!”

“This is very suspenseful. The war on top has just ended, so Bai Emperor may not take action!”

Everyone was talking about this matter.。

Since White Beard’s territory became Bai Ye’s, many people originally planned to take advantage of White Beard’s death to grab some territory, but when they heard that Bai Ye was going to take over, they immediately did not dare.。

After all, they have all seen the battle on the top and have some understanding of Bai Ye’s strength. In addition, Bai Ye’s methods are notoriously ruthless. If they offend

Bai Ye, they will definitely not get any good results.。

After all, Bai Ye is not someone like Whitebeard or Shanks. Once he is really offended, he may really die.。

Although most of these people are not afraid of death, they do not want to die in an unclear and meaningless way.。

You know you’re going to die, but you still take action. It’s not worth dying like this.。

Some people are afraid, and some are afraid. Although these people are in the minority, there are still a few small fish and shrimps who are not afraid of Bai Ye directly snatching his territory.。


And the aunt BIGMOM who was also the Five Emperors before。

She was the first person to seize the territory after Marco announced the news, and her eyes were directly on Fish-Man Island.。

This is a good site. Both the location and the value are extremely expensive.。

As the only way to the New World in the first half of the Great Line, the location of Fish-Man Island is too precious, and the special relationship between fish and mermaids makes this island even more colorful.。

at this time。

cake island。

in a huge room。

Aunt Charlotte Lingling was lying on the bed, staring fiercely at the people below: “Is there any news about the Fish-Man Island incident over there?”

“Have Cracker and the others set off?”

heard this。

The kneeling figure below immediately said in panic: “Mother, there is no news from Fish-Man Island yet, but Cracker and the others have already set off, and it won’t take long to reach Fish-Man Island!”’

“No news has come out about Fish-Man Island yet? What are they waiting for? Do they really think that brat Bai Ye can save them?”

Hearing that there was no news from Fish-Man Island, BIGMOM suddenly became angry. A terrifying aura erupted from her body, like a strong wind sweeping through her body. Layers of storms rose up around her. In the sky outside, the sky changed drastically. The sky was originally clear. Thousands of miles away, dark clouds spread all over the place in an instant。

Lightning intertwined and dark clouds gathered, like an army pressing down on the country, and there was a suffocating sense of oppression, as if the end of the world was coming.。

“Mom, Bai Ye should not be underestimated. After all, he is targeting the war and has killed Cyborg Kong and two CP0s. They are extremely powerful and we cannot ignore them!”

‘And despite the war, the White Night Pirates didn’t suffer much loss, if they really went to war with the opponent!’

at this time。

A voice sounded slowly, and a figure stood up. He was tall, with short amaranth red hair, strong muscles, slender legs, and a patched scar on each cheek. There are pink tattoos on the left arm and left upper body, and a skull-shaped tattoo on the left arm. Wearing a white scarf like a flower, the overall clothing style is full of strong black metal style. Wearing a pair of black gloves with a spike on his left arm. Wearing black jeans, a white kneepad on the left knee, and a pair of spiked black boots with spurs on the back。

Wearing a scarf on the face, covering the mouth directly, the face cannot be seen。

He was calm and steady, his eyes were calm and shining with a strange light. He stood there like a javelin with a terrifying edge.。

Charlotte Katakuri。

BIGMOM has the highest combat power and possesses the domineering power of seeing into the future. It is also known as the Charlotte family’s highest masterpiece, with a bounty of one billion and fifty-seven million Baileys.


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