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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 147

A person with abilities who is not afraid of Hailou Stone?

Seeing Bai Ye rubbing the sea tower stone bullet, everyone was shocked and their faces were full of shock. They could hardly believe the scene in front of them.。

From ancient times to the present, the nemesis of people with abilities is sea water and sea tower stones. This is unquestionable. After the wash of history, no one is immune. There are countless people with powerful abilities who have appeared in history.。

When they faced the sea tower stone or the sea water, they were also restrained. Only a small number of people might be able to persist for a while, and some weak people fainted directly and fell into an unsuitable state.。

However, people with abilities like Bai Ye who are almost immune to Hailou Stone have almost never appeared.。

“This is impossible, how could there be a Devil Fruit user in this world who is immune to the Sea Tower Stone!”

Anderson looked at the scene in front of him with disbelief on his face and yelled at Bai Ye unwillingly.。

He doesn’t believe this kind of thing。

How is it possible for a Devil Fruit user to be immune to the Sea Tower Stone?


Bai Ye looked at Anderson playfully and said calmly: ‘Since you don’t believe it, do you think this sea tower stone bullet is fake?’

As soon as these words came out。

Anderson woke up with a start, like a drowning man grabbing the rope, and said in a deep voice: “This is the only possibility!”

He would rather believe that this is a fake thing given to him by the World Government than believe that Bai Ye is not afraid of Hailou Shi.。

Because this is so fantastical that it is impossible for people to believe it.。

“I would rather believe that Hailou Stone is fake than believe that I am not afraid of Hailou Stone.。”

Bai Ye shook his head and sighed: “You guys are really interesting. Do you know that if these words are spoken, it means that the world government is incompetent. Even the things taken by people of your level are fake. This is enough to show that the world government is incompetent.” How corrupt the government is!’

Hearing Bai Ye’s words, Anderson’s face suddenly darkened, and he immediately thought of the seriousness of this matter.。

This battle is facing the whole world. As the top of CP0 and the absolute top of the world government, what he has must be the best.。

If even the things they took are fake, it means there is something wrong within the World Government. If word of this spreads, the credibility of the World Government will be greatly reduced.。

Anderson knew the seriousness of the matter. He gritted his teeth and stared at Bai Ye without saying a word. Although this affected the credibility of the World Government, there was nothing he could do. After all, there are no ability users who are not afraid of Hailou Stone.。

Never appeared before。

There will be no surprises。

In this regard, he can only believe that there is something wrong with the world government.。

“Bai Ye, you don’t need to criticize Anderson with words. Even if this seastone bullet is fake, it doesn’t mean anything. It only means that he may have picked it up by mistake and has nothing to do with the World Government!”

Cyborg Kong faced Bai Ye, with a gloomy face, and said seriously。

His opinion is almost the same as Anderson’s. He would rather believe that the sea floor stone bullet is fake than believe that Bai Ye is not afraid of sea floor stone and sea water.。

What’s more。

They are not ability users themselves, so it is normal that they cannot feel the sea floor stone. After all, they do not have the intuitive reaction to feel whether the sea floor stone is real or fake.。

“Is this sea floor stone bullet really fake? If that’s true, then the world government may be rotten inside, and even their combat power cannot get good resources!”

“There must be a problem within the World Government. There is no way Bai Ye is not afraid of Hailou Shi!”

“I also think it’s the bullet’s problem!”

“There has never been a person with abilities who is not afraid of Hailou Stone in history. There has never been one before and there will never be one now, and Bai Ye will not be an exception!”

“The World Government has existed for so many years, and it is normal for problems to arise. A

fter all, they have been established for nearly 800 years!”

“That’s quite true!”

People all over the world who watched this live broadcast were shocked and shocked by Bai Ye.。

As long as Bai Ye’s words break their world view。

In their memory, Devil Fruit users are people who have been cursed by the sea. Although they have special abilities, once they touch the sea water, they will lose their ability to fight and become weak. People with stronger strength may still be able to stay awake. The rest basically fainted directly。

As a treasure of the sea, the Sea Tower Stone has the properties of the sea, and it also has the effect of restraining those with Devil Fruit abilities. This is a well-known thing.。

And there has never been an esper in history who is immune to the Sea Tower Stone.。

It didn’t exist before and it can’t exist now。

This is the view of everyone. They believe that Hailou Stone is fake even more, and they are not willing to believe that Bai Ye can be immune to Hailou Stone.。

Because this is basically impossible to happen。

at this time。

In Holy Land Mary JoAdam。

Inside a magnificent palace。

The five old stars were sitting around a round table, and in front of the round table, there was an image of the Navy Headquarters.。

The five-star star with glasses was the first to break the silence and said in a deep voice: “Is this sea-stone bullet responsible for Anderson?”

“CP0 has always been the guard of the Celestial Dragons, and their equipment was given by the Celestial Dragons!”

“Guys like the Tianlong people dare to give away such an important thing!”

“These bastards, if this sea tower stone bullet is real, Baiye has been captured by us!”

“What a pity, these bastards must pay the price for this opportunity!”

Every word spoken by many of the Five Old Stars was filled with anger.。

They never thought that someone would fake such an important material as Hailou Stone!

Isn’t this going to harm Anderson and the others?

And because this sea-floor stone bullet was fake, they lost an excellent opportunity.。

If this sea tower stone bullet is real, Bai Ye has been captured by them now, and this war has also declared their victory.。

But it was because this sea-floor stone bullet was fake that the war could not continue.。

And after this raid, Bai Ye will definitely keep calm. Whether he can make a sneak attack next time is another matter.。

It can be said that the authenticity of this sea-floor stone bullet will affect the future pattern of the world, and may even affect the survival of the entire world government.。

It’s just that none of them have thought about it. In fact, this sea tower stone is not fake, but real. It’s just that Bai Ye is immune to the sea tower stone’s restraint.。

The reason why Wulaoxing thinks this way is that there has never been a person with abilities immune to the Sea Tower Stone before, which makes them have no preconceptions and think that this Sea Tower Stone bullet is fake.。

Wulaoxing doesn’t believe it, Cyborg Kong and the others don’t believe it.。

People all over the world don’t believe it even more。

Because they never think that capable people are immune to Hailoushi’s restraint。

This view is basically recognized by everyone in the world。

at this time。

In the naval headquarters。

Bai Ye stood in front, Baiyi Xunxun, and said playfully: “You don’t believe it, so let’s test it!”

“Take a look to see if this sea-floor stone bullet is authentic!”

between words。

Bai Ye grabbed the sea tower stone bullet and ejected it towards the Warring States Period not far away.。


The two abilities were perfectly integrated by Bai Ye, and the bullets instantly burst out at extremely terrifying speeds.。

Warring States frowned and stretched out a golden hand, as if he wanted to catch the bullet with Bai Ye.。



Warring States’ face changed drastically. The moment he touched the bullet, he felt a sense of powerlessness, as if his own strength had been drained, and he was feeling weak and uncomfortable all over.。


The golden light all over Warring States disappeared, and he stood weakly for an instant, looking in Bai Ye’s direction in disbelief, and whispered: ‘This sea tower stone bullet is real!’

As soon as these words came out。



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