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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 146


Looking at Edward lying on the ground unable to move, Anderson flew out and burst out with a heartbreaking voice.。

Like a beast that had lost its mind, he turned into a ray of light and rushed over. His eyes under the mask were red, and his murderous intent was revealed, and he rushed towards Bai Ye.。

Seeing this scene, Bai Ye smiled。

There was actually another one who came here to die.。

When this guy comes over, he can deal with it casually, which can reduce some threats.。


At this moment, Cyborg Kong rushed over, grabbed Anderson with one hand, and then led Anderson backwards。

He shouted angrily at Anderson: “Calm down, you’re just going to die now!”

After hearing this, Anderson seemed to have regained some of his sanity. He stopped shouting loudly and his breath stabilized. However, his eyes were still filled with murderous intent, and he wanted to tear Bai Ye into pieces.。

Because of Edson’s shouting, other people immediately looked over.。

Marco flew in the sky, took a look at the situation on Bai Ye’s side, and said in surprise: “CP0’s strength is too bad, isn’t it? One of them was killed so quickly?”

“Kizaru, your strength is too poor, right? You won’t send someone with the strength of a lieutenant general to top up the numbers, right? Three against one and one of them was knocked out?”

No wonder Marco was so surprised, because apart from Whitebeard, the one who was most stressed should be Bai Ye.。

Not only did he face the legendary Cyborg of the Navy, but he also faced two mysterious figures from CP0. It was rumored that their strength was comparable to that of a naval admiral, so everyone felt that Bai Ye was under the greatest pressure.。

After all, this is equivalent to facing two generals and a powerful man comparable to the emperor. This kind of pressure is not something ordinary people can bear.。

However, what I didn’t expect was that the war had just begun, and one of CP0’s was already defeated. The speed was amazing.。

“Don’t ask me this kind of question!”

Kizaru pursed his lips and looked helpless: “They are under the jurisdiction of the World Government. I don’t know what their strength or status is!”’

Kizaru is also in pain now。

I thought it would be the most stable battle, but who knew it would turn out to be the most unstable, with a three-on-one fight even being knocked out instantly?。

He himself was speechless。

“Gu la la la, Garp Sengoku, what kind of garbage did the world government send to you?”

“Would such a character dare to attack Bai Ye?”

Whitebeard grinned and waved the Cong Yunqi in his hand. The terrifying vibration ability exploded, directly knocking out Garp next to him.。

The other hand condensed a transparent ball of light, and punched it directly on top of the impact of Warring States Period.。


With a roar, Warring States retreated towards the rear。

One person faced two people, and Whitebeard was not at a disadvantage at all. He seemed to have entered the peak period of the year, and had the demeanor of the world’s number one man.。

“Hey, hey, what are those guys doing in the Warring States Period?”

Garp glanced at the battle behind him, frowned, and said dissatisfiedly。

Isn’t this a disturbing mentality?

Three people fought against one, and one of them was killed instantly. Are these guys really high-end combatants?

Could it be that those guys from the World Government are just pretending to be real?

This war is broadcast live to the whole world. Now three of them are fighting one, and another one is killed instantly. When word spreads, the prestige of the Navy and the World Government will probably be reduced to an extremely terrifying level.。

on the contrary。

Bai Ye’s prestige will rise to an extremely terrifying level. In the future, he may not be called the Five Emperors, but the White Emperor. It is not impossible.。

“Don’t ask me, I don’t know either!”

“These two people are the top leaders of CP0. According to what Wulaoxing said, they are among the top few in CP0 in terms of combat power!”

Warring States also looked puzzled.。

He had guessed that CP0 couldn’t help but fight so hard. Someone had died just after it started. This made him doubt whether this CP0 was really as strong as the Wulaoxing and others said.。

If so, they will have doubts about the strength of CP0. The previous strong players are so weak, so the strongest one is probably not that strong.。


“The white night is too scary, right? One person beat three, and one of them was killed in seconds!”

“What kind of strength is this? Can someone explain this? Is Bai Ye too strong or the opponent is too weak?”

“Maybe Bai Ye is too strong. I’ve heard of Edward as a CP0 player. Rumor has it that he is the top player in CP0, and he is one of the top players in CP0 in terms of strength!”

“Even if Bai Yeqiang is strong, is this too outrageous? Three people fought against one and one of them was killed? Is this really a top powerhouse?”

“I think it’s a bit outrageous. Although Bai Ye is very powerful, which is a well-known thing, Bai Ye is not so powerful, right? One person beat three, and one of them was defeated in seconds, and Cyborg Kong’s strength is not weak!”

“Don’t underestimate Bai Ye, he is now the only person in the world who has two devil fruits. It is rumored that he has obtained the ability of Momo Fruit. The ability of this fruit can increase his own ability, even to a hundred times. You must know that Bai Ye It’s already terrifyingly powerful, but with this ability, it becomes even more invincible!”

“This is a bit confusing!”

Seeing everything happening in front of them, the people in front of the phone bug were stunned.。

They did not expect this kind of development situation.。

I thought that the two sides would fight fiercely, or Bai Ye would be at a disadvantage, but who knew that the fight had just begun, and Bai Ye killed the person on the opposite side.。

This is somewhat unexpected, something that most people would not have thought of.。

At the same time, everyone was also shocked by Bai Ye’s strength.。

At this moment, no one dared to ignore Bai Ye. Most of them even regarded Bai Ye as the strongest person in the world, and was known as the person who should not be messed with.。

There was even a saying like this

“Even if you offend the Tianlong people, you can’t offend Bai Ye!”

Not many people knew this sentence at first, but then it gradually spread and became known to everyone, and it was regarded as the truth by most people.。

Because of this war, Bai Ye’s prestige and fame reached an extremely terrifying level.。

“Momo Fruit has greatly improved this guy!”

Cyborg Kong faced Bai Ye not far away and said in a deep voice: “If I guessed correctly, the reason why we couldn’t defeat Bai Ye just now is probably because he increased the increase in armored domineering. As for how many times, we don’t know for the time being.” Know!’

At this point, Cyborg Kong cursed in a low voice: “This guy is such a scumbag. Having the ability of the Thunder Fruit is enough to defy the heavens, but he can actually eat a second Devil Fruit, and it is also as defiant as the Momo Fruit.” Ability!’

If it were another fruit。

Cyborg Kong still thinks it’s nothing.。

But the Momo fruit is different. This is a special devil fruit that can increase your own strength.。

When Bai Ye didn’t have the Momo Fruit, his strength was comparable to that of Whitebeard and the others. Now that he has the Momo Fruit, after the two increase, Bai Ye’s strength has reached an extremely terrifying level.。

Even if Cyborg Sora sees it, it will be a sting.。

“So what do we do now?”

“This guy’s ability is so incredible, if we continue to delay, we may be defeated by him one by one!”

Anderson has calmed down and is not as violent as before。

“It’s not impossible. Although this guy is strong, he also has weaknesses. You should bring the Sea Tower Stone weapon, right?”

“This one really comes with it!”

“I’ll find a chance for you. If you have a chance, use the Sea Tower Stone weapon against him!”

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