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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 145

“Lock the target!”

Edward let out a low drink, his golden eyes flashed with luster, and then turned into a ray of light and fell on Bai Ye’s body.。

in an instant。

In the sky above the white night, a golden sign appeared, a very strange sign!

“Target locked successfully!”

Seeing the mark in the sky, Edward suddenly showed a smile and whispered: “You can’t escape Bai Ye. As long as the target is locked by me, no matter where you go, this mark will follow you closely. No matter what method you use, Cannot be removed!”

“This is a permanent sign, no matter where you go, I can sense you!”

Hearing this, Bai Ye raised his eyebrows slightly, and then electric arcs flashed on his body,。

disappeared instantly。

Then appeared behind Anderson, and the Chidori Spear burst out.。

“Hahaha, I see you!”

The moment the Chidori Spear appeared, Anderson laughed wildly: “Iron!”

Almost instantly, the rich aura of armed domination and the six-type navy iron blocks covered his body, like a copper wall, indestructible.。

call out。

With a click, the Chidori Spear hit Anderson’s body, like a giant mountain colliding, and the huge impact knocked Anderson away.。

at that moment。

Edward and Cyborg Seize the opportunity, both armed and domineering, and wave their fists towards Bai Ye。

Two casserole-sized fists were swung out, like swinging hammers, and they rushed out with almost unbelievable power.。

“I see! “Bai Ye raised his eyebrows lightly, finally understanding Edward’s ability.。

Facing the attacks of the two men, Bai Ye grinned, with a domineering and armed look lingering around his body, and then shouted in a low voice: “Momo, the increase is fifty times!”

at that moment。

The terrifying armed color Haki suddenly expanded, and the power of the armed color Haki also increased.。

The armed domineering energy that increased almost fifty times lingered on Bai Ye’s body, as if he was wearing a black armor.。


Two casserole-sized fists hit Bai Ye’s body, causing a violent roar. Then the ground beneath the three people’s feet collapsed. Spider-web-like cracks spread toward the back. Then, the entire ground directly shattered and collapsed.。

“How can this be? “Looking at the motionless white night, Edward’s pupils shrank and his voice trembled. He could hardly imagine the scene in front of him.。

Withstanding almost all the attacks from him and Cyborg Kong, Bai Ye didn’t suffer any damage at all, and didn’t even move backwards.。

The two of them are like two babies shaking their fists at a giant. They seem to be powerful, but they have no effect at all.。

This makes them a little bit unbelievable。

You must know that they are all masters of physical skills. They can blow up a warship with just one punch. Even a hill cannot withstand their attack.。

But Bai Ye couldn’t bear it anymore, and they didn’t cause any harm to him at all.。

Isn’t this too exaggerated?

The smoke and dust dissipated, and the stunned looks of Edward and Cyborg also appeared in front of the phone bug who was broadcasting the war live all over the world.。

When everyone saw this scene, they all showed expressions of astonishment!

“This is impossible, right? Their attacks didn’t cause any damage to Bai Ye?”

“Is Bai Ye’s body that powerful? From what I see, his thin appearance doesn’t look like a strong physical expert, but more like an ordinary ability user?”

“Isn’t this too exaggerated? I remember that Cyborg Kong was a man who punched through a hill casually. If an ordinary person withstood his punch, he would at least be beaten into a pulp, but Bai Ye didn’t suffer any loss at all?”

“Is this forced support or is there really no harm?”

“Who knows this, but looking at Bai Ye’s face, it seems that the two people’s attacks did not cause any damage to Bai Ye!”

‘Isn’t this too awesome?’

“Is it possible that Bai Ye is also a strong physical expert, but his body just looks thin?”

Seeing this scene, everyone was filled with astonishment and were stunned.。

They thought about the excitement of fighting, but they never thought that after C

yborg Kong and Edward succeeded, Bai Ye was not injured at all.。

If he had escaped with his ability, it would be okay. After all, everyone knows that Bai Ye is incredibly fast.。

But Bai Ye relied on his physical body to withstand the attacks of two strong physical warriors, Cyborg Kong and Edward, and they could not remain calm.。

“Didn’t you have a meal today? Just this little strength?”

Bai Ye looked at Cyborg Kong and the two of them and sneered again and again: “Or is it that the World Government treats you like this and can’t even feed you?”

“Fortunately, I didn’t join the navy. Otherwise, if I were like you, I wouldn’t even be able to get enough to eat, let alone become stronger!”

between words。

A cold light bloomed, and the Hellfire Knife bloomed directly in the air, and a trace of cold light flashed across the air.。


Edward and Cyborg had pimples all over their bodies, and an extreme sense of danger spread in their hearts.。



The two of them left quickly at top speed。

It’s just that Edward’s strength is still a little bit behind, and a cold light falls on his arm.。


An arm was raised in the air, with a trace of blood, and slowly fell to the ground.。

“Damn it!”

“So strong!”

“Is this guy really just coming of age?”

Edward covered the wound on his broken arm, blood gushed out like a fountain, turning his entire clothes red. His face under the mask was pale, and his eyes looked at the white night full of fear.。

Although he had already prepared when he arrived, he still didn’t expect Bai Ye to be so strong.。

Two strong men of almost general level and the former legendary figure Cyborg Kong joined forces, and the three top combat powers joined forces, but they still couldn’t suppress Bai Ye.。

Bai Ye’s strength is simply beyond the sky, making it impossible for them to understand.。

They don’t understand why the young Byakuya is so strong. Even if he is strong in Devil Fruit, the three-color Haki is not weak at all. He is hardly weaker than them, and is even a little stronger.。

At the same time, Bai Ye’s physique is also terrifyingly strong, not worse than them at all, and the same is true for his swordsmanship.。

Bai Ye is proficient in all the fighting methods in this sea, and they have reached an extremely terrifying level.。

If it were any one of them, they wouldn’t be too surprised, because there are many geniuses in this world, but when all the means come together, they would have to be surprised.。

Because this is so nonsense。

A person who has just grown up has time to ponder so many abilities. A single devil fruit can keep others pondering for decades.。

“I thought you were so capable!”

“It turned out to be just an ordinary superhuman ability, and it was still so useless, which really disappointed me!”

at this moment。

Bai Ye suddenly appeared behind Edward and said lightly to Edward。

heard this sentence。

Edward’s scalp was numb, and he quickly tried to adjust his body, waving his fist and hitting the back.。

Anderson and Cyborg Kong on the other side also changed their expressions and rushed over quickly.。

if it is a person。

Edward is definitely no match。

And they can’t let Edward die.。

If Edward died, without the ability of the fruit to lock Bai Ye, it would be difficult for them to detect Bai Ye’s speed.。

“Still want to fight back?”

“It’s a pity that your strength is a little inferior!”

Bai Ye raised his eyebrows slightly, with a strange smile on his face. The lightning in one hand, armed with domineering aura and the power of the Momo Fruit, instantly penetrated Edward’s body.。

The armor and domineering look all over his body was like paper, and it was easily broken open by Bai Ye’s arm.。


Bai Ye pinched it gently。


Edward’s heart was directly crushed, and his eyes also lost their luster, and his whole body seemed to have lost its strength and support.。

Fall directly to the ground。

Not long after the war started, the first high-end combat force to fall appeared.

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