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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 144

The two sides faced each other, and the surroundings fell into silence.。

And at this time。

Marco turned into a phoenix and rushed out, flying in the sky and laughing and said: ‘Kizaru, come here, let’s solve the battle that hasn’t ended yet!’

heard this。

Kizaru pursed his lips and whispered: “I don’t want to fight a guy like you who can’t be beaten to death!”

Marco, who has transformed into a phoenix, can recover from any injury. He can be called a mobile fountain and will be in trouble no matter who he fights against.。

But even though Kizaru said he didn’t want to, his body was honest and he turned into a ray of light and faced Marco.。

Marco’s action seemed to be an order, and the others took action one after another.。

Ryoma looked calm, holding the black sword Qiushui in his hand, walked towards Akainu, and said lightly: “Your Excellency, continue our unfinished battle, this time you will definitely lose!”

Akainu snorted coldly: “Arrogant, this time I will punch through your chest!”


The two of them also took action。

Seeing that the other generals had taken action, Qingzhi stretched out and said to Yixiao: “That blind gentleman, since they have started, let’s start too!”’

“So good!”

Smile lightly and then leave。

“Gion, come out!”

Crane’s expression was gloomy, and like the others, he continued the subsequent battle.。

Peach Rabbit hesitated for a moment, then turned into a fallen angel, spread its wings, and rushed out slowly.。

“Gu la la la, it’s time for you two old guys to come out, Warring States Garp!”

Whitebeard waved Cong Yunqie, stepped forward, and stepped on heavy steps. The aura on his body immediately climbed up, and he walked towards Sengoku and Garp.。

Judging from the posture, it looks like a one on two. I want to fight against Garp and Sengoku alone.。

“Hahaha, you old guy is getting more and more arrogant. You want to challenge the two of us by yourself. Isn’t that a bit exaggerated?”

Karp laughed and said。

“I alone am enough! “Whitebeard said lightly, his words filled with boundless domineering power.。

at this moment。

He seemed to have returned to his youth, when he was known as the number one man in the world.。

“You old man, you have been with Bai Ye for a long time. You have not learned the good things, but you have learned a lot about arrogance. Today, since you want to seek death, then I will help you!”

Warring States’s face turned black and he shouted angrily at Whitebeard.。

“Gu la la la, what about you two?”

Whitebeard smiled nonchalantly and said: “Back then, that guy Shiji could go to the Navy Headquarters to challenge the two of you, but today I, Whitebeard, can do it alone!”’

“Huh, you only know that Shiji raided the Navy Headquarters back then, don’t you know that he was thrown into Impel Down by us?”

“What’s the use of throwing it into Impel Down City? It’s not like the old guy escaped!”

As soon as these words came out, the whole world was instantly shocked.。

In fact, not many people know about the Golden Lion’s escape from Impel Down City.。

Now Whitebeard has spoken out, letting the whole world know instantly。

It’s like telling a secret, right?。

“It turns out that Golden Lion had successfully escaped from prison a long time ago?”

“If you put it this way, the myth of Impel Down has been shattered a long time ago!”

‘But where has this guy Golden Lion gone? Listening to Whitebeard’s words, it seems like Golden Lion has been away from Impel Down for many years!’

“There has been no news from him. Who knows what happened next?”

Because of Whitebeard’s words, it immediately caused a sensation。

Many people around the world are discussing this matter。

But more people pay attention to Bai Ye。

Compared to others, Bai Ye is the worthy protagonist of this war.。


Bai Ye moved his body, and electric snakes lingered around his body, making a harsh sound. He raised

the corners of his mouth and said to Cyborg Kong.

“Now that they all have their own opponents, come over and let me see your strength!”

As soon as the words fell。

With a bang, the entire sky roared violently, and violent thunder roared in the sky, deafening and roaring.。

call out。

Anderson, Edward, and Cyborg Kong immediately took action. As the world government’s high-end combat power, all three of them are proficient in the Sixth Form of the Navy.。

Shaved using the perfect。

As if teleporting, the three of them came to Bai Ye’s side one after another.。

One of them, Edward, wearing a bird mask, sneered at Bai Ye and said: “Anyone who offends Lord Tianlong will not have a good end, everyone will die, and you are no exception!”

“Finger gun, overlord gun!”

As the voice fell, Edward’s fingers exploded with astonishing power, as if they were transformed into a fort, and a terrifying impact blasted out.。

As for the other side, Cyborg Kong looked solemn, and directly waved his right fist. The fist was filled with armed domineering energy, which exuded a steel-like luster, and came with a harsh whistling sound.。

Anderson even used the same moves, which were all Navy Six moves.。

Three terrifying attacks broke out instantly。

With this amazing power, a person with a slightly weaker body would probably be blown to pieces.。

“To disappoint you, I will be the first exception!”

Facing the attacks of the three people, Bai Ye smiled strangely, and then a trace of electric arc lingered all over his body.

“Momo moves fifty times faster, lightning flash!”

The moment the words fell,。

The attacks of the three people followed closely, but their attacks passed directly through Bai Ye’s body.。

Then the attacks of the three people collided together, and a terrifying impact exploded, like a bomb exploding, directly exploding the entire ground.。

Smoke and dust everywhere。


Cyborg Kong’s pupils shrank and he whispered in his heart: ‘When did it happen!’

He was a little surprised。

It was obvious that he had sensed Bai Ye’s aura with his knowledge, but Bai Ye left the place, which surprised Cyborg Kong.。

“It’s faster than the warning speed of Jian Wen Se domineering, no wonder he dares to be so arrogant! Anderson said in a deep voice.。

They are all top experts, very skilled in dual-color domineering, and they quickly realized the problem.。

Bai Ye’s speed just now was so fast that he left the place in a few tenths of a second, so that they didn’t even sense the domineering power of their eyes.。

It wasn’t until Bai Ye left that they could feel the domineering power of their eyes a little bit.。

“At this speed, it would be really difficult to catch him! “Edward looked solemn.。

With Bai Ye’s speed, it is indeed difficult for them to keep up. After all, even the speed of seeing and hearing Haki can’t keep up with them, so it is even less possible for them.。

Unless Bai Ye himself reveals his flaws。

“Chidori Sharp Spear!”

at this moment。

A bright light flashed not far away, and then turned into a spear and rushed out. Before the sound could be heard, the spear arrived.。

The spear was extremely sharp and penetrated Anderson’s arm instantly.。

“Hey, hey, you dare to separate yourself when fighting with me. Doesn’t that mean you don’t take me seriously?”

Bai Ye stood not far away and said lightly。


Anderson snorted coldly and did not reply.。

Bai Ye was indeed difficult to deal with, beyond his expectation.。

“Edward, use your ability to sense this guy. Once you find this guy, tell us immediately!”

Cyborg Kong looked at Bai Ye and said in a deep voice。


Edward nodded, and then a glint appeared in his eyes.。

“Devil fruit powers?”

Seeing this scene, Bai Ye raised his eyebrows lightly!

He was curious about what kind of devil fruit this guy was!

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