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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 143

“Lord Baiye, I don’t want to leave!”

When he heard that he was leaving, Hancock came over and begged with tears.。

She doesn’t want to leave just now, she wants to be Bai Ye’s support, wants to help Bai Ye, instead of leaving because of danger。

In fact, her combat power is not bad, but it may be a little worse than that of the general.。

It’s just that in this war, there is no general combat power, and those who come are basically cannon fodder, so Bai Ye has never thought about letting Hancock be here.。

Because it’s too dangerous。

“No need to cry!”

Bai Ye wiped Hancock’s tears and said softly: “We didn’t lose directly, and you also know that I never fight an uncertain battle!”

“You just need to go back to Baiye Island and wait for me to come back!”

Seeing what Hancock wanted to say, Bai Ye persuaded: “Be good and obey me!”

Hearing this, Hancock pursed his lips, but finally gave up.。

Because she also knew that no matter how hard she persisted, Bai Ye was not going to let her stay here.。


Moonlight Moriah and Hancock followed Whitebeard’s troops out of the Navy Headquarters。

An hour is not a long time, but it is not a short time either.。

Because of the live broadcast around the world, the whole world was shocked by Bai Ye and Cyborg Kong’s decision.。

They didn’t expect that such a scenario would happen.

“In the end, Cyborg Kong was still reluctant to part with one hundred thousand naval elites!”

“It’s normal to be reluctant to let go. Those people are the future of the navy. If these people die, the navy will be severely damaged, and there will be no other combat power to go to other branches!”

“I would have made the same decision in other circumstances, exchanging 100,000 naval elites for thousands of pirates. This is not worth it, and it may not leave Whitebeard, Byakuya and the others behind!”

“I also agree that Cyborg Kong’s decision is undoubtedly the best, but I still think Bai Ye is more powerful. He alone controls the direction of this war!”

“I also think Byakuya is so powerful. One person and one person brought this war to an end first. If he hadn’t come, Ace might not have been able to leave. With the past character of the World Government, it would definitely do its best to keep Ace here. Here, even Whitebeard may not be able to stop him!”

“Bai Ye is such a powerful man. If it weren’t for his appearance, I think the navy would have won. It’s a pity that Bai Ye cooperated with White Beard!”

“The protagonist of this war is not Ace, nor Whitebeard and the others, but Bai Ye alone. Because of his appearance, everything has changed, and the methods used here are also shocking. To be honest, it is better to call him For the White Emperor, I even want to call him the White Emperor!”

“Bai Di, isn’t this a bit outrageous? After all, other sea emperors are not bad either!”

“Really not bad? Although those sea emperors are very powerful, do they dare to kill the Tianlong people? Do you dare to force your way into Impel Down City? Dare you let the navy compromise in front of the world?”


Although I don’t want to admit it, what I said is not wrong. Everything Bai Ye has done is something that other sea emperors cannot do.。

In the New World, the Sea Emperor is indeed domineering and controls a large area of the sea, but if they want to achieve the same level as Bai Ye, there seems to be no way to do it.。

At least if one person wants to change the pattern of the war on the top, the other four emperors may not be able to do it.。

the other side。

The Navy is arranging the evacuation of many naval forces。

at this time。

Doflamingo, Hawkeye and the bear who has become a robot came over.。

“Fufufu, should we evacuate during the Warring States Period?”

Doflamingo walked arrogantly, smiled strangely, and asked Sengoku

The navy has withdrawn, but there is no clear order from the Shichibukai. After all, they are not under the jurisdiction of the navy, but the World Government.。

Seeing Doflamingo and the others, Sengoku was a little moved. These three people are all high-end combat power. If they join the battlefield in the future, they can also exert some power.。

“Let them go!”

Before Sengoku could issue the order, Cyborg Sora next to him looked at Doflamingo sideways, and then said coldly。

“Since Com

mander Cyborg Kong has said so, let everyone leave together! “Warring States sighed helplessly. He really wanted these people to stay, but Cyborg Kong didn’t want them, and he had no choice.。

After all, Gang Gu Kong’s position is higher than him, and he is considered his immediate boss.。

“Furofura, then let’s go!”

Although there were some minor surprises, Doflamingo was still very happy. He was not staying here. After all, he could not participate in the next war.。

To put it harshly, if you stay here, you may become Bai Ye’s target in the future. After all, they are the weakest in terms of combat power.。

If they stay here, Baiye and the others will definitely pick on the weaker ones, and then they will become targets.。

When he heard that he didn’t need to stay here, Hawkeye’s expression was neither salty nor lukewarm, and he didn’t have too many emotional fluctuations. It seemed that to him, it didn’t matter whether he stayed or not.。

As for the bear, he has long since become a robot and has lost his personality, so there aren’t too many disturbances.。

As time went by, the people on the battlefield gradually left, and soon there were not many people left.。

And at this time。

under the execution table。

All the navy’s high-end combat capabilities are gathered here.。

Gang Gukong looked around at everyone and said coldly: “The next step is a tough battle. Although our side has more combat power than the other side, we cannot take it lightly, especially for Bai Ye. Although this guy has only been at sea for a few years, he has endless tricks. , and there are two Devil Fruits, which are very difficult to fight, so I hope that no matter who you face, you will fight with a death mentality, and treat this battle as a life and death battle!”

‘And I have only one order, and that is to kill Bai Ye. No matter what method is used, as long as Bai Ye can be solved, this war will be considered our victory. As for Roger’s son Ace leaving, you don’t have to care!’

“It doesn’t matter to us whether he dies or not, as long as Bai Ye stays here!”


After saying this, the others nodded. They knew the purpose of this war from the beginning.。

There is only one goal, kill Bai Ye。

Originally, this top war was prepared for Bai Ye and the others. Ace was just an insignificant introduction. As for Whitebeard, he was also an important part.。、

“Commander Cyborg Kong, since he wants to keep Byakuya, why should he let the Qibukai and the others go? Their combat power is not weak either!”

At this time, Sengoku expressed his doubts and asked Shichibukai and the others to leave. This was an idea that he felt was somewhat irrational.。

After all, the combat power of the three Shichibukai is not low.。

“I’m worried that they are spies from Baiye!”

Cyborg Kong said in a deep voice: “These guys have contact with Bai Ye, and you have also seen Moonlight Moria and Boya Hancock. They all betrayed us and joined the White Night Pirates. Can you guarantee that these people Not like them?”

heard this。

Warring States fell into silence, he really couldn’t guarantee。

And if Doflamingo is like Hancock and others, once he betrays and stabs them, it will be very troublesome.。

Cyborg Kong also wanted to cut off this and let them leave.。

Time is long。

An hour passed quickly。

The huge naval headquarters has been completely cleared, with only a few remaining.。

Navy side。

Cyborg Sora, Sengoku, Garp, Crane, Akainu, Aokiji, Kizaru, and CP0’s Edward and Anderson。

A total of nine high-end combatants。

As for Bai Ye’s side。

Peach Rabbit, Yixiao, Ryoma, White Night, Jozi, Marco and Whitebeard。

There are a total of seven high-end combatants. Jozi may be a little worse, but the gap is not big.。

The men and horses on both sides stood on opposite sides, looking at each other. Although the battle had not started yet, a strong smell of gunpowder had begun, and the atmosphere around them fell into a heavy atmosphere.。

At the same time, because of the live broadcast around the world。

People all over the world held their breath in front of the phone bug. Compared with the previous events, this war is the most important, because the victory of both sides can completely change the pattern of the world in the future.。


This is the most horrific battle and war ever!


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