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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 138


A violent sound broke the silence and attracted everyone’s attention。

I saw a group of tattered warships falling from the sky, and there were many figures around the warships, one of whom was wearing a yellow straw hat。

Everyone descended rapidly, as if they were about to fall on the ice.。

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

‘Straw Hat, it’s all ice below, we’re all going to die, we’re going to die!’


Hearing these sounds, everyone was stunned. They did not expect that there would be people participating in this war.。


On the execution platform, Ace, who was kneeling, looked at the familiar figure in the sky, his face changed drastically.。

Why is Luffy here?。

Ace really can’t figure it out。


With a roar, the entire warship fell directly, but it did not fall on the ice, but fell into the hole that Jozi directly smashed. This hole was not small in size and could just accommodate them.。

“What kind of guy is this?”

“The man with the white beard?”

“It’s impossible, all the crew members under Whitebeard are here!”

Everyone was stunned. How could they not have thought that after Bai Ye joined the battlefield, there would be people who dared to come?。

However, everyone temporarily stopped their offensive and the two sides separated.。

The smoke slowly dispersed, and a warship appeared in front of everyone. There were countless figures standing inside. There were many people, dozens of them.。

All of these figures have bad faces, and they look like they are escaping from a disaster.。

“Crocodile Crocodile, Ivankov the Monster King, Jinbe the Kaiman, and Luffy the Straw Hat…Why are they all here?”

“What on earth is going on? Aren’t these guys in Impel Down?”

‘Could it be that Impel Down City has been breached again?’

“Damn it!”

When Luffy and others appeared in front of everyone, it was like a depth charge exploding, causing a sensation.。

Mainly, these people are not small figures, and many of them are people who are advancing in the city. They are all famous and extremely powerful.。

At the same time, the appearance of these people also means that Impel Down City has been breached again, but this time it may not be Bai Ye. After all, Bai Ye is already here.。

“Ale Ale, what an incredible group of people have come here! “Kizaru curled his lips and said with a weird smile.。

Marco frowned on the side. The appearance of these people was somewhat beyond his expectation. And listening to the voices just now, it seemed that the purpose of these guys was the same as theirs, to save Ace.。

It’s just that the identities of these guys are too complicated. There are two of them in the Shichibukai, and one is from the Revolutionary Army. They are from different forces, but they are together, and they are from Impel Down City.。

This made them a little confused. Could it be that Pushing City was breached again, but who was the person who breached Pushing City this time?

Who has the courage?

Just when everyone was still thinking, a voice suddenly sounded。

“Ryoma, go over and bring me the guy with the hair tied into a three-character bun. This guy is useful to me!”

Hearing this voice, everyone looked over and found that it was Bai Ye himself.。

Suddenly everyone didn’t understand。

But the Warring States Period immediately issued an order: “Sakaski, we can’t let them succeed!”

Although I don’t know why Bai Ye called him that, but Bai Ye can bring it up specifically, it means that this person’s identity is very important!


almost at the same moment。

Ryoma and Akainu stood up and wanted to rush over, but they were stopped.。

“Mr.3, do you know that guy? C

rocodile held his cigar between his fingers and looked at Mr. 3 next to him coldly and asked!

“I don’t know that guy, and who is that guy? He dares to be next to Whitebeard! “Mr.3, who was wearing prison uniform, shook his head. When he was arrested, Bai Ye was still not well-known. He was not too famous.。

“His name is Bai Ye, a figure as famous as Whitebeard, the fifth sea emperor! “Jinbei on the side explained.。

“and…As famous as Whitebeard? That’s impossible, right? He looks like he’s just grown up, right? “Mr. 3 and others opened their mouths wide, as if they had heard something unbelievable, and their faces were filled with shock.。

“Although Byakuya is not old, he is indeed very powerful. He defeated Kaido, the Five Emperors, and the naval hero Garp!”

“He is one of the strongest people in the world and should not be underestimated!”

Jinbe whispered.。

“What to do? Is such a big shot looking for me? “Mr.3 was a little panicked when he heard Bai Ye’s identity.。

Those are the Five Emperors, the emperor of the sea who rules over the new world. If you want to deal with him, it is as simple as squeezing an ant to death.。

“I personally suggest that you go there by yourself. He may have something to ask you about, but he won’t embarrass you too much!”

Jinbei thought for a while and gave a suggestion!

After hearing these words, Mr. 3 hesitated and finally said, “Then let me go!”

Immediately, Mr.3 jumped out of the warship and headed in the direction of Byakuya and others. As for Ryoma and the others, they were temporarily blocked by Akainu and the others and could not come over for the time being.。

“Is this guy quite sensible?”

“Come here if you understand!”

Seeing Mr.3 coming over, Bai Ye smiled softly.。

Hearing this, White Beard glanced sideways at Bai Ye and said calmly: “You asked him to come by name, how dare he not come?”

“This is not necessarily true. I am not a seasoned expert like you, and there are many people who know about it!”

Bai Ye explained calmly.。


Whitebeard snorted and ignored Bai Ye.。

And at this moment。

Mr.3 had not taken a few steps when a sandstorm suddenly rolled up, directly rolling him up, and then headed towards Bai Ye and others.。

a moment later。

The sandstorm condensed into a figure behind him. Crocodile’s eyes were cold, and the sand condensed into a crescent shape and slashed at Whitebeard.。


Suddenly, a hand stretched out and blocked Crocodile’s attack, and then a voice sounded

“Even if you think that old guy Whitebeard doesn’t exist, you can’t think that I don’t exist?”

With a smile on Bai Ye’s face, he said to Crocodile。


Hearing these words, Crocodile snorted coldly, then put down Mr. 3, and then turned into a figure and left. With Bai Ye around, it was impossible for him to take action against Whitebeard.。

He also knows the gap between himself and Bai Ye。

With a bang, Mr.3 fell to the ground, and then screamed in pain, then stood up in panic, looked at Bai Ye tremblingly and said, “Dear Five Emperor Bai Ye, I wonder what you want to see me for?”

“Don’t be so nervous!”

Bai Ye smiled softly: “I’m just asking you to get a key and open the lock later!”

“It is my honor to serve you!”

Mr.3 agreed without thinking. It was just a matter of opening the lock. That would be easy.。

After all, his ability makes it too easy to open locks.。

Candle fruit can open any lock。

“That’ll trouble you!”

Bai Ye smiled softly, then looked into the distance and said lightly: “It’s time to put an end to this farce!”

As soon as the words fell。

Along with the harsh thunder, the white night disappeared in place.


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