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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 130

Ace’s face was filled with tears. The tears flowed through his cheeks and dripped onto the execution platform, penetrating most of the execution platform.。

Facing Whitebeard and others, Ace was not only moved, but also regretful. If it weren’t for his willfulness, none of this would be like this.。

“Wait for me Ace!”

Whitebeard grinned, his golden eyes flashed with a sharp edge, and then he inserted the clouds in his hands on the deck, clenched his hands into fists, and put a white sphere on each fist, and then he opened his hands directly and smashed into the space. superior。


Along with the heavy sound, as if hitting a mirror, the space showed cracks one after another.。


The sea in the distance shook violently, as if a major earthquake had occurred. The waves in the entire pier were one after another, and soon formed a shocking wave heading towards the Crescent Bay in the distance.。

Soon, the towering waves swept over the building and swept towards Crescent Bay. The shocking tsunami was like a giant beast in the deep sea, opening its bloody mouth and seeming to swallow the entire naval headquarters directly.。

“Sea…Tsunami, but a tsunami of this magnitude is too exaggerated, right?”

“Damn it, this is the power of the Shock Fruit. This fruit is known as the strongest ability in the superhuman system, and its destructive power is extremely exaggerated!”

‘Stop the tsunami quickly, otherwise the entire naval headquarters will be swallowed up!’

Seeing the tsunami rushing over in front of them, many navy descended and changed their colors. A tsunami of this magnitude was so terrifying that it could sweep over the entire naval headquarters.。

At the same time, the most terrifying thing is that this tsunami is not Whitebeard’s full strength. If Whitebeard uses his full strength, it is not impossible to swallow the entire Navy Headquarters.。

It has to be said that the ability of the earthquake fruit is extremely powerful. It is just an ordinary sea earthquake, but it has shocked many people, especially those who are not aware of Whitebeard’s ability.。

No wonder he is known as the strongest man in the world. Dangdang’s ability is enough to be called terrifying.。

“What a hassle!”

Facing the violent tsunami, Aokiji, who was sitting lazily on his chair, had to stand up。

Without him taking action, the entire naval headquarters was swept away. Once swept away, it would undoubtedly pose a great threat to the navy and at the same time suppress the morale of the navy.。


As soon as he got up, the green pheasant disappeared from the same place.。

The next moment, Aoki appeared in front of Tsunami, with his hands spread out, violent cold air swept through him, and he shouted:

“Ice Age!”

In an instant, violent cold air swept across, and the tsunami hundreds of meters high around the body was covered with a layer of frost, which condensed at a speed visible to the naked eye.。


The tsunami around me condensed into ice, forming a huge iceberg standing in front of everyone.。

Then Qing Pheasant’s eyes flashed, he spread his hands and shouted: “Ice Dragon!”

As soon as the words fell。

The cold air swept across the sky, forming a silver-white ice dragon in the air, with a ferocious face, lifelike, like a real dragon, carrying the biting cold air, making a huge roar and sweeping towards Whitebeard.。

Everywhere you go, everything is frozen, as if winter is coming。

“Gu la la la, Qing Pheasant, you little brat!”

Whitebeard laughed indifferently as his attack was blocked. Even for the ice dragon in front of him, he still didn’t care. He just clenched his fist and hammered forward.。

Invisible fluctuations spread。

With a clicking sound, spiderweb-like cracks appeared on the ice dragon in the air, and then exploded, scattering ice fragments all over the sky.。

Then, an invisible shock spread to Qing Pheasant’s body。

The blue pheasant also exploded and turned into ice cubes falling to the ground.。

On the other side, the ice cubes solidified and condens

ed into a figure. It was Aokiji himself.。

“Is this the power of Whitebeard?”

“Isn’t this too scary?”

“Facing the navy’s most powerful general Qing Zhi, he was so relaxed. His power was too powerful!”

‘What a monster!’

The war has just begun, but the power displayed by Whitebeard and Aoki Pheasant has already shocked countless people. Although they know that the strength of the two is extremely terrifying, these are legends after all. They have not seen it with their own eyes and do not know. How terrifying can they be?。

But after the fight between the two, everyone finally understood how terrifying the top powerhouse was. He could change the terrain at will, and even destroy an island at will. This kind of power was definitely something they looked up to.。

Due to the Green Pheasant Ice Age, the entire sea surface was frozen, leaving the Whitebeard pirates on Crescent Bay.。

At the same time, it also gave everyone in Whitebeard a place to stay.。

With this ice surface, the men with white beards can go down and fight the navy without any scruples.。

“Everyone is ready to fight! “Seeing the foothold appearing, Zeng Guo’s face darkened, and the voice was transmitted to the surroundings through the phone bug. Facing the white beard in the distance, he looked solemn and warned: “Don’t think that we can defeat the enemy in numbers. Win, the man opposite has the power to destroy the world. If we are careless, we may be destroyed at any time. We don’t even know yet whether their allies, the White Night Pirates, will come!”

‘Everyone must be careful not to be too arrogant!’

The voice fell。

Like an order, countless cannonballs were fired from the fort, heading towards the pirate ship of Whitebeard and others.。

For this battle, the navy has made full preparations. In addition to the 100,000 naval elites, the entire Crescent Bay is covered with powerful forts. The power of these forts is extremely terrifying and can blast through any ship.。

The cannonballs all over the sky were like falling flowers from a goddess, forming a sky net, heading towards everyone with a sharp whistling sound.。


almost at the same time。

Whitebeard and others also took action one after another. The captains under Whitebeard’s command rushed out one after another and used their abilities to stop the cannonballs so that they could not hit the ships.。

There is no doubt that those who can become Captain Whitebeard are not ordinary people. They are all powerful and can quickly stop the cannonball.。

Then the rest of the people joined the fight, and the navy and the white-bearded man fought together.。

Everyone’s actions have almost announced that the most brutal war in decades is about to begin.。

But not long after, suddenly a rapid voice came from the radio

“Report to Marshal, we just observed something coming from the sky!”

“It was very fast, like thunder and lightning, rushing over from a distance. This was most likely the ship of the White Night Pirates, Ark’s Proverbs!”

As soon as these words came out。

Warring States face changed greatly, and he yelled at the phone bug: “Are you sure you saw clearly?”

“Marshal, I am very sure that they are here now!”

As this voice falls。

From the edge of the sky, a stream of light rushed out, like a bolt of lightning, shooting from a distance with a harsh roar.。

Just a few dozen seconds。

The stream of light stopped over the Navy Headquarters, and the light dissipated。

A pirate ship parked above the navy headquarters。

In the direction of the bow of the ship, there were several figures standing.。

The leader was a young man wearing a white robe, with his hands behind his back and a calm face looking at the people below.。

As soon as he appeared, an invisible wave spread like a wave of air.。

The entire navy headquarters was shocked.。

almost at the same time。

Because of his appearance, the originally noisy battlefield fell into a brief calm.。

It’s like time and space have stopped。

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