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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 123

Ace is not in Impel Down, and Beckman and Shanks both feel a little pity, because once Ace is rescued by White Night, the Navy and Whitebeard will not fight.。

Now that Ace is not in Impel Down City, according to the development of the situation, the Navy will inevitably go to war with Whitebeard, and they have heard the news. Whitebeard and the Navy are preparing combat power and preparing to take action on the day of public execution.。

As for the impact that will occur after this battle, even Beckman and Shanks have no way of guessing。

But no matter which side wins, it will eventually affect the pattern of the entire world. If Whitebeard loses, the pattern of the new world will change again. But if Whitebeard wins, it will not only be a matter for the navy, it is estimated that it will affect the follow-up to world government。

Shanks shook his head: “I really hope this battle won’t happen!”

Beckman smoked a cigarette and didn’t answer.。

It’s useless to say this now. The war is about to start. This is a known fact and no one can stop it.。


new world。

in a certain sea area。

Whitebeard Pirates。

“You kid is so brave, you even dare to break into Impel Down!”

Whitebeard grinned, his eyes flickered, and he said lightly to the white night in front of him。

at this time。

The person sitting in front of Whitebeard is clearly Bai Ye, who left Impel Down City. Bai Ye is preparing to return to the new world to join Yixiao and the others to prepare for the war.。

But I met Whitebeard and the others on the way, so I just came down and drank with Whitebeard.。

As for what happened in Impel Down City, it has been spread all over the world, and Whitebeard and others have known about it for a long time.。

Regarding Bai Ye’s approach, Bai Ye and others were both emotional and happy, because they did not expect Bai Ye to do such a thing.。

“I just don’t want to owe any favors!”

Bai Ye picked up the wine glass, took a sip, then put it down and said lightly: “It’s just a pity that that guy from the Warring States Period actually put Ace at the Navy Headquarters. If I had known this, I would have just forced my way into the Navy Headquarters. Maybe I would have Ace can be saved!”

Although going to Impel Down to rescue Ace is not the main thing, if he can be rescued, he can also exchange Whitebeard’s favor, and he will be more relaxed about it in the future.。

“Gu la la la!”

Whitebeard smiled with his signature smile and whispered: “That guy from the Warring States Period is a fox, and he must have thought of all the countermeasures. Although the Impel Down City is an iron wall, that guy from the Warring States Period probably knows that the Impulse City can’t stop you. , and this was placed at the Navy Headquarters!”

“It’s just that I didn’t expect that you would force your way into Impel Down for Ace. In fact, you don’t need to care about the favor you mentioned. I didn’t help you at all when fighting Kaido!”


Although Whitebeard led a group of cadres there, he was just watching the show and did not interfere with the battle of Bai Ye and others.。

Speaking of which, even if they didn’t appear in that battle, Bai Ye could still solve it。

Bai Ye shook his head and said calmly: “You coming over is already the greatest help to me. If you hadn’t been singing at that time, Sengoku and Kizaru wouldn’t have left their arms so easily. These two guys are very thieves. If you weren’t here, these two guys would probably attack us!’

Whitebeard did not take action, but he acted as a deterrent there, and Whitebeard also expressed his stance at that time. This was almost equivalent to declaring war with Kaido, and standing on the opposite side of Kaido.。

Although the Four Emperors were fighting secretly, they rarely spoke out openly. Whitebeard’s actions were tantamount to pu

tting it out in the open and declaring war.。

If Byakuya hadn’t dealt with Kaido at that time, he probably would have taken action based on Whitebeard’s character.。

And when Whitebeard went there, he just wanted to save Bai Ye.。

In this regard, Whitebeard’s statement was very important, so Bai Ye also remembered it in his heart. As long as they were strangers, Whitebeard still helped him like this, which made Bai Ye surprised and a little touched at the same time.。

So I planned to save Ace and return Whitebeard’s favor, but unfortunately I didn’t succeed in the end.。

The Warring States Period was so stupid. People were still at the Navy Headquarters, and basically no one could save them.。

Hearing Bai Ye’s words, Bai Ye’s eyes flashed with light, and his eyes were a little moved.。

It’s very rare for Bai Ye to take such a big risk for a favor.。

at the same time。

Marco, who was not far away, looked deeply at Bai Ye. Although he didn’t speak, he had already remembered Bai Ye in his heart.。

“After all, he is someone I value!”

Whitebeard laughed and said, “Do you know why I wanted to help you in the first place?”

“I don’t know, I’d love to hear the details, but I’m actually surprised too!”

Bai Ye raised his eyebrows slightly, his eyes moved, and he said。

He was indeed surprised that Whitebeard could help him.。

“Although we don’t know each other, my intuition tells me that you may be the person who may change the world after Roger!”

‘In this regard, I feel that a man like you should not die in Kaido’s hands, and it is impossible for him to die in Kaido’s hands. Sure enough, you did not let me down, even that monster Kaido can’t do anything to you!’

Bai Ye smiled softly and picked up the wine glass: “Your intuition is right!”

“I also feel that way!”

Whitebeard also picked up the wine glass, clinked it with Bai Ye, and then the two of them took a sip.。

Afterwards, Bai Ye put down his wine glass and said seriously: “How are you going to save Ace!”

“The Warring States side should be aware of Ace’s identity. They probably want to make some publicity through public executions, and at the same time they want to attract you to come over and deal with you!”

“I have been fighting with Warring States for so many years, I know him very well, and I already know this!”

Whitebeard said calmly: “But even so, I have to save Ace, after all, he is my son, and it is impossible for a father to watch his son die without saving him!”

“And I am already old, and there is no ship that can carry me in this era!”

heard this sentence。

Bai Ye was a little surprised. For the first time, he saw Baibeard’s eyes looking a little tired, and his whole person seemed to be much older. He was no longer the invincible man, no longer the man who was known as the number one in the world.。

He seems to be an old man now. Although he is at the top of the world in terms of body and spirit, his mentality has changed somewhat after so many years.。

Maybe it was because the people of his era were gradually moving away, and at the same time when he saw people from a new era like Bai Ye, he felt that his era had passed.。

He didn’t accept such a thing before, but now he accepts it。

Looking at White Beard, Bai Ye felt very uncomfortable. He pondered for a moment and whispered: “This era is not over yet!”

“Whitebeard, I am going to personally end the entire era and create a new era at the same time. If you want to get on my ship, I can guarantee you that in the future, you will be able to see your old friends!”

“Like Roger!”

As soon as these words came out。

Whitebeard’s pupils shrank, and he stood up directly. An astonishing aura erupted from his body, and it rushed directly out of the sky. The wind and clouds were changing, and the waves were turbulent.。

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