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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 117

“Everyone, retreat and return to the warship!”

Qing Zhi walked out slowly, with air-conditioning appearing all over his body, and the ground below instantly condensed into ice. He said solemnly: ‘This kind of battlefield is not something you can participate in!’

In a duel of their level, ordinary soldiers are not very useful, especially against an opponent of Bai Ye’s level. Many soldiers are just a burden and cannon fodder to die.。

Even though these soldiers are all naval elites and all have good combat capabilities, they are still too weak when facing an opponent like Bai Ye!


After hearing this order, some generals were reluctant, but thinking of the gap between many people and Bai Ye, they all left one after another。

Return to your own warship。

At the same time, drive the warship far away。

“Bai Ye, suffer death!”

at this time。

Akainu seemed to be unable to hold on anymore, and his whole body turned into rolling lava. The terrifying temperature burned the ground, and even the air around him was burned clean due to the excessive temperature. The area around the burn was distorted, as if the entire space was burned.。

The high-temperature lava was like a volcanic eruption, ejecting Akainu directly, bringing with it rolling lava as fast as lightning.。

“Big fire!”

Appearing in front of Bai Ye in a moment, his fist was like a volcano erupting, rushing towards Bai Ye’s chest with rolling lava. The blazing high temperature twisted the surrounding area, and the lava dripping below was directly burned. Hurry up. , the smoke lingers, revealing big holes。

On the other side, Qing Pheasant also took action decisively. The cold air in his right hand spurted out and gathered in his arm, like a cannonball. The surging cold air condensed into a bird shape and flew towards Bai Ye at extremely fast speeds.

“violent pheasant mouth”

This is extremely condensed cold air, and anything it touches will be instantly frozen.。

The two of them attacked from left to right, and while the heat was rising, the scorching heat burned away, while the cold air spurted out, and the terrifying cold air froze the surrounding area in ice.。

Two Heavens of Ice and Fire。

As one of the highest admirals of the navy, the two of them joined forces to create an extremely powerful force.。

“The two generals are serious about it, Bai Ye is definitely no match!”

“Even if he is the Fifth Emperor, he should not be able to fight against two generals!”

“This scourge may end today!”

Seeing Akainu and Aoji join forces and go into action, using extremely powerful moves, the marines on the warship were extremely confident.。

They have never seen Byakuya’s strength. Although it is rumored to be very powerful, they have seen the strength of Akainu and Aokiji. They are both extremely powerful people. One of them may not be able to kill the Emperor of the Sea, but the two work together. , maybe it is possible。

Facing the sky of ice and fire, Bai Ye remained unhurried, with even a smile on his face. He said softly: “One hundred speed, thunder flash!”

Seeing this scene, the faces of Aokiji and Akainu changed slightly. The next moment, a harsh sound sounded slightly, and accompanied by a flashing arc of electricity, Bai Ye disappeared in front of the two of them.。

“How can it be? This speed?”

Aokiji and Akainu’s expressions changed slightly. In almost an instant, Bai Ye disappeared in front of them, and they couldn’t even sense their Haki.。

This speed has far exceeded the range of their knowledge and color Haki perception. It can even be said that their knowledge and color Haki cannot catch up with Bai Ye’s speed.。


Bai Ye disappeared in place, and the abilities of Aokiji and Akainu suddenly collided. Ice and fire intertwined, and a terrifying explosion broke out. The whole ground shook, and then spider web-like cracks were exposed, and then exploded directly, with smoke and dust billowing, and air waves heading towards Go in all directions。

“Did you make it?”

“It should be successful。”

“Even the Five Emperors couldn’t survive unharmed by forcefully catching the attacks of the two generals, right?”

Because the distance was too far, many navy thought Byakuya had been attacked by Aokiji and Akainu.。

He suddenly became excited. Although Bai Ye was the Five Emperors and was powerful, he was still made of flesh and blood. He could withstand the abili

ties of the two generals Akainu and Aoki, even the Five Emperors might not be able to withstand them.。

However, at the next moment, everyone’s faces became stiff.。

They heard something they almost didn’t want to hear

“You’re an admiral after all. If someone else had been hit by your move, they would probably be disabled or even dead, right?”

A faint laughter sounded, and everyone looked over and found that not far away, Bai Ye was standing on the ground, looking at Aokiji and Akainu with a smile on his face.。

Actually escaped?

How can this be?

We clearly saw the attacks of the two generals Akainu and Aokiji hitting him.。

How did he escape?。

Many marines were confused, and many even rubbed their eyes to confirm whether this was a fake.。

Because they did see that the attacks of Akainu and Aokiji almost touched Byakuya. Faced with such attacks, it was almost impossible to avoid them.。

Not even Kizaru, who possesses the Shining Fruit, can。

Although Kizaru’s Shining Fruit is famous for its speed, there is no way to dodge this attack instantly.。

“How did he avoid it?”

On the warship, a navy man exclaimed. He looked horrified and could hardly believe his eyes.。

Bai Ye was able to dodge this kind of attack?

How much speed does this require?。

Everyone was confused。

Is it possible that the Thunder Fruit is faster than the Shining Fruit?

This is impossible。

Although the Thunder Fruit is also very fast, it may not be as fast as the Shining Fruit.。

You can’t dodge the Sparkling Fruit, and you definitely can’t dodge the Thunder Fruit either.。

Normally, it is indeed impossible to dodge the Thunder Fruit, but Bai Ye used the ability of the Momo Fruit to accelerate a hundred times and dodge the attack almost as if he moved instantly.。

“This kind of speed is not just the ability of the Thunder Fruit!”

Qing Pheasant raised his head and looked at the white night not far away, and said in a deep voice。

He could feel that that speed was definitely not the ability of the Thunder Fruit. The Thunder Fruit was not as powerful as the Heaven-defying Fruit, but it was actually faster than the Shining Fruit?

Is this possible?

And Bai Ye moved away almost instantly, which made Aokiji have to doubt。

Although this idea is absurd, Aokiji feels that this is the only possibility。

“Do you have two devil fruits?”

Qing Pheasant asked in a deep voice。

As soon as these words came out。

Everyone was in an uproar。

It is basically impossible to have two Devil Fruits, because someone has tested it. If you eat two Devil Fruits, you will definitely be exploded and die. This is the conclusion reached after countless experiments.。

So there is no such thing as the ability to have two Devil Fruits。

But now Byakuya has two Devil Fruits. If word spreads about this, it will probably shock the whole world.。

A strange color appeared in Bai Ye’s eyes, and he smiled and said: “Aoji, you surprised me a little, you are a bit smart, your guess is correct, I do have two devil fruits!”

“My second Devil Fruit is the Momo Fruit!”

heard this。

The corner of Qingzhi’s mouth twitched, unexpectedly, a bit smart?

This white night���It’s almost like saying that he thought Qingzhi was not smart anymore.。

Normally, Aokiji might have responded well, but now he still needs to digest Bai Ye’s words.。

Qingzhi’s face darkened and he whispered: “No wonder you want to come to Push City, you just got this Momo fruit, right?”

“You came to Impel Down City just to get this Devil Fruit. If I guessed correctly, that guy should have died in Impel Down City!”

The World Destroyer is in the Infinite Hell. Although ordinary people don’t know much about it, Aokiji, as a general, knows it.。

“You’re half right, I came to Impel Down just to save Ace, and as for the Momo Fruit, that’s incidental!”

“Who knew that Ace was hidden by you in the Navy Headquarters? I can also take the Momo Fruit by the way!”

Having said this, Bai Ye smiled softly: “You are the second batch to see the power of Momo Fruit, feel honored!”

‘Who is the first? Magellan?”

“You guessed it right, it is indeed that guy!”

“One hundred speed, draw the sword!”

Bai Ye gave a soft drink and quickly pulled out the Dark Fire Knife in his hand.。

In an instant。

A bright sword energy burst out, cold light radiated, and the sharp edge was revealed.。

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