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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 114

naval headquarters。

When Warring States received the call for help from Impel Down City, especially when he knew that Bai Ye had forced his way into Impel Down City, his face was extremely calm.。

It seems to have been expected。

“I know, I will send people to support Impel Down City!”

Phone bug hangs up。

Warring States sat on the chair, rubbing his temples with both hands, looking a little tired: “Bai Ye, this boy, really doesn’t know how to live peacefully for a while. This guy is just as I expected. He might force his way into Impel Down for Whitebeard’s favor!”

Although what happened in the Chambord Islands was beyond his expectation, the Warring States Period had already anticipated what would happen to the Impel Down City.。

Because he knew that Bai Ye owed Whitebeard a favor, so in order to repay the favor to Whitebeard, he might have forced his way into Impel Down City, hoping to repay Whitebeard’s favor by rescuing Ace.。

If it is Whitebeard, he may not force his way into the impel city, because once inside, it will be difficult to get out, and the Navy headquarters is nearby. If Whitebeard leads people there, they will probably be surrounded by the navy, so Whitebeard will not go there.。

But Bai Ye is different. With the ability to fly, Bai Ye can easily go to Impel City to rescue Ace and escape.。

In this regard, Sengoku thought of this and deliberately left Ace at the naval headquarters instead of advancing to the city.。

The Navy Headquarters is the base camp of the Navy. Many high-end combat forces are gathered here. It is undoubtedly a dream to rescue Ace from here.。

Because once they come over, they will inevitably suffer a devastating blow from the navy. Most people will not go to the navy headquarters to save people.。

“The old guy Garp’s injury hasn’t healed yet, Crane has another mission, Kizaru has just met Bai Ye, and he just left the headquarters to perform a mission not long ago, so it’s not a good idea to call him back now!”

“Let Aoki and Akainu go together. The two of them may not be able to defeat Byakuya, but Byakuya can’t do anything to them!”

After pondering for a moment, Sengoku arranged the people to support Impel Down City. Aokiji and Akainu were good choices.。

The two of them can guarantee their lives by taking action, and at the same time, they may capture Bai Ye. Of course, the Warring States Period does not repay this hope.。

I just think it’s possible。

After all, if Bai Ye can be captured by dispatching two generals, then Bai Ye will not become their nightmare.。

As for him who needs to guard the Navy Headquarters, he is unlikely to leave here. After all, if he leaves, there will be no one at the Navy Headquarters, and other high-end combat forces have things to go out. As for Garp who needs treatment, it is not good now. Take action。


After the Warring States Order was issued,。

The entire navy was mobilized。

on the pier。

Many warships gathered, and Aokiji and Akainu slowly appeared on the dock wearing coats of justice.。

Akainu is still as indifferent as ever, as if everyone owes him money. As for Aokiji, he is not as lazy as before. It is rare that he is a little serious today.。

This surprised many navy. They rarely see serious blue pheasants. In their impression, blue pheasants are lazy and do not seem to wake up.。

“Ever since Bai Ye appeared, there has never been a calm day in the entire sea. This guy just caused such a big thing in the Chambord Islands, and now he is causing such turmoil in Impel Down. What on earth does this guy want to do?”


hi boarded the warship and sighed. He was also very annoyed now because the appearance of Bai Ye had made the whole sea a mess, and at the same time, his rest time was greatly reduced.。

In the past, Warring States rarely summoned him to the office.。

Since Bai Ye appeared, he has been summoned no less than ten times.。

Compared to Qing Pheasant’s complaints。

Akainu on the other side had a deep face, clenched his hands, looked in the direction of the city, and said coldly: “This time, I will catch you personally, and even kill you Bai Ye!”

Among the many high-end combat forces, they are the only ones who have not fought against Byakuya. Akainu really wants to fight against Byakuya, but there has never been a chance, so this makes Akainu feel very regretful.。

At the same time, he was also very dissatisfied with other people. He was just a famous pirate, how could he be so troublesome?

Now that he finally had a chance, Akainu made up his mind to catch Byakuya with his own hands, and tell the senior people, let them know who is the strongest combat force in the navy, not Garp or Sengoku。

And he himself, Akainu。

At the same time, if he can catch Bai Ye, basically no one will object to his position as marshal.。

Not even a blue pheasant。

In this regard, Akainu desperately wants to catch Byakuya no matter what.。

Whether it is for the navy’s reputation or for himself, Bai Ye must catch, or even kill, Bai Ye。


Akainu and Aoki led ten naval warships to leave the Gate of Justice and head to Impel Down。

The navy presses the border。


at the same time。

The sixth floor of Impel City, infinite hell。

“It’s a pity that Ace is not in Impel Down!”

Knowing that Ace did not know about Impel Down City, but was probably at the Navy Headquarters, Bai Ye felt a little regretful, because in this case, there was really no way to stop the war.。

But for all this, Bai Ye was not too surprised. His appearance had already produced a butterfly effect. It was normal that Ace was not in Impel Down City.。

Moreover, Warring States is known as a wise general, and his wisdom is as high as the sky. I probably thought that he would come to Impel Down to save Ace, so there is no big surprise in all this.。

“Now that Ace is no longer in Impel Down, it’s almost time to do my job!”

Bai Ye whispered in his heart that besides saving Ace, Momo Fruit was his second purpose here.。

“Is Bundy Ward the one?”

Bai Ye was too lazy to look for them one by one and shouted directly to the entire infinite hell.。

Based on his understanding of these guys, he would probably respond if he calls out their names.。

After all, they are some unruly people with very proud personalities. Even if they knew they were going to die, they probably wouldn’t have too much fear.、。

Soon, a voice came from a corner of the prison: “I’m here, kid, what do you want from me?”

Hearing this voice, Bai Ye walked over。

Through the sill, he saw a huge figure tied to a gauntlet, with shackles made of sea floor stone tied to his body, making him unable to move at all.。

“What’s the matter, kid?”

Bundy Walder sneered at Bai Ye. Although he looked a little embarrassed inside, his tone was still proud.。

I’m not afraid because Bai Ye killed three people.。

“It’s nothing, I just want your Devil Fruit!”

Bai Ye said calmly: “And after living in this dark place for so many years, I guess you have already wanted to die, so I came here specifically to help you!”

between words。

A bolt of lightning shot out and instantly penetrated Bundy Walder’s heart.


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