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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 097

“You are the first person who dares to threaten me like this!”

The five-year-old star with glasses took a deep breath and said in a deep voice to the phone bug。

If you don’t adjust and calm down, you may really get carried away by Bai Ye’s words and lose your mind.。

In so many years, this is the first time that the five-star with glasses wants to kill someone.。

Baiye is one of them。

Just thinking of Bai Ye’s words just now, he immediately calmed down. If Bai Ye really lets Bai Ye take action, then there will never be peace in the holy land of Mariejoia.。

If a large number of Tianlong people really died, they would probably be blamed too.。

“How about threatening you? What can you do to me?”

Bai Ye said coldly: “I know you can’t make the decision on this matter. Hurry up and contact the people within the Tianlong people and give me a reply in half an hour.””

“Before that, if I find someone from the Navy or the World Government here, don’t blame me for being rude!”

“First kill a hundred Celestial Dragons to sacrifice to heaven!”

After hearing these words, the Five Old Stars were all furious. They wanted to yell at Bai Ye, but they thought about it and let it go.。

Several people looked at each other, and the bespectacled star said: “Wait a moment!”

Then, immediately ask the people below to contact a group of Tianlong people。

They were indeed scared by Bai Ye。

If it were the other Yonko, they really had nothing to fear.。

But the white night is different。

The Thunder Fruit can control the power of thunder and lightning, and he even has a flying ship. If he wants to attack Mariejoia, he doesn’t need to appear on Mariejoia at all. He just stands high in the sky above Mariejoia every day, constantly flying. Thunder will do。

And at high altitude, they may not be able to do anything to Bai Ye, because at high altitude, they basically can’t hit Bai Ye. Although there are anti-air weapons, those weapons cannot be used easily, and because of the elementalization, that weapon It may not be possible to kill Bai Ye。

In the hall of the auction house。

The atmosphere around was silent, and everyone was dumbfounded. They looked at Bai Ye dumbfounded. Someone actually dared to threaten the Five Old Stars and the Tianlong people.。

Unheard of, never seen before

And this threat seemed to be almost successful. Wulaoxing went over to discuss it, which already showed that Wulaoxing was very afraid of Bai Ye.。

I’m afraid that Bai Ye will really take action。

After all, if a large number of Tianlong people really died, it would be difficult for Wulaoxing to do anything。

So I am ready to throw the problem to the Tianlong people and let them choose. If they choose to fight, they will not have any pressure.。


In a magnificent hall, a group of senior leaders of the Celestial Dragons and the Five Old Stars gathered together。

Eye Wulaoxing briefly explained the general situation, and then said: “This is the current situation. Bai Ye gives you a choice. If you dare to attack them, they will attack you. But on the contrary, if you don’t attack him, They will not attack you, and at the same time, when you face him, you must stay away, otherwise they will attack you!”

“On our side, we feel that it is necessary to eradicate Bai Ye. This guy is too threatening. If he is kept here, the consequences will be unimaginable!”

As soon as these words came out, all the Celestial Dragons fell silent.。

Not as angry as I imagined。

Soon, a Tianlong man said: “I support the decision of the Five Old Stars. This kind of guy must be extinct. If we agree on this, there will definitely be a second white night and a third white night in the future. Is it possible that each of us All have to give in?”

“That being s

aid, but do you have a way to solve Bai Ye now?”

“With his ability to fly into the air, no one can kill him as long as he seeks death, right?”

“And what he eats is the thunder fruit. As long as thunder falls in the sky every day, can we avoid it?”

“That’s right, if there were thunder in the Holy Land every day, a large number of tribesmen would definitely die!”

“If this is really the case, not one of our clan members will die, but dozens, or even hundreds!”

“No, no, you can’t mess with this guy!”

“I think it’s better to agree. It’s better to die one person than to die a group of humans!”

‘I agree with this point of view. It is far better to kill one person than to kill a large number of clan members. Of course, if Wulaoxing has a plan to deal with Bai Ye, I will support it, but before that, it must be 100% successful!’

The words fell。

Many senior Tianlong people looked towards Wulaoxing。

“Byakuya’s Devil Fruit is more thorny, and he can’t be eliminated 100% yet!”

The five old star with glasses said in a deep voice。

Although they want to kill Bai Ye now, in fact they have no way to kill Bai Ye yet.。

“Needless to say, I agree to Bai Ye’s condition, it’s just a clan member’s death! “1

“I agree, anyway, I don’t go down often enough to see this guy!”

“I agree!”

Soon, there were voices of agreement all around.。

The number of votes in favor has also reached an astonishing level.。

These people are used to being pampered. They don’t want to encounter any danger, so they don’t think much about it.。

Although they know that it is best to solve Bai Ye, they have not found a way to solve Bai Ye now, right?

So they could only agree. After all, they didn’t care if a human race member died, but their lives did not matter. If Bai Ye really took action, none of them could guarantee whether they would be killed by Bai Ye’s ability.。

Even in the Holy Land, they can’t guarantee it. As for going to the Holy Land, they can’t guarantee it even more.。

Seeing this, Wu Laoxing’s face turned dark, but he didn’t say much.。

These things were all made by the Tianlong people themselves. Even if they object, it will be useless.。


Wulaoxing returned to the room and said to the phone bug: “The Tianlong people agree to your request. You can deal with that Tianlong person. At the same time, they will retreat when they see you, but the condition is that you can’t do anything to them casually. If you do, Yes, they will kill you at all costs!”

“Tsk tsk, I really didn’t guess, these wastes just cherish their lives!”

“I know Wulaoxing, so be it!”

Saying that Bai Ye hangs up the phone bug。

Then he looked at a guard in front of him and said, “Go get a dog leash!”

“Lord Baiye, what are you going to do?”

“Walking a dog? No one has ever done it using a Draco as a dog, right? I’ll give it a try!”

“Oh, I’m going now!”

Although shocked, the guard immediately went over to look for the dog leash.。

Soon, the dog leash was brought over and put directly on the Tianlongren.。

“Wake this guy up!”


A huge fist hit Tianlongren on the head, and soon the Tianlongren were awakened by the pain.。

Bai Ye kicked the Celestial Dragon on the butt and said coldly: “You have been abandoned by the Celestial Dragon in the Holy Land now. You can do whatever I want. If you don’t want to die, learn to crawl like a dog!”

‘This is impossible!’

The Tianlong people would believe it!

“If you don’t believe it, ask them, Wulaoxing did say that!”

Hearing this, Wu Laoxing suddenly felt a little desperate after seeing everyone nodding.。

He was really abandoned。

Then the threat of death suddenly came. After thinking about it for a long time, the Tianlong people imitated dogs and crawled on the ground in order to stay alive!


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