Pirates and beasts rise Chapter 165

“Ahem… Ahem…”

The white suit jacket was brightly embellished by the blood stained from the corners of the mouth,

The contrast between white and blood is so stark, so dazzling.

“Blood Pupil, I didn’t expect your physical skills to be so strong!”

Feel your physical condition,

Qing Cone looked at Kailang in front of him with a somewhat ugly face.

The green cone really didn’t expect that Kailang was a Devil Fruit powerhouse,

Moreover, it is a special natural ability among the fruit abilities,

It turned out to be so strong in terms of physical skills.

This was something he never expected.

Among the devil fruits, the natural system is a relatively special existence,

Although the strong of the natural ability will also exercise physical strength to learn domineering,

But they pay more attention to the development of Devil Fruit abilities,

Because nature is difficult to cover domineering on attack,

And the advantages of elementalization also give them better means of self-protection.

So now Kailang actually has a strong physical ability,

Let the green cone never expect it, inadvertently suffered a big loss,

With huge physical damage, he will definitely fall into the downwind in the next battle.

“I don’t give up physical exercise because of the fruit’s strong ability,

For me, the body is the capital of the revolution! ”

Hearing Kailang’s words, the entire face of the green cone darkened,

Isn’t this sentence of Kailang talking about him,

It should not be their three admirals,

Because the green cone, the yellow ape,

The red dog relied on the ability of the top natural devil fruit to sit in the position of admiral,

They also pay more attention to the development of fruit capabilities.

Even the red dog who pays the most attention to domineering cultivation,

There is also a certain gap compared with Kailang’s.

Kailang said this to make the green cone not very comfortable and did not agree with Kailang’s words,

Because not everyone can have great talent in physical skills,

Only relying on the ability of physical skills, you can break through the famous name on the sea of the strong,

Otherwise, it is impossible for only one “iron fist” Karp to appear in this world,

Nor can you let the Devil Fruit become something crazy.

Otherwise, who wants to turn into a dry duck, leaving a fatal weakness,

Eat the devil fruit too,

That’s because you don’t have the kind of ability to become strong by yourself.

And the devil fruit can give people unimaginable abilities,

So people flocked to the Devil Fruit.

“So are you trying to kill me now? Blood pupils! ”

There was nothing specific about their conversation.

It’s some topics without nutrition, and the green cone doesn’t want to drag it on,

He and the navy behind him were wounded and needed treatment.


The vice admirals and elite navies behind the green cone all became nervous after hearing the green cone’s words,

Enclose the green cone in the center.

Seeing the navy’s nervous look, Kailang felt a sense of relief in his heart.

This kind of scene can’t help but make Kailang fantasize about the past,

The mother who died in order to give birth to him by the siege of the navy,

The pain and despair of Kaido, who saw the death of Kailang’s mother and was powerless.

Kailang now really wants to kill the rest of the navy except for the green cone,

But he can’t, he can’t be small and big.

Making a negative impact on the plan because of a momentary impulse,

Because this is a plan he has been preparing for 10 years!

“Cut, I thought how tough the navy was, it turned out to be afraid of death!

Might as well let me cut them, Captain! ”

“Green hair, if you want to kill, I will kill ah, you can only watch me kill first after me!”

Kailang hadn’t answered, and Medylun drank Solon and scrambled to discuss who would kill the navy.

As if the Navy were clowns at the mercy of others.


“Damn pirates, don’t be too arrogant!”

“General Qingcone, let’s go and kill these pirates!”

“It’s really looking for death!”

Listening to Solon and Metrolun,

The rest of the navy except the green cone,

Neither the soldier nor the lieutenant general could suppress the anger in their hearts and wanted to do it.

But despite saying this, he cursed angrily,

But they didn’t step back.

The green cone didn’t say anything but stared at Kailang, wanting to know Kailang’s answer,

Now he has been seriously injured, and the lieutenant generals around him are also injured,

The rest of the navy soldiers are also exhausted, and on the other hand, Kailang’s side,

Kailang dealt with the green cone by taking advantage of the green cone’s carelessness to seriously injure it, without much effort,

Now it still maintains its combat power, and Metrolun and Solon also have spare strength,

If Kailang really wanted to leave them behind, Green Cone was really scared.

“I really wanted to leave you guys behind, but I really did that I want to go crazy in the War Congress,

Without you, your next plans will be dangerous! ”

Looking at the solemn-looking green cone, Kailang threw him a heavier message.

“How would you know!”

Hearing Kailang’s words, the green cone could not maintain his composure,

You know, this plan is only known to a few of their top naval officials so far.

“Tell the Warring States and give me the title of Seven Wuhai,

I don’t want to be chased by the Navy in the future! ”

After speaking, he disappeared into place with Metrowheel and Solon out of thin air.

The remaining Qingcone and the others looked at each other.

“General Qingcone, you absolutely can’t agree to Blood Pupil’s request!”

“Yes, the general must not promise the blood pupil!”

“So many brothers died at the hands of the blood pupil, how can you agree to his request!”

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