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People are watching comics, these female protagonists are broken chapter 758

In the end, Xiao Bai couldn’t stand Hu Tao’s entanglement and agreed to Hu Tao so that Hu Tao could also participate in this Teyvat version of I Am a Singer.

The main thing is that Xiao Bai was thinking about the song that Hu Tao sang. It was indeed quite brainwashing, so Xiao Bai also wanted to see if Hu Tao really won in the end. If Hu Tao really won Then maybe things will become interesting.

And the most important thing is that Xiao Bai feels that Fukalos and Funina have too much chance of winning, so he plans to find an opponent for Fukalos and Funina, otherwise it will be Fukalos and Funina. Xiao Bai really couldn’t think of anyone who could defeat them.

Xiao Bai always had a hunch that since Fukalos proposed such a condition, he must be absolutely sure of victory, so Xiao Bai didn’t mind finding an opponent for Funina and Fukalos.

And just this appearance is not enough. Now Funina and Fukalos are still very sure of winning. According to Xiao Bai’s estimation, the current probability of Funina and Fukalos’ victory is still more than 80%.

Fukalos and Funina are too strong.

At least in terms of performance, Xiao Bai really didn’t think that Fukalos and Funina would lose to anyone other than themselves.

In order to be able to compete with Funina and Fukalos, Xiao Bai decided to do one thing, which was to make the entire Teyvat agitated and let everyone in Teyvat attend I Am a Singer.

Xiao Bai couldn’t believe that there could be no one in this world who could defeat Fulina and Fukalos. This kind of thing absolutely couldn’t exist.

However, Xiao Bai was quickly disappointed that Funina and Fukaros were undoubtedly powerful. Xiao Bai might not be able to find better performers than Funina and Fukaros in this world. easy.

Just like this, time gradually passed。

“It seems like I should be the winner this time..。”

Fukalos naturally knew that Xiao Bai had been looking for excellent performers, but obviously Fukalos did not see Xiao Bai find excellent performers.

Looking at Fukalos, Xiao Bai didn’t think so. There might be some unexpected surprise. If Fukalos gets it too early, he will be slapped in the face later!

After hearing these words, Fukalos suddenly became serious in his heart, although on the surface, Fukalos believed that he would only win.

But just in case Carlos decided to use 200% of his strength, he must let Xiao Bai see his strength. This time the winner must be himself.

No matter what, I have to take this opportunity to make a wish. If I miss this time, I might not get a second chance in my life. If I lose because of the input method and underestimate the enemy, I will never be able to forgive myself for being afraid of things in my life. Own.

Funina feels the same pressure on her side。

“Fukalos, we will win, right! ”

Funina asked Fukalos, and Fukalos nodded seriously: “So this time we not only have to use all our strength, but we also have to perform exceptionally and use 200% of our strength.。”


“Xiao Bai is really a restless g

uy. ”

Rias looked at Akeno Himejima and started complaining. Xiao Bai did I am a singer in the world of Teyvat. Now even Rias and the others know about it, and even know that the winner can ask Xiao Bai After making a wish, Rias and the others had an idea of participating. If they win, they can also make a wish to Xiao Bai. As long as they win, they can make a wish to Xiao Bai

. desire。

“Should we participate? If we can win, we can learn the next wish from Xiao Bai. I think this is quite good.。”

“You’ve thought too much. Don’t you still know what kind of person Xiao Bai is? It’s not that easy to win, and according to Xiao Bai’s character, if something doesn’t happen, something will definitely happen.。”

“That’s true, but the chips Xiao Bai offered are too tempting. I don’t think anyone can refuse the chips Xiao Bai offered.。”

“Who says it’s not the case? We know that Xiao Bai will definitely hide a trap, but we still can’t help but be moved.。”

“So even though we won’t participate, we can choose to watch them participate. I hope nothing will disappoint us this time. ”

The magic circle in the room suddenly lit up, and then Grafia appeared.

Looking at the appearance of Grafia, Rias couldn’t help but asked curiously: “Is there something wrong with Grafia? ” (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

“We are going to the I Am a Singer competition and we have to win. ”

After hearing this sentence, everyone looked at me and I looked at you. They didn’t understand what was going on at all. Why Gurefia suddenly asked them to participate in this competition? They couldn’t understand it. They couldn’t understand it at all.。

“This time, Xiao Bai on the other side sent an invitation to I Am a Singer. As long as he can win this time, Xiao Bai promised that no matter what kind of wish he made, he would agree to it, and there would be no concealment or change. ”

When they heard this sentence, a group of people took a breath.

They still believed Xiao Bai’s personal promise. They can believe Xiao Bai’s promise, but the question now is why Xiao Bai made such a promise?

“Is this thing or this news true? “(The promise of good)

“This matter was contacted personally by Xiao Bai, so it is basically certain that there will be no problem in this matter! ”

After hearing this sentence, you suddenly took a breath.

Rias’s eyes suddenly lit up: “Immediately recruit people and train outstanding talents. We will decide the winner this time. When notifying Notify Serafall, I think Serafall must be very interested in this matter。”

“Sona also wants to inform you that this is a victory that is enough for us to gather all the strength of the world to win.。”

“I have already thought of this, so I have already asked someone to notify her. I think Miss Sona should be arriving soon. ”

As soon as he finished speaking, the door of the Supernatural Research Department was pushed open, and then Shitori Sona walked in from the outside.。

“Rias, here I come。”。


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