NBA: Soldier serum at the beginning Chapter 163

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“What is the secret that allows you to defeat the Thunder Three Majors?”

“Wang Xiao, can you restore why you performed so bravely in the game against the Thunder?”


At the reporter’s interview meeting, in the face of the broken questions raised by these reporters, Wang Xiao did not even have the intention to answer.

In addition to licking dog-like problems, this is some nonsense problems.

With these questions, even people watching the game know what happened, so why interview themselves.

At this moment, Wang Xiao seemed to understand why Popovich often angered these reporters during interviews.

“Okay, that’s the end of today’s interview.”

After casually prevaricating for two sentences, Wang Xiao stood up and said to these reporters at the scene.

If nothing else, I am still in a hurry to go to the dressing room to take a shower and change clothes.

I was dragged over by this group of guys for an interview just after the game, and I couldn’t bear the sweat on my body.

Tonight’s Wang Xiao had no surprise advantage, playing all 4 quarters of the game, and the jersey he was wearing seemed to be soaked.

Although it is not tired, when playing these super teams in the current NBA league, Wang Xiao must show his 100% ability to defeat them.

On top of that, there are a lot of different ways to play against different teams.

The brain is also a very important thing in the game.

Even the Thunder team won, and Wang Xiao feels that there is no team in the league that cannot be beaten now.

Although now many online Thunder fans say:

The biggest reason the Thunder lost this game was James Harden’s injury.

Of course, this statement is still very substantiated.

After all, when Harden was on the court, it was obvious that the Thunder’s side had been in good shape and momentum.

But in the NBA, illness is part of the game, and that is true.

If nothing else, James Harden was injured because of being blocked by Wang Xiao.

If Harden’s dunks are as good as Lebra James’ and have the strength of Old James, then how can Harden get hurt?

So accepting injuries to players is also part of the game.

However, just this time James Harden was injured, it also made Harden see clearly the attitude of the Thunder coach towards him this time.

Perhaps this is an opportunity for Harden to change his style of play in the future.

That’s the case with the NBA

Perhaps Harden does not know that in the cold league, he will be sent to Houston after the end of this season.

In the current NBA league, the Thunder and Spurs are two teams that have been publicly developed to produce talent.

The Thunder do have a hand in selecting players, basically those who have great potential.

The Spurs, on the other hand, have a general head coach who is good at digging out the abilities of players, even if no one wants players in 2 rounds.

Popovich was also able to develop him into a regular for the Spurs and let him play his way in the NBA.

So the Blacks have always been so strong, and it’s also what makes so many players in the NB today want to play for the Spurs.

It makes them even better and the favourites to win the championship.

Maybe in his first year on the team, he will be able to win his first championship ring.

But lately the Spurs haven’t been so smooth.

The Spurs, who have recently made the most prosperous gains in the West, have also faced opponents.

The Clippers who defeated the Thunder last time.

During this time, in a game against the Spurs, the Clippers also defeated the Spurs.

Sent to the Spurs a defeat.

This is something that Popovich himself never expected.

The Spurs may lose to the Heat, Thunder, Lakers, and Mavericks in the new season.

But losing to the Clippers is really unthinkable.

There’s nothing wrong with Paul being great, but after joining the Clippers, he integrated pretty quickly.

And he and Griffin started working together in their first season, but almost three of the five best goals every day were between the two of them.

This is the most terrifying.

It is said that Griffin is a powerful player, as a power forward, with such a terrifying dunk ability.

But this season more people have seen the excellence of Chris Paul as a player.

As one of the top point guards in the league, Paul has shown his own strength perfectly.

Now the one who can compete with Paul for the title of the league’s No. 1 point guard is DeLong.

As the Dust Four, after C3 came to the Clippers, he really saw hope and the hope of reaching the Finals.

So he played very seriously in the regular season.

After defeating the Spurs and Thunder during this time, it attracted a lot of attention in the NBA league.

And the owner of the Clippers is also starting to think about the strengthening of the Clippers’ roster next season.

Regardless of the Clippers’ record in the first season.

As long as this original foundation is strengthened, the Clippers owner feels that it will definitely be more powerful.

Even if the salary is a lot more than the salary cap, the Clippers owner will not hesitate to recruit this NBA superstar.

After all, money is nothing to him.

As for Jordan Jr. of the Clippers, it’s not amazing yet.

But recently under the band of CP3, everyone in the league knows that there is now a talent monster on the inside of the Clippers.

And the first reaction to the Clippers was “dunk.”

This team, as if it was made for dunks, no one can stop their dunks.

Beating the Spurs is proof of that.

In fact, the Spurs’ interior linemen can’t hold them, and these Clippers players fly around in the sky.

Coupled with Paul’s always having his own mind when he was on the court, it made the Spurs defense more difficult.

Some of Popovich’s tactics against the Clippers didn’t work well.

If there’s a weakness of the Clippers right now, it’s that their outside line isn’t stable enough.

Although Paul has the ability to shoot three-pointers, he rarely chooses to shoot on three-pointers.

And their aerial relay style of play, although it can allow fans to enjoy a visual feast.

But it is also easy to cause injuries to players.

Especially Griffin this player.

Many times when Griffin bounced up, his head hovered near the basket.

There were even several times when his head hit the basket, which was a talent, but danger was also with him. _

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