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NBA: Soldier serum at the beginning Chapter 162

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162 Thunder crashed

“Durant and Wei Shao shouldn’t have been given a break at that time.”

“Mainly, why did Harden let him play at that time? It’s all already injured. ”

“Brooks doesn’t know what he’s working on tonight, and a manager like this wants to go to the championship?”

The angry Thunder fans at the scene kept roaring, and after seeing them overtaken by the Cavaliers, they were extremely angry.

And the difference between the two sides is still being widened, and at this moment, there is only anger on the faces of Thunder fans.

Now Russell Westbrook doesn’t get too many points.

Because when Wang Xiao was on the inside, Wei Shao could only be limited by Wang Xiao.

Not to mention passing the ball to the inside players of the Thunder team, they didn’t even dare to shoot when they met Wang Xiao.

Perkins initially said that he wanted to scrap Wang Xiao as a player, but after working hard for a whole game, he found that there were not many possibilities at all.

Many Wang Xiao held the ball inside, and Wang Xiao’s attack was to jump lightly.

And when Perkins attacked Wang Xiao, he wanted to drag him down abruptly, but not only did he not hurt Wang Xiao, a strong guy.

And I can’t count how many times I have been accompanied.

This made Perkins decisively abandon this idea, and if nothing else, Perkins now only hopes to be able to compete for a little more rebounds and relieve the pressure on the Thunder inside.

It’s just that after playing basketball in the NBA for a long time, Perkins really realized what it means to crush inside.

When he was a little inattentive on the inside, he couldn’t get a defensive rebound, and the Cavaliers’ Wang Xiao was like a demon who kept eroding others, constantly grabbing their rebounds.

The only consistent scoring point on the Thunder’s side is this Kevin Durant.

KD’s jump shot is still not good to defend.

But in the best players, they can’t hit 100 percent.

Not to mention that the Thunder gave almost all the ball to Durant.

KD, which has been floating on the outside line, will have a little interference in the hit rate.

The outside is watching Durant shoot on the outside, plus the Cavaliers sent Klay Thompson to defend KD.

Although the effect does not look very good, Wang Xiao just watched like this, waiting for the moment when the basketball in Durant’s hand missed.

And the Knights in good times are the most terrifying.

Don’t give the Thunder a chance at all.

When it was the Cavaliers’ turn on the offensive end, they came with a perfect team to match the general offense.

First, Kyrie Irving held the ball and observed at the top of the arc.

Then the other 4 mounted players began to run.

The most active runner was Klay Thompson.

Let the Thunder side mistakenly think that this plan is going to give Klay the ball.

So let the defense on the Thunder’s side be very jealous of Klay Thompson.

But as the basketball passed to Klay’s hand, the rest of the Cavaliers began to run clockwise.

Clay gave the ball to T.

TT mid-range is a threat, so Ibaka, closest to TT, is in the past.

TT passed the ball to Jamison again, allowing the rest of the Thunder to make up again.

Let the defense on the Thunder’s side be completely disjointed.

In the bottom corner, Jamison has every chance to shoot three-pointers, but Jamison keeps observing the position of his teammates.

At the bottom corner, Jamison sent the ball directly towards the basket.

Wang Xiao was under the basket, directly bouncing like a dry land plucking onions.

An easy aerial relay was completed among all the players on the Thunder.

The defense on the Thunder’s side was already unable to react, but he didn’t expect that Jamison didn’t shoot a three-point shot in the end, but still gave Wang Xiao such an air relay.

The Cavaliers are completely open.

The Thunder really don’t have any way to score other players except KD.

As long as Wang Xiao is on the court, the rest of the Thunder players simply can’t attack on the inside.

This was maintained until the end of the fourth quarter, when the Cavaliers led the way.

And Wang Xiao also fought to the last moment of the game, and in the game against the Oklama Thunder this evening, Wang Xiao did not end at all.

Wang Xiao on the field has always maintained his dominance of the game, which is the most terrifying.

Even the Thunder players felt desperate.

Even if Kevin Durant tried to break out to take over the game at the last moment, the huge point difference and Wang Xiao’s own ability to dominate the game were still dominant.

There is no hope on the Thunder’s side.

In the end, it was the Cavaliers who took the victory of this game.

After the Cavaliers seized a chance to fight back in this game, they will directly expand infinitely and directly reverse the entire game, which is unexpected.

Perhaps until halftime, everyone thought it was the Thunder who won the game.

But after the return of the Thunder’s two main players in the second half, fans did not see it this way.

Because after Wei Shao and KD returned, the Cavaliers were still constantly opening up the difference between them and the Thunder.

“Why is he so powerful…”

At this time, Kevin Durant had an unloveable expression and looked at Wang Xiao, who won the game.

Originally, in this game, Durant really wanted to give Wang Xiao a good look and win this game.

Then post a feed and @ your goddess Scarlett, showing off on your personal account.

However, this time he lost so badly that Durant was not in the mood at all.

Although KD knew that Wang Xiao was very powerful, he even wanted to be his teammate.

Today, after the official handover, Kevin Durant is even more convinced of this.

If nothing else, Wang Xiao’s combat power on the basketball court is quite high.

Aside from his status as a rookie, Wang Xiao does not seem to have any shortcomings in this player.

As an interior player, it’s a piece of food everywhere.

What’s more, leading such a Cavaliers team can bring out such a record, if you can join other teams with superstars, it is not a killing in the league.

Kevin Durant has been thinking about this all along.

“If only this guy could be my teammate…”

Durant whispered in his mouth.

“If Scarlett doesn’t like him.”

Then KD added this sentence in a low voice.


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