NBA: Soldier serum at the beginning Chapter 161

The counterattack of the 161st sergeant

“Why did Harden become like this…”

For Harden’s suddenly such a negative style of play, coach Brooks also did not understand.

At the end of the second quarter, as you can imagine, the Cavaliers’ offensive momentum had risen, and the victory overtook the score.

And James Harden, who returned to the bench, also looked tired.

Sure enough, the head was covered with a rebuke from the head coach.

But Harden is still unmoved, looking at Harden’s performance, Brooks is no longer going to let him play in the next game.

Even if Harden performed well in the first half, because of Harden’s attitude, Brooks no longer believed him.

After the Cavaliers recovered the scoreline, it was clear that their players became more confident.

In the away locker room, all the Cavaliers players were rejuvenated.

“It turns out that our team’s offense is not inferior to the Oklama Thunder.”

Head coach Byron said to their players.

At this time, as the head coach, Wang Xiao should encourage his players.

In this tailwind, the second half of the game can make the Cavaliers more comfortable.

Even though they knew in the second half that their two main players of the Thunder, Wilson and KD, would be on the court, the Cavaliers wouldn’t be afraid of them once the rest of the players were on offense.

Compared to this team’s defense, the Cavaliers’ offensive ability is still stronger.

Irving and Klay are also the kind of players who can’t stop once they fire.

Because of this series of turmoil in James Harden, the situation for the Cavaliers throughout the game became clearer.

It’s just that in the eyes of the Thunder, when they are not yet on the court, it is not easy to say.

After all, Westbrook and KD both have super individual abilities, which is a very important point in the NBA.

Being able to maneuver in one-on-one situations gives Wilson and Durant more room to play when they’re on the court.

At the beginning of the second half, the two players of Durant and Weston after this period of rest, it was obvious that the second half had just begun to be more energetic.

It was clear that the Thunder’s side was about to launch a counterattack, and at the beginning of the second half, Wei Shao in particular was more impactful than in the first half.

“How. Want to avenge your third brother? ”

Looking at Westbrook’s two eyes staring at him, Wang Xiao said coldly to Wei Shao.

Wei Shaowan was the most unbearable to stand the provocation of his opponent, and he directly accelerated towards the inside line with the ball.

“Russell, wait…”

When Durant saw Wei Shao rushing directly in, he also had to stop him first.

It’s just that this ball is already completely reached, just one step, Wei Shao is already completely rushed.

Westbrook’s whole body floated in the air, and he threw the basketball in his hand into the air.

“Sorry, this is a no-fly zone.

Wang Xiao’s outstretched arm had been waiting for Wei Shao for a long time.

Even Russell Wisbu in the air stayed in the air for a while, wanting to prevent being covered by Wang Xiao.

But Wang Xiao also followed Westbrook in the air for a while, so that Russell Westbrook in the air was unable to hide.

Watching the basketball in his hand being blocked by Wang Xiao hard.

The Cavaliers just came on the court to defend the Thunder’s first goal.

“Still don’t understand? Your Thunder team is gone. ”

Wang Xiao looked at Westbrook after landing, and said with a smile at Wei Shao.

It’s just that in the face of Wang Xiao’s ridicule, Wei Shao is like a temporary blindness, he doesn’t look at Wang Xiao, he just turns around and leaves.

“Russell, don’t worry.”

Durant said to Wei Shao.

The current Cavaliers’ active offensive possession of the ball, Irving is holding the ball, taking advantage of the fact that Wilson has not yet returned to defense, Kyrie Irving at this time is absolutely going to show his ability.

So holding the ball is to make it inside, and you are thinking about something, even if the player defending yourself in front of you is Kevin Durant.

At this time, Carey used a fancy dribble followed by a European step layup, and this ball Irving directly wanted to carry KD’s defensive attack.

“Stop kicking your nose on your face.”

At this time, Kevin Durant glanced at Irving and saw the timing of Irving’s throw.

Durant didn’t even take a jump, and forced the basketball in Irving’s hand to come down.

“We can’t score, and you can’t do it.”

After Durant’s cap, he thought like this in his heart.

But in a split second, Wang Xiao suddenly came out from behind, snatched the basketball that was dropped by the KD cap, and flew directly towards the basket at the first moment.

At this time, Durant was completely too late to defend Wang Xiao.

I can only watch Wang Xiao directly buckle a violent abuse frame.

“What about caps? It’s not a goal yet. ”

Wang Xiao said such a sentence directly to Kevin Durant, and this time Wang Xiao’s eyes were quite sharp.

Now what makes Kevin Durant most curious is Wang Xiao’s speed.

“How could he get to the front court so quickly?”

Durant chanted inside his mouth.

This Owen’s front foot has just arrived in the front court to prepare for the attack, and the back foot Wang Xiao has already arrived.

“As I said, your general trend is gone.”

Wang Xiao continued to look at the exercise, and you said.

Back in the second half, even if the two twin stars of the Thunder are still passionate, the Cavaliers’ side is completely driven by Wang Xiao.

The rest of the Cavaliers’ players just take bold offense, whether they are blocked or missed, and then rebounds or balls, Wang Xiao is like a genie who has been jumping, always able to grab the ball.

And complete an offensive.

This gave the Thunder a headache.

Not long after the start of the second half, the Cavaliers led the Thunder by double-digit margins.

Thunder head coach Brooks: This is already a gas blast.

If nothing else, the usual Brooks is not like this at all, but I don’t know how many times he was angry tonight because of the Cleveland Cavaliers Brooks.

And now for the Thunder, the situation is very unfriendly.

It is obviously their home stadium, but the momentum of the Thunder’s home court has been completely depressed because of this wave of counterattacks.

The Thunder requested several timeouts, but to no avail.

Now they can’t stop the Cavaliers at all, and their offensive efficiency has dropped too much_

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