NBA: Purple Gold Emperor Chapter 330

Due to the mistakes on the Lakers’ side, the Jazz can now be described as brave.

They’re very proud here.

At this time, all the players were in very good shape, and they were all in good shape very quickly.

They felt that they were bound to win this match because there were a few other people who were very good players.

Their strength is relatively strong.

However, there look like there are many replacements on the Lakers’ side.

Many of the people who came were newcomers and had never seen it.

There are still some deficiencies in all aspects, which may not be very good, including poor defensive ability.

But Lin Ming didn’t care.

Because this warm-up game is meant to work out these substitutes.

Nor can a substitute be a substitute forever.

Lin Ming believes that they will exert their best ability when the time comes.

I can also become an official player one day and put out a good look.

Maybe better than some official players.

Because some of these substitutes have just graduated, or they have only just started to be substitutes.

The ability is not necessarily bad, but because there is less experience, it still needs to be learned.

This game is for them to learn.

Lin Ming just came over to help them.

He also wants to make these Lakers benches a little more confident.

Now he decided to take off with them bravely, so that the Jazz would not be able to get up at all.

The Lakers will also improve even more.

Of course, neither failure nor success is inevitable. There are all chances.

They Lakers can’t necessarily win, whether they win or lose, as long as they can learn something, Lin Ming feels very good.

He doesn’t care about grades, but about learning.

Because only by continuous learning can they become more powerful, and when the time comes, they can challenge more powerful teams.

Now Lin Ming got the ball, but seeing that his team members seemed to be on the sidelines.

So he wanted to give them some opportunities.

“Green catches the ball.” He shouted loudly.

Then he threw his ball. Green reacted and quickly got the ball

At this point he successfully received the ball in response, so he quickly rushed to it. It’s just that the opposing jazz team is not so eaten.

Clarkson rushed straight through. Want to defend in front of him. A wall was formed directly in front of him and blocked him.

Clarkson stopped in front of him and laughed.

“In front of me, you still want to go over?” So he directly stretched out his arm in front of him to block it.

Green sees that the situation is a little bit bad.

So he wanted to break through to the right and then rush out of his defense.

Unexpectedly, at this time, Clarkes followed closely, and at this time he defended him to death.

For a while there was no empty passage at all.

Green panicked a little, after all, his ability is not that strong because he is also a substitute.

Just came here to exercise.

He has wanted to join the Lakers for a long time, and this is also one of his wishes.

But now it seems a little difficult, you have to play this ball well.

After all, the Lakers only have the strong left on this team.

Not to mention the Lakers, basically every team is, they only want people with strong abilities, and those who are weak will care.


It’s a rule everywhere.

Green has to work hard to stay here, so he’s basically fighting for 12 points now.

Clarkson kept a close eye on him.

At this point he took the ball and began to move to the right, Clarkson close to him.

Green barely dribbled the ball.

It feels like he’s not in great shape because there’s no way he can get rid of Clarkson.

“Catch the ball.”

That’s when he suddenly threw the ball from the right back.

He understood that Lin Ming was over there.

But Lin Ming looked at this response ball and frowned sharply.

“Watch the Lakers’ Green pass the ball, but he may be a little panicked, the ball is a little off, and the Jazz’s Mitchell is over.”

The commentator said excitedly above, and at the moment he was staring closely at the top of the arena.

Because this ball is so ugly.

Even a very good person may have had some difficulty catching this ball in the past, and now it is a little far away.

Green didn’t expect that he was just a little panicked just now, thinking that Lin Ming would be able to receive the ball in the back, but he didn’t expect to hear what the commentator said now, he was a little panicked.

Thinking that he might have done something wrong again, he now stepped aside, very nervous.

Unexpectedly, at this time, Lin Ming made a small dash and took another step directly.

Catch the ball steadily.

“It’s beautiful, I caught the ball in this situation. Look, his little action just now was so powerful, it was so exciting. ”

The narrator continued.

Everyone thought that no one could receive the ball just now, but Lin Ming caught the ball steadily.

Green was extremely moved at the moment, and he didn’t expect Lin Ming to catch the ball, otherwise his mistake just now was too humiliating.

And the Lakers may not want him then.

He was a little disappointed when he thought of this. _

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