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NBA: Peak Thompson starts Chapter 170

Đọc tại

“Another three-point foul!!”

“That’s awesome!!”

“Come on, come on!!”

The fans at the scene didn’t care if Lin Tao was suspected of touching porcelain, and shouted one by one.

Rivers ended up blowing a T, and it didn’t change any results.

Lin Tao stood on the free throw line and made three of four free throws…

During this time, Rondo was also replaced.

After successive fouls, Lin Tao was completely lost.

For the rest of the second quarter.

Lin Tao stretched out his guilty hands to the Celtic players many times!

Garnett committed four offenses.

Pierce committed four crimes.


In the second quarter alone, Lin Tao stood on the free throw line as many as 15 times.

Lin Tao was about to smash the free throw line.

After a foul on a final whistle shot in the first half.

The good old man Ray Allen was also furious.

The whole Celtic team cursed at Lin Tao.

The style of play is too cheap.

For the first time, Lin Tao felt that so many people wanted to beat themselves.

The risk of touching porcelain is still very large.

At the end of the second quarter, the score was 43-73.

The Celtics are already as many as 30 points behind.

If this were at the North Shore Garden Arena, Celtics fans would have had a bleak Christmas.

It’s a pity that this is in Madison Square Garden, and the ball is extremely comfortable watching the home fans.

The opponent is the defending champion of the Big Three.

Now we lead them by 30 points in the first half!!!

This is really cool!!

The cheers of the scene have never stopped.

The commentator in the studio of the broadcast station also laughed when he looked at Lin Qiu Data.

“Lin, you’d better not go too far, otherwise you will be beaten in the global live broadcast.”

“I also think so, if it weren’t for the referee, it is estimated that Lin Tao would have been beaten.”

“Haha, Lin Tao successfully provoked the Celtic Big Four, I think we have never hated a rookie so much.”

“Lin Tao made more than 20 free throws in the first half, and if he still did this in the second half, he would have broken the record.”

“Haha, although the style of play is very smart, I have to remind Lin that such a move can only be used in the regular season, and the playoff referee will not give you free throws like this.”

“That’s right, Lin Tao still has to focus on polishing his offensive skills, and he shouldn’t be so clever.”

“I don’t think it’s a trick, not everyone can make fouls like Lin Tao, Wilson Chandler tried a few and didn’t succeed.”

The commentators all engaged in heated discussions at half-time.

Dressing room.

Wilson Chandler was a little frustrated.

In the first half, he watched Lin Tao make a foul very cool, and he tried a few himself, but the referee didn’t blow it at all, and he made a mistake directly.

This made D’Antoni in the field curse at him…..

How can you be like the boss?

Lin Tao also didn’t know how to comfort Chandler, making fouls is really based on talent.

Lin Tao felt that he could easily find the opponent’s body and torso to touch the porcelain.

Even if there is no opportunity to create a foul, Lin Tao can create an opportunity to create a foul.

Sometimes even Lin Tao himself feels disgusting…….

Away team dressing room.

Several giants of the Celtics sat together to discuss countermeasures.

They didn’t expect to be so far behind when they came to Madison Square Garden.

Even though they were 30 points behind, they weren’t prepared to give up the game easily.

“If that guy still touches porcelain, I’ll beat him.” Rashid Wallace dropped his words.

“I’ll come too!” Rondo was also clenching his fists.

Garnett looked at his teammates very calmly.

Losing a regular season game isn’t terrible, it’s scary that they seem powerless against that rookie!

What if I meet them in the playoffs?

The Knicks are no longer the same as the last two times they met, and now the Knicks can make them all kinds of deflated.

When the Celtics were filled with indignation, Lin Tao sat on the bench in the third quarter.

With a 30-point lead, Lin Tao didn’t have to play zero so early.

If the teammates are strong, Lin Tao can even clock out in two quarters…..

Celtic’s players seem to know D’Antoni’s intentions.

Everyone worked in unison, and after the start of the third quarter, they bombarded the Knicks without Lin Tao, and then also increased their defensive intensity.

With 6:52 left in the third quarter, the Knicks scored just over 2 points.

The Celtics went on a 16-2 run.

Lin Tao stood up again amid the cheers of the fans.

59 to 75.

Lin Tao did not intend to lose this game, he wanted to hold on to the victory and fight off the defending champions. _

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