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NBA: Peak Thompson starts Chapter 169

Đọc tại

Lin Tao brought the ball to the top of the arc.

It was still Rondo who defended Lin Tao.

As a championship-caliber point guard, Rondo has always considered himself a top star.

Coupled with the fact that the Big Three were all at his disposal, it made him feel more and more confident.

Lin Tao blasted him in the first section, which made Rondo a little angry.

Rondo thinks it’s just a fluke, Lin Tao is a good rookie, but not impossible to deal with.

Rondo gave Lin Tao a lot of physical confrontation, but Lin Tao’s dribbling was very stable and dexterous.

If Rondo’s defensive reaction hadn’t been fast enough, he might have been overtaken by Lin Tao all of a sudden.

Lin Tao gave the ball to Wilson Chandler and then asked him for the ball.

“Wilson, you study hard!” Lin Tao said to him.


Chandler stayed on the side and watched Lin Tao make three threatening moves.

Rondo was well aware of Lin Tao’s offensive ability, and he did not dare to be a little careless, and kept looking at the ball in Lin Tao’s hand.

Lin Tao also heard what he said to Wilson Chandler.29 But he didn’t know what Lin Tao meant.

Rondo opened his hand as much as possible to defend Lin Tao.

Lin Tao began to dribble frequently under his crotch.

Continuous rhythmic changes.

Rondo’s arm span is very long, and he keeps reaching out and pulling it!!

Lin Tao looked at Rondo’s long arm and smiled even happier, isn’t this a fat sheep sent to the door?

Dribble to find an opportunity, directly hold the ball with both hands and hang Rondo’s arms and jump up!!

And then exaggerated with a shooting motion.

Rondo felt a tingling in his scalp!!!

“Beep !!!!”

The referee decisively sounded the whistle in his mouth.

Then raise three fingers high.

Lin Tao had three free throw opportunities.

The fans immediately cheered.

“That’s awesome.”



Harden annoys people with this foul-making way because he uses it too often.

And Lin Tao is rarely used, occasionally used, the audience fans also think that Lin Tao’s technique made fouls.

Lin Tao also fell after making a shot

Wilson Chandler came over and pulled Lin Tao up.

“Boss, I see clearly, you are too powerful.”

“Haha, you can try, it’s very simple.”

Lin Tao also smiled and gave this little brother a high five.

Being whistled for a three-point foul clearly upset Rondo.

Madison Square Garden, fans watching the replay were also happy.

“Lin Tao made a foul on Rondo.”

“Haha, it’s hilarious.”

“Rondo is miserable.”

The fans laughed loudly, which to Rondo sounded sarcastic.

“I didn’t go and hit his hand, he rubbed it himself, which should be an offensive foul.” Rondo shouted.

“You violated his cylinder, and if your hands are not clean, you are a foul!” The referee fired back at Rondo.

This ball is indeed a foul according to the rules, even if the rookie is a bit of an acting component, but this is the rule.

“He’s touching porcelain!!”

“Leave, please respect the penalty!!” The referee waved at Rondo for the first warning.

The teammates pulled Rondo apart.

Lin Tao stood on the free throw line and sent the ball in the midst of cheers.

33 to 55.

Lin Tao opened the score between the two teams to 22 points again in the first round.

Londo looked at Lin Tao hatefully, full of disbelief.

Although Rondo was not convinced, he was not impulsive, and he was well aware of Lin Tao’s difficulty.

Lin Tao has a top-level ball sense, skillful dribbling breakthrough and top-notch shooting ability!

This guy’s defense is also good.

Rondo dribbled the ball in front of the court and could not find his breakthrough opportunity at the first time, he chose to give the ball to Pierce again.

Pierce singled Wilson Chandler low, and after a tentative move tricked Chandler, Pierce also broke through to hang Chandler to a layup.


Pierce also has to stand at the free throw line.

Chandler looked bitter.

In the midst of boos, Pierce 000 hit both free throws.

35 to 55.

“Boss, help me take revenge…” Chandler looked at Lin Tao bitterly.

Lin Tao compared an OK gesture with him.

Knicks offense.

Or Rondo defends Lin Tao.

Lin Tao beckoned his teammates to open up the space!

Exactly the same crotch hit the ground!

High rhythm of frequent dribbling.

Once again, Rondo stretched out his claws.

The moment he reached out, Rondo regretted it.


Lin Tao once again slammed a loop and hung Rondo’s hands to shoot.


The referee blew the whistle again.

Rivers looked incredulous on the sidelines.

It’s kind of crazy.

Rondo has also now committed four fouls and is about to make a substitution.

“This is touching porcelain!!” Rivers went to the referee angrily.

Rondo, Garnett, Ray Allen and others also went up to besiege the referee. _

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