NBA: Peak Thompson starts Chapter 168

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It’s not just the players who are in a good mood, D’Antoni is also in a good mood.

The return of Tyson Chandler immediately made the Knicks’ interior a no-fly zone.

You know, some time ago, the Knicks’ interior defense could have pitted him miserably.

D’Antoni never thought Tyson Chandler would be this strong, and he didn’t hold out much hope for him.

Before the boxing king came, he thought that the boxing king was just an ordinary blue-collar worker.

He didn’t expect the boxing king to really build the Knicks’ defensive system.

The Celtics are so strong that the first two Knicks played against them, “zero zero zero” even with Lin Tao also lost.

But after the king’s comeback, the situation immediately improved.

The Celtics’ interior offense was in trouble, and Lin Tao was quick in various positions on the outside.

Inside and out, the Celtics’ offense just can’t explode.

D’Antoni has rarely had so much confidence in his team’s defensive self-confidence.

“Kenny, I found something interesting?”

“Oh, what’s going on?”

“Lin Tao often used his left hand to attack when playing today.”

“Haha, his right hand should have some injuries, but the left-right balance is basically the offensive ability that a superstar should have.”

“Indeed, at first I thought that Lin Tao would be stronger on the right, but I didn’t expect that his left side was also so talented.”

“With a critical eye, his left hand is still a little bad, and his three-point shooting percentage is not as high as before, but it is suitable for shooting in his sports.”

“Stop inkblotting, he is also a superstar on the left hand.”

Several commentators discussed Lin Tao’s technical details.

Lin Tao is known as another offensive player after Kobe Bryant, although he is only a rookie, but many skills are more mature than the veterans.

Celtic bench.

“Guys, we have to be grateful to the audience, on Christmas night I think our fans don’t want to lose, we must win this game…”

Rivers didn’t have a good tactical arrangement after pouring chicken soup.

This annoyed the Celtics players, who wanted to hear what Rivers had and didn’t have.

“Who doesn’t understand the big reason, the key is the ball, how to prevent the No. 6 show

“How do you crack that center’s defense?”

Resentment in the hearts of Celtic players.

Seeing this, Rondo had to pick up the tactical board himself, call the team over, and arrange tactics for everyone.

Lin Tao also felt very funny watching this scene, no wonder Rondo was nicknamed Lang to guide.

Seeing that this guy was born with the talent of a coach.

The Celtics didn’t win the championship by Rivers.

It’s the Big Three!!

Last season, even if the coach had a dog tied to it, they could win the championship!!

The game quickly resumed in the second quarter.

Since he played the first quarter, Lin Tao rested first.

Crawford went on to lead the Knicks’ second team.

Krawford’s family also came to watch the game today, and Ke 6 played particularly hard, plus his state was very hot today……….

All kinds of shots without solution after dribbling can be hit.

Even with huge defensive interference, Crawford can get the ball in.

Rondo’s tactics didn’t work too well.

“Oh” “Oh” “Oh”

Lin Tao also waved a towel to help Crawford shout from the sidelines.

Crawford is indeed very good, and the Celtics can’t prevent him, but the Knicks’ second lineup is still a bit different from the Celtics’ second lineup.

They can’t keep the Celtics at all.

Five minutes after the second team clashed, the score came to 33-52.

The difference between the two teams came to 19 points.

Lin Tao played again, and as soon as Lin Tao came up, the little brother Wilson Chandler came over.

“Boss, your foul making is really powerful, can you teach me?” Wilson Chandler said.

Chandler saw Lin Tao stand at the free throw line many times in the first quarter, and he expressed his envy for this.

Going to the free throw line is to pick up points, this is not easy, if you can make fouls like Lin Tao with 5.0, then the score will go up quickly.

“Yes, but not everyone can learn it.” Lin Tao said with a smile.

“Then you show me.”


Lin Tao looked at Rondo and Garnett with a smile.

Since there is Harden card, it is natural to enjoy Harden’s peak-making foul-making style of play.

This technique is not something that Wilson Chandler can learn by looking at it.

Lin Tao played against the full main lineup of the Celtics. _

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