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Navigation double comparison, this succubus Luffy is reversed chapter 081

【In the battle between the two, Peach Rabbit always had the upper hand.。】

【But because Peach Usagi and Luffy are very close to each other every time they fight,。】

【Every time the swords collide, Taotu’s heart trembles and her heart beats.。】

【Because of the big mood swings, the heart keeps beating。】

【Disrupted Peach Rabbit’s thoughts and actions。】

【Let her gradually start to compete with Luffy.。】

【You must know that Taotu is quite old among the navy.。】

【Although there are countless suitors。】

【For example, Tea Dolphin confessed his love to her a hundred times。】

【But every time, Taotu ruthlessly rejected her.。】

【Peach Rabbit once thought。】

【There won’t be anyone you like on this ocean.。】

【But when she saw Luffy for the first time。】

【She just finds Luffy very attractive。】

【But at the beginning, she could barely restrain herself.。】

【But as the battle with Luffy intensified,。】

【She gradually realized that she could no longer control her restless heart.。】

【The longer she fights Luffy, the faster her heart beats。】

【Because Luffy is not just someone she can fall in love with at first glance。】

【There is also。】

【The longer she fights with Luffy, the more she realizes how strong Luffy is!】

【This power has even refreshed his worldview!】

【After all, Luffy is so young!】

【Now Luffy has completely captured Peach Usagi’s heart! ! !】

【On the one hand, Mobuto now wants to avoid hurting Luffy.。】

【Another idea is to capture Luffy and bring him back to the warship。】

【All kinds of thoughts came to her mind。】

【Making her thoughts extremely confused。】

【Not just Peach Rabbit。】

【Dasqi on the side also looked at Luffy with a look of surprise and some nervousness and shyness.。】

【Luffy’s power also refreshed Daschi’s world view.。】

【Terrifying strength, paired with Luffy’s inexplicable and attractive charm。】

【This made Dasqi fall involuntarily.。】

【A dangerous idea even appeared in her mind。】

【That means whether or not to backstab Peach Rabbit?。】

【And let Luffy win?】

【And of course, this dangerous idea。】

【It just appeared in Dasqi’s mind for a moment。】

【She quickly shook her head and rejected it.。】

【“It seems I still have a long way to go before I want to become as strong as you, Luffy! I have to work harder! ! !”】

【Seeing that Luffy and Peach Rabbit are almost evenly matched。】

【Zoro was deeply aware of his own lack of strength.。】

【I want to become as strong as Luffy。】

【I want to become a vice-captain worthy of Luffy!】

【He must train even harder than before! ! !】

【“Is this my man? That’s awesome! ! !”】

【Nami was surprised and happy, and said excitedly。】

【“I always feel like we are holding Luffy back too much? Usopp? “Sanji swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said。】

【Once at a restaurant on the sea, I saw Luffy stunned five thousand pirates with his domineering look.。】

【Later, when he was competing with Hawkeye Mihawk on swordsmanship,。】

【Let Sanji realize that Luffy is extremely extraordinary!】

【But he witnessed it with his own eyes today。】

【After the battle between Luffy and Peach Rabbit。】

【Sanji’s admiration for Luffy is beyond words to describe his shock!】

【He always feels that he is so weak。】

【Are you really qualified to board this monster Luffy’s ship?】

【“We also have to become stronger! Our future is bright with a man like this!”】

【Usopp looked solemn and clenched his fists.。】

【After seeing Luffy’s terrifying strength,。】

【It undoubtedly inspired them to want to become stronger.。】

【After all, if you are not strong enough。】

【They don’t deserve to be on Luffy’s ship at all!】


【on the battlefield。】

【As he was beating, Luffy suddenly took a step back, away from Peach Rabbit.。】

【Then he put away the blade。】

【“I can’t fight with a knife anymore, or I will lose if I keep fighting.。”】

【Using the weakest swordsmanship combined with domineering power can indeed compete with Peach Rabbit, but there is no way to win!】

【And the most important thing is。】

【The long battle has caused him to be devoured by the blade too much and he has too much domineering power.。】

【Although it is undeniable that。】

【Letting the blade swallow up a large amount of your own domineering energy can indeed greatly increase your combat power.。】

【But the problem is, the blade can swallow a lot of Haki!】

【Luffy’s Haki will be exhausted if he continues to devour it.。】

【Once the Haki is gone, it is equivalent to announcing Luffy’s defeat!】

【If you want to win。】

【You have to use the remaining Haki and the power of the Devil Fruit to fight!】

【Just when Luffy wants to use the power of devil fruit。】

【Momotu suddenly said: “That’s it, Monkey D. Luffy”.!”】

【Taotu really doesn’t dare to fight anymore。】

【Now she can’t help but feel restless.。】

【If the beating continued, she was afraid that she would end up kissing Luffy while he was beating him.。】

【“That’s it?”】

【Luffy was stunned。】

【He was thinking that he was about to use his strongest ability, but you stopped fighting?】

【“It seems impossible to capture you today. We have to ask the navy for support. Let’s go, Dasqi!”】

【Peach Usagi suppressed her inner urge to rush up and give Luffy a kiss.。】

【Then he pulled Dasqi and quickly left the place. 】

Urki: “Escape…….Ran away? Momotu, the candidate admiral of the Navy Headquarters, escaped? ? ? ”

Wang Zhi: “This is really an unbelievable scene. The naval candidate who is closest to the highest combat capability of the Navy Headquarters actually escaped! ! ! John: ”

Hey, hey, is Straw Hat Boy too strong?” ”

Trafalgar Law: “Until the end of the battle, we have never seen the Straw Hat Master use power other than swordsmanship and domineering! ! ! ”

Although it was at the last moment.

Luffy planned to use the power of the Devil Fruit to fight.

But at that time, Peach Usagi had already left.

The battle was over!

Kapenbeki: “Why did that Navy Peach Usagi escape? Could it be that he felt that he could not defeat Luffy and knew that he would lose if he continued to fight, so he ran away? ”

Ghost Spider: “Stop joking, you bastard pirate! Lieutenant General Peach Rabbit can’t beat Straw Hat Boy? Stop it! Didn’t you see that Lieutenant General Peach Rabbit kept suppressing the Straw Hat Kid during the battle? ”

Cyborg Kong: “It’s probably because Taotu uses his Haki to sense that the dragon is nearby. If he continues to fight and gets injured, he may not be able to escape. ”

Cyborg Kong naturally knows that Long has gone to deal with the CP organization.

But can a mere CP organization stop the world’s most vicious criminal Long?

Obviously this is impossible.

Cyborg Kong guessed that Luffy and Tao might Not long after the battle between Rabbit and Rabbit started,

Ryuu must have been observing in secret.

The reason why he never showed up

was because Ryuu saw that Luffy showed no signs of defeat.

Ghost Spider: “Commander Sora is right, if it weren’t for Ryuu He was observing the battle nearby and wanted to take the opportunity to make a sneak attack, otherwise the straw hat boy would have been killed by Lieutenant General Peach Rabbit! ! ! ”

Peach Rabbit:“……..”

It’s time to stop bragging about me in that parallel world.

In the parallel world, I was just sparring with him and didn’t want to kill him.

How about you kill Luffy?

If you kill Luffy today, Garp will punch you with his fist tomorrow!

Marco: “Although that Straw Hat boy has not shown any other abilities, just by using his swordsmanship and Haki, he is

able to fight on a near par with the Navy’s alternate admiral Momo Usagi. So when he uses the power of the Devil Fruit If paired with Haki, will his strength be already above Momo Usagi?”

Luffy’s Devil Fruit.

After all, it is known as the fruit of the gods.

How powerful would that devil fruit be?

I’m afraid there’s no need to say more!

Luffy can reach this level without using a Devil Fruit.

What if you use Devil Fruits to fight with Haki?

Is it already above Peach Rabbit?

Rocks D. Jiback: “No! It won’t happen. Don’t forget that the knife in Straw Hat Boy’s hand is not an ordinary knife. That knife absorbed a lot of the domineering and armed domineering energy in Straw Hat Boy’s body, and it was able to compete with Rabbit. Strong balance.” (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Rocks D Jiback: “And even if the Straw Hat boy uses the power of the Devil Fruit and his domineering power, his strength will not necessarily be higher than that of Peach Rabbit. It’s close. It’s really a monster to have such strength at the age of seventeen!”

Locks D Jibek: “But I have to say that the amount of domineering energy stored in this guy’s body is countless times more terrifying than I imagined. !!!”

To be honest, if Rocks were to fight with the knife in Luffy’s hand.

I’m afraid the battle isn’t nearly over yet.

The weapon-colored Haki and Overlord-colored Haki in Rocks’ body are about to be exhausted, and he has entered a weak state.

But Luffy had absorbed the Haki from the blade for so long.

Still not in a weak state!

And Luffy said it himself, he can still fight.

The meaning here is naturally what is called.

You can use the power of Devil Fruit to fight with Haki!

Powerful as Rocks, the King of the World from the old days.

A monster strongman who stands above countless people.


I just discovered it today.

My own Haki reserves are not as good as Luffy’s!

You know, Luffy is only seventeen years old now!

At the age of seventeen, he can have so much domineering energy in his body.

Give it time.

Luffy’s age has reached his twenties, or even his thirties.

When the time comes, Luffy opens his Devil Fruit, armed color, and overlord color covering his whole body with domineering aura.。[]

Always turn on your knowledge and domineering power to investigate!

Luffy in this state.

I’m afraid I can declare myself invincible directly!

Because except for Luffy.

No one dares to waste domineering energy like this! ! !

Gol D. Roger: “In terms of the power of Haki, Luffy in that parallel world is not as good as me, but in terms of the amount of Haki stored in his body, he has more Haki than me!”

Red Earl Barory Clydefield: ” In what way did this monster cultivate his domineering power? It can quickly increase the power of his domineering power! The amount of domineering power can also be stored in his body!” Pluto Silbarz Reilly: “I once thought that

this area There will never be a so-called invincible man in the sea, but Luffy in that parallel world can really become invincible in the future!!!”

If it were not through the projection screen.

Saw this fight.

No one would dare to believe it.

Does anyone dare to use domineering power so unscrupulously?

What’s even worse is.

Even if he unleashes his domineering power so unscrupulously.

He has always been like an abyss with no bottom! ! !

Tony Tony Chopper: “Although I don’t understand what you are saying, in short, Luffy in that parallel world is very powerful, right!?” All

Chopper and the others could focus on was Luffy fighting off Peach Rabbit. .

But people like Roger and Rocks.

But I saw it in Luffy.

Compared to repelling Peach Rabbit, his potential and ability are even more amazing!

They are 100% sure now.

Just let Luffy grow in strength.

He is truly invincible in the future! ! !

Because Luffy has mastered Haki.

The power of domineering may be unlimited.

The amount of domineering storage is also unlimited! ! !

Jaygo Lucia Satan: “Damn it! It’s getting more and more difficult! We in that parallel world must quickly discover the threat of this bastard Straw Hat boy!”

Now the five old stars are completely panicked. .

Of course they can see it.

Luffy’s talent and potential.

It is countless times beyond their imagination!

Now they can only hope.

That���They in the parallel world.

Being able to notice Luffy’s threats quickly.

Ask Im for instructions as soon as possible.

Erase him!

Otherwise, it’s really over! ! !

【parallel world。】

【“Did you run away?”】

【Looking at the backs of Peach Usagi and the others, Luffy scratched his head.。】

【Because just through swordsmanship and domineering fighting。】

【He still can’t fully confirm his strength.。】

【But Luffy vaguely felt that。】

【My own strength can be considered as one of those at the top of the sea.。】

【“How’s Luffy, you’re not hurt?”】

【Nami suddenly threw herself into Luffy’s arms and asked with concern.。】


【Luffy shook his head and said。】

【“That’s amazing, Luffy, for letting such a strong man be helpless against you!”】

【Usopp praised excitedly。】


【At this moment, the dragon who had been hiding in the dark also appeared in front of Luffy。】

【At this time, Long’s face still maintained a surprised expression.。】


【He hasn’t recovered from the battle just now。】

【after all。】

【Who the hell would think of his seventeen-year-old son?。】

【How could he fight against the Navy Headquarters’ alternate admiral Momo Usagi? ! !】

【“What’s wrong, Dad? Do you want to give me money again? “Lu (Qian Wang Zhao) Fei asked。】

【“It’s not about money, it’s about other things. Luffy, are you interested in joining our revolutionary army to serve your father?”】

【Long took a deep breath, calmed down his excitement and surprise, and said seriously。】

【The battle I watched today。】

【Dragon’s evaluation of Luffy is。】


【too strong!】

【It’s really too strong!】

【Now he finally understands。】

【Why every time he asks Garp about Luffy’s strength and talent?。】

【I’ll be put off by Garp.。】

【Because if he had known that Luffy was so talented a long time ago。】

【I won’t leave it to Garp to take care of me.。】

【Even though it was difficult for his revolutionary army to develop at that time。】

【He must also personally raise and protect Luffy! ! !】

【“No interest, I am quite free as I am now. “Luffy shook his head and said。】

【A look of regret appeared on Long’s face: “Really?” I see。”】

【But then he became extremely serious and said: “But Luffy, you have to promise daddy something!”】

【“What’s up?”】

【“When you have a son, you must let your father raise him. Never let your grandfather, Garp, know about it! You must tell me first, okay?”】

【Even if I have said it once before。】

【He felt it was necessary to say it solemnly again!】

【Long knew that it was impossible for Luffy to join the revolutionary army.。】

【Now he has completely caught the attention of Luffy’s son. toilet】

【Luffy’s talent is so strong。】

【Then the heir must also be a monster among monsters!】

【He didn’t want Luffy’s son to become a marine。】

【After all, the reason why Long left the navy back then was。】

【It’s because he knows that there is no justice he wants to find in the navy.。】

【“Yes, yes, but actually I think you should discuss this matter with grandpa. ” Luffy replied。】


【I went to discuss it with your grandfather. Didn’t he punch me down with two punches? 】.


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