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Navigation double comparison, this succubus Luffy is reversed chapter 071

【Seeing Luffy knock out five thousand pirates in one second, everyone present except Zoro was deeply shocked by Luffy’s strength.。】

【Just then there was a sound of footsteps upstairs。】

【Hawkeye Mihawk slowly walked down the stairs and looked at Luffy and said: “That power is…..Overlord look domineering。”】

【“Only one person in a million possesses this power, and it takes a man with the appearance of a king to awaken it. This guy…….Do you already have such a level of domineering beauty at such an age? ?”】

【Zhepu looked at Luffy in disbelief.。】

【No matter what Zhepu said, he also went to sea when he was young, so he naturally knows how to be domineering and domineering.。】

【“It’s so domineering! Among the strong men I have met, it is extremely rare to possess your level of domineering aura. What’s your name, kid!”】

【Hawkeye Mihawk slowly approached Luffy and the others and asked。】

【“Your opponent is me, Hawkeye Mihawk!”】

【Sauron suddenly drew his sword and blocked Hawkeye Mihawk.。】

【Zoro didn’t challenge him just now. That’s because the first thing they had to do when they came to this restaurant on the sea was to recruit a chef.。】

【But just now, Sanji had agreed to join them。】

【Now Zoro can challenge Hawkeye Mihawk。】

【“Luffy, Monkey D. Luffy. ” Luffy replied。】

【Hawkeye Mihawk was slightly startled when he heard Luffy’s words, then smiled and said。】

【“Luffy? So that’s it, you are the man with red hair who has been bragging to me. I heard him say that you are an unprecedented monster in this sea. When I saw you today, you certainly lived up to your reputation!”】

【The relationship between Hawkeye Mihawk and Red-haired Shanks is not simple。】

【So he naturally heard red-haired Shanks brag about Luffy to him, and he boasted so many times that his ears got calluses.。】

【Originally, he was curious as to what kind of man he was, worthy of the bragging of red-haired Shanks.。】

【But today, just feeling the domineering power emanating from Luffy。】

【He knew that what Red-haired Shanks boasted was true.。】

【The man in front of me is indeed a complete monster!】

【Seeing that Hawkeye Mihawk was still approaching Luffy, Zoro frowned slightly, bit Wado Yimonji in his mouth, formed a three-sword style, and said with a serious expression。】

【“I said, your opponent is me! Don’t take another step closer!”】

【“Sorry, I don’t pay much attention to your strength. I want to fight with the man standing behind you. “Hawkeye Mihawk said contemptuously。】

【“Don’t underestimate me! Sauron said angrily。】

【“Since you want to fight, I will grant it to you. Come outside the restaurant. After all, you can’t destroy this place.。”】

【Hawkeye Mihawk stepped over Zoro and came outside the restaurant。】

【And Sauron followed closely behind him。】

【The war between the two sides is about to break out!】

【I saw that Hawkeye Mihawk took off the pendant hanging around his neck and took out a knife。】

【He looked at Sauron with contempt and spread his hands: “I’m sorry………I don’t have a smaller knife than this。”】

Wang Zhi: “You really have to ridicule me first, whether in our world or in that parallel world, right?”

Roronoa Zoro: “I don’t think it’s humiliating. Because the gap between me and him is so far!”

At first, Sauron also felt that Hawkeye Mihawk was too arrogant.

Holding a knife and trying to defeat yourself is a complete insult to yourself.

But now Zoro doesn’t think so at all.

Because the strength gap between him and Hawkeye Mihawk is really too big.

If he becomes the world’s greatest swordsman in the future, he will see an unknown pirate swordsman who has just left the sea challenge him.

I believe he will also take out a short knife to deal with it.

After all, an extremely ordinary pirate is not worthy of being taken seriously.

However, Zoro was really curious at this moment.

How far can my self in another world fight with Hawkeye Mihawk!

【Ding, the one-minute limited Q&A begins。】

【Question: What will happen in the next battle between Sauron and Hawkeye?。】

【A Zoro defeated Hawkeye Mihawk holding a knife。】

【B: Zoro cannot defeat Hawkeye Mihawk holding a knife。】

【C: Zoro and Hawkeye Mihawk holding a knife were evenly matched.。】

【D: Zoro was killed by Hawkeye Mihawk。】

【E: When Zoro was about to be killed by Hawkeye, Luffy intervened in the fight. 】

Cyborg Kong: “Are you here again? Questions and Answers..!”

Buddha’s Warring States: “Think about the correct answer quickly. This time our navy is going to get more rewards!”

Kuzan: “Rational analysis, I think the possibility of B is very high, because in our world Sauron and Hawkeye’s battle is in a state of complete abuse. As for Sauron in that parallel world, although he is powerful, it is completely impossible to defeat Hawkeye!” Peach Rabbit: “No, Mr. Kuzan, you can’t say that

. Good morning, it is true that Hawkeye Mihawk is the most powerful swordsman in the world, but a small knife cannot bring out his full power. Maybe Zoro in that parallel world can really defeat Hawkeye with a small knife. Mihawk!”

For a swordsman, the sword is the most important thing!

If you don’t have a knife in your hand, your strength is reduced by more than half!

And Hawkeye Mihawk did have a knife in his hand, but it was only a ten centimeter knife.

The quality of the same sword will also affect the combat effectiveness of the swordsman.

But the knife in Hawkeye Mihawk’s hand is not even as fast as a sharp knife.

I’m afraid that at most he can only use nearly half of Hawkeye Mihawk’s strength.

After all, the Zoro in the parallel world has learned the Haki of Armed Color and Knowledge Color since he was young.

And Luffy also went to Shuoyue Village many times to teach Zoro training.

Therefore, Sauron’s strength should also be unfathomable.

Even if he can defeat Hawkeye Mihawk, who can only exert nearly half of his peak strength.

It’s not impossible! ! !

Golden Lion Shiji: “Jie hahaha……….You must have underestimated the strength of the world’s most powerful swordsman, right? The little girl in the navy, even if she only holds a short sword in her hand, he can still display his strong swordsmanship. That kid Zoro wants to defeat him, Totally wishful thinking! ”

Buddha’s Warring States Period:” That guy Shiji is right. No matter what, Hawkeye Mihawk is the strongest swordsman in the world. Even with a knife, he can’t lose to Zoro. So the most rational and possible The answer, I think, should be C! Zoro and Hawkeye Mihawk, who was holding a knife, were evenly matched! ”

Sengoku didn’t dare to underestimate the strength of Hawkeye Mihawk.

Similarly, he didn’t dare to underestimate the strength of Zoro in the parallel world.

So in his opinion, the best possibility is for the two to fight evenly!

Zefa:” I also think it’s Warring States Period C, so I’ll choose C! Monkey

D. Garp: “Take me one, I also chose C.” ”

Doflamingo: “Huh huh huh……..The navy is really a bunch of idiots, fighting evenly? Are you kidding? It seems you still know too little about Hawkeye. The correct answer should be B. That Zoro will lose to Hawkeye!

Crocodile: “Choose B! ” ”

Hundred Beasts Kaido: “None of your answers are correct. In my opinion, D is the correct answer. That kid Zoro will die at the hands of Hawkeye!

Douglas Barrett: “Are you kidding Kaido? ” The Straw Hat bo

y from the parallel world is watching from the sidelines. Do you think he will let his men be killed by Hawkeye? ”

Bundivold: “Although I think Luffy in that parallel world will not be Hawkeye’s opponent, it is not difficult to stop Hawkeye from killing his men. ”

Bundiwold: “The way I see it! The biggest possibility should be E: When Hawkeye was about to kill Zoro, Luffy took action to stop Hawkeye! This answer is the most reasonable! ”

Charlotte Lingling: “Choose E! ”

Porusalino: “Choose E! Roronoa

Zoro: “Really, don’t underestimate me in that parallel world. I choose A!” The me in the other world can defeat Hawkeye Mihawk with a knife! ”

In their world, Zoro has been tortured once by Hawkeye Mihawk with a knife.

So now, he

really wants to see himself in the parallel world.

He can defeat Hawkeye Mihawk with a knife. .

This can be regarded as avenging shame!!!

Golden Lion Shiji: “Jie hahaha….What an idiot, Roronoa Zoro, your answer is the most impossible! ”

Wang Zhi: “Maybe he himself knew that this option was impossible, but he still chose it. I can understand him, after all……In this world, he was tortured by Hawkeye, so he naturally wanted to see himself in the parallel world show his strength and defeat���Hawkeye Mihawk holding a knife. Monkey

D. Luffy: “Zoron, do you think you can win?”

Roronoa Zoro: “We can definitely win! ” Monkey

D. Luffy: “Well, like you, I also chose A!” ”

Laziru: “Confidence is a good thing Roronoa Zoro, but you in that parallel world can’t defeat Hawkeye no matter what. Even if he only holds a short sword, you still know too little about him! ”

Red-haired Shanks: “Maybe we can actually see that guy Hawkeye defeated with a knife. ”

Jesus Bu:” The boss is joking again. ”

Ben Beckman: “If you want to say who knows Hawkeye best in this ocean, it’s you, Shanks. You should know that he will not lose. ”

Red-haired Shanks: “Well, wouldn’t it be interesting if Zoro won? ”

Red-haired Shanks doesn’t think Zoro can defeat Hawkeye with a knife.

He just thinks it would be interesting if Zoro can win!!!

Red-haired Shanks: “Choose A! ”

Jorah Kormihawk: “I’m really underestimated by you, red hair. That’s true. After all, we haven’t fought against each other for a long time. You don’t know my current strength. ”

Hundred Beasts Kaido: “Hey, Hawkeye! I must kill that Roronoa Zoro. I chose D! “(To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Bundivold: “Your answer is impossible Kaido, E is the correct answer! ”

Charlotte Lingling:”mamama……….You’re right, E is the correct answer. When Hawkeye wanted to kill Zoro, Straw Hat intervened in the fight. This answer is the most reasonable. I’m ready for my reward! ”

After everyone chose the answer,

the video that was originally frozen continued to play.。

【parallel world。】

【“Pull out the black knife behind you! Sauron pointed his sword at Hawkeye and said。】

【“If you pull it out, you’ll die. Just challenge me like this, kid. “Eagle Eye Mihawk said calmly.。】

【“In this case, then I will do as you wish!”】

【“Mito stream!”】

【“Ghost slaying! ! !”】

【Zoro bit the word “Hedao” in his mouth, clenched the two swords with both hands, and the blades were wrapped with a strong armament-colored domineering energy.。】

【Then he stepped on the ground violently and approached Hawkeye Mihawk at his fastest speed.。】

【“.when! ! !”】

【Almost instantly, Zoro’s blade collided with Hawkeye Mihawk’s knife.。】

【“Is the armed color domineering? and…….Still not weak in armed color and domineering!”】

【Feeling the terrifying power transmitted from Sauron’s blade, Hawkeye Mihawk was slightly surprised and said。】

【He originally thought that Sauron’s strength should be like a frog in a well, vulnerable to a single blow.。】

【But after this fight, he found that he was wrong。】

【Sauron’s strength is not weak! Whether it is swordsmanship or domineering, he is at the level of a strong man from the sea!】[]

【“To be able to board that guy’s ship, you are indeed not a simple character.。”】

【Hawkeye Mihawk couldn’t help but sigh.。】

【After all, he still underestimated Zoro. After all, no matter what, Zoro can get on Luffy’s ship!】

【“Dang Dang Dang! ! !”】

【Sauron waved three swords and launched extremely fierce attacks on Hawkeye Mihawk one after another.。】

【However, although Hawkeye Mihawk only held a knife in his hand,。】

【But in the face of Sauron’s attack, he was still able to handle it with ease。】


【“Nine sword style!”】


【“Chuanwei! ! !”】

【Zoro suddenly stepped back, away from Hawkeye Mihawk, and then clenched the blade with both hands, and a richer armed domineering aura covered the blade.。】

【At the same time, a ghostly aura visible to the naked eye filled the surroundings of Sauron’s body.。】

【Sauron’s momentum instantly rose to its peak!】

【The power of ghost energy made Sauron seem to have grown three heads and six arms! ! !】

【“What a powerful momentum! ! !”】

【Hawkeye Mihawk said in shock。】

【In Hawkeye Mihawk’s life, he has fought against countless strong swordsmen, but Zoro’s strength can be ranked among the strong ones he has fought against! ]

Eustace Kidd: “What’s going on? Why does he look like he has three heads and six arms? Am I hallucinating?”

Trafalgar Law: “It’s not a hallucination, because I saw it too!” (OK )

Ulki: “A frightening look in his eyes, a man who is as thorough as a monster!” Rocks D. Jibek: “Is it ghost energy? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a strong man

who can awaken ghost energy!”

Power is multifaceted.

There are various types of physical skills, sword skills, domineering and ghostly skills.

Among them, the difficulty of cultivating ghost energy is comparable to that of domineering energy.

The most important thing is that there are very few people in this world who can possess ghost energy!

Even fewer than those who can awaken the domineering haki! ! !

Gol D. Roger: “It’s such an impressive aura. The strong power of ghost energy is so overwhelming. Can it even be transformed into three heads and six arms? Interesting! Interesting!” Pluto Silbarz Reilly: ”

This Is he the vice-captain of Luffy in the parallel world? What a terrifying man!”

Kuzan: “Ah la la……This guy’s momentum suddenly changed. Porusalino

: “Under the teachings of Luffy in that parallel world, he has indeed become extremely different, Roronoa Zoro!” ”

Jabba Sparks: “Maybe there is hope! There is hope of defeating Hawkeye with a knife! ”

Bundivold: “Such a thing is impossible, Jabba! ”

Charlotte Lingling: “If the world’s strongest swordsman can be defeated so easily, then he doesn’t deserve to be called the world’s greatest swordsman!”

【“I apologize to you for my rudeness just now. You are a qualified opponent! bring it on! juvenile! “Diao】

【Hawkeye Mihawk looked at Sauron not far away with interest.。】

【“Uh-huh! ! !”】

【The next second, Sauron brandished three knives and suddenly approached Hawkeye Mihawk.。】

【“when! ! !”】

【The blades of the two collided together, and the ripples caused by the collision swept across all directions. The sea churned, the deck tore apart, and even the chef watching the battle not far away was thrown upside down by this airflow.。】


【Suddenly, the knife in Hawkeye Mihawk’s hand fell from his hand and was knocked away.。】。


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