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Navigation double comparison, this succubus Luffy is reversed chapter 070

Wang Zhi: “What’s going on? Why doesn’t Hawkeye in this parallel world follow the procedures? Shouldn’t he be called first?”…….What kind of pirates are here? ”

John: “The Creek Pirates. Wang

Zhi: “Yes, yes, yes, shouldn’t Hawkeye wait until the Creek Pirates appear before appearing?” Why did he show up at the sea restaurant before the Creek Pirates showed up? ”

Bundivold: “Idiot, the parallel world must be different from our world. A little detail can cause a butterfly effect, not to mention that the straw hat boy in the parallel world has an extraordinary impact on this world. Big! So it’s not surprising that Hawkeye showed up before the Creek Pirates showed up. ”

Red-haired Shanks: “If nothing else happens, Roronoa Zoro, the master swordsman on the parallel world spaceship, will also challenge Mihawk. ”

Laziru: “Although Roronoa Zoro in that parallel world did possess terrifying strength under Luffy’s guidance, it was still too reluctant to defeat Hawkeye. ”

Bista: “It is indeed impossible to be an opponent. After all, that hawk-eyed Mihawk is a man who stands at the top of all swordsmen and cannot be defeated so easily! ”

Red Earl Barory Clydefield: “If I remember correctly, the Straw Hat boy in the parallel world must have learned swordsmanship from Shigetsuki Koushiro when he was young. ”

Shigezuki Koushiro: “Yes, Luffy in the parallel world did ask me for swordsmanship in that world, but as for how much swordsmanship he learned, I don’t know. ”

As for the videos of Luffy’s childhood, not all of them were played.

So naturally they don’t know how long Luffy has been learning swordsmanship from Shigetsuki Koushiro and

how much swordsmanship he has learned.

Gol D. Roger: “A little bit. I’m looking forward to it. I don’t know if Luffy will also challenge Hawkeye Mihawk. ”

Pluto Sylbazraeli: “A competition between swordsmen? It’s really interesting。”

【parallel world。】

【“Who is that man? He looks so domineering!”】

【Usopp asked, pointing to Hawkeye Mihawk not far away.。】

【Because Usopp almost never left his hometown before he was 18, he naturally had no understanding of Hawkeye Mihawk at all.。】

【“Jorah Kormihawk, the man known as Hawkeye, is the most powerful swordsman in the world today, and the one I want to defeat! ! !”】

【Sauron’s eyes were full of fighting spirit, and his pupils were staring at the eagle-eyed Mihawk.。】

【“World…….The most powerful swordsman in the world? Is it so powerful? “Hearing Zoro’s words, Nami was also surprised.。】

【“He does exude a terrifying aura. This aura is stronger than the Shigetsuki Koushiro I have ever seen, and is almost on par with red-haired Shanks and my grandfather!”】

【Luffy crossed his arms on his chest and watched Hawkeye Mihawk with interest.。】

【This is the first time Luffy has encountered an opponent that he is not 100% sure of defeating since he came out of the sea.。】

【When Luffy and the others were looking at Hawkeye Mihawk,。】

【The other party also noticed a few of them, but he didn’t say anything.。】

【Instead, he docked the boat on the coast and walked straight to the sea restaurant.。】

【“Why did he go to the sea restaurant? Are you going to recruit chefs too? “Luffy said doubtfully.。】

【“No! I heard that he always lives alone and never keeps company with others, so it is impossible for him to recruit chefs. The only possibility is that he goes to eat. Sauron shook his head and said。】

【“Then let’s go have a meal too, and we need to recruit a chef by the way.。”】

【Luffy took Zoro, Usopp, and Nami into the restaurant on the sea.。】

【Sitting not far from Hawkeye Mihawk。】

【Mihawk, the eagle-eyed man, noticed that Sauron had been focusing on him. He stared at Sauron’s eyes and said。】

【“Young man, I can feel that there is a strong fighting spirit in your eyes. Do you want to challenge me?”】

【“Yes, I do want to fight you, but not now, because we have other things to do, which is to recruit a chef. ” Zoro replied。】

【Although Sauron really wants to challenge Hawkeye Mihawk now。】

【After all, he, who is called the most powerful swordsman in the world, is standing in front of him.。】

【Under such circumstances, is there any master swordsman who can’t help but challenge him?】

【After all, in his opinion, if you want to be worthy of Luffy,。】

【He must defeat Hawkeye Mihawk and become the new most powerful swordsman in the world!】

【But Zoro has not forgotten the important thing about their coming to the sea restaurant.。】

【That’s recruiting a chef!】


【When Hawkeye Mihawk heard this, he also withdrew his gaze.。】

【“eagle……Hawkeye Mihawk? I didn’t expect that a big shot like you would come to my shop. If you don’t mind, just go to the booth upstairs. We will treat you well.。”】

【A waiter from the hotel came to him respectfully。】

【Hearing this, Hawkeye Mihawk didn’t say anything and followed the waiter upstairs.。】

【Because he likes quiet places, it is indeed a bit noisy downstairs.。】

【At the same time, Sanji came to Luffy and others, holding the menu and asked: “Hello, do you need something to eat?”】

【As soon as he finished speaking, he noticed Nami sitting next to Luffy, and his eyes suddenly showed love and he said excitedly: “Big beauty!!!”】

【Hearing his words, Nami hugged Luffy’s arm in fear.。】

【Seeing that Nami’s famous beauty had an owner, Sanji also returned to his usual calm and serious look and said: “Call me when you’re ready.”。”】

【Although Sanji is usually very unruly, he still abides by his knightly ways.。】

【I swear not to attack women! I swear not to attack a woman who has a man!】

【The way of knighthood can be said to be deeply rooted in Sanji’s heart. Even if a woman kills him, he will not fight back!】

【“Hey, you are so interesting. Can you still have love in your eyes? This is the first time I have met someone like you. Do you want to get on my ship and become my companion?”】

【Luffy stopped Sanji who was about to leave and asked with interest。】

【“Get on your boat? Become a pirate? Sorry, let me refuse. “Sanji refused.。】

【“Yeah? what a pity. “Luffy shrugged.。】

【After a while, Luffy and the others had ordered the dishes and handed them to Sanji.。】

【Sanji took the menu and went to cook.。】

【The food was quickly placed on the table。】

【“It just looks appetizing. Aren’t you a waiter? How come you can cook? ” Luffy asked。】

【“Chef and waiter. “Sanji said calmly.。】

【“Hello! Everyone is not allowed to move. This restaurant has been surrounded by our Creek Pirates. Now we will serve us a large plate of delicious food for free!”】

【At this moment, Creek rushed in with Ajin and a group of pirates.。】

【“After eating delicious food, we can head towards the Grand Route. I am determined to be the Pirate King! ! !”】

【Crick sat at the table arrogantly and said with high spirits。】

【Because the parallel world is different from the original world, the current Creek has not yet attacked the Grand Line and has not yet met Hawkeye Mihawk.。】

【“Creek Pirates? Damn it, why are they here? What to do now Sanji? Do you want to cook for them for free? “A waiter said worriedly。】

【“Cook for them, they are guests after all, but you can’t let them eat for free! “Sanji said with a serious expression.。】

【Soon, Sanji, together with other chefs,

cooked countless delicacies for Creek and others.。】

【After they had eaten and drank enough, Sanji came over to ask for money.。】

【“Do you dare to ask me for money? Do you know who I am? I’m a pirate with a bounty of 17 million beri on Creek’s head!”】

【When he heard Sanji asking for money, Creek became angry.。】

【Then he directly ordered his fleet parked outside to fire on the restaurant.。】

【Sanji and Zhepu also rushed out and got entangled with Creek and others.。】

【However, Sanji, Zepp, and the chefs are no match for the Creek Pirates.。】

【After all, there are too many people in the Creek Pirates!】

【There are fifty ships docked outside, with a total of five thousand pirates! ! ! 】(To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

【“There’s a fight, they。”】

【Luffy tasted the food and turned to Creek and Sanji.。】

【“The curly-haired chef and the lame old man seemed to be no match for this group of pirates. Zoro took a sip of wine and said calmly.。】

【“I…..Why don’t we help Luffy? If this continues, they will all be killed by the Creek Pirates, and then we won’t be able to recruit chefs,” Nami said.。】

【“That’s right too。”】

【The words fell。】

【Luffy stood up and shouted to Sanji: “Hey, that curly-haired chef, do you want to be my companion? The food you cook is delicious. If you agree to come on my ship, I will help you solve it.” This gang of pirates。”】

【“Help me get rid of them, I promise you! ” Sanji shouted。】

【Sanji knew that if things continued like this, he, Zhepu, and all of his chef friends would】

【All of them will be destroyed by the Creek Pirates.。】

【“I see。”】

【The words fell。】

【Luffy’s aura suddenly rose to its peak, and a surging power in his body was constantly emerging outwards.。】

【His momentum was like a roaring giant beast, sweeping the entire sea restaurant in an instant。】

【Creek’s 5,000-strong men didn’t last even a second before they fell to the ground in front of Luffy’s overbearing Haki.。】

【And of course, this includes Crick himself!】

【Luffy killed all the enemies in just one second! ! ! ]

Ulki: “Did he kill all five thousand pirates in just one second?”

Kapenbeki: “What a terrifying overlord’s domineering spirit!”

Trafalgar Law: “It’s really terrifying. , Straw Hat Boy!”[]

Tony Tony Chopper: “Is the captain of our world so powerful?”

Usopp: “Okay……..It was so amazing, so many pirates actually fell down, it was as exaggerated as a magic trick! ! ! ”

Hundred Beasts Kaido: “It’s just that I just killed five thousand pirates in one instant. It’s nothing. Back then, I could use my overlord’s domineering energy to directly stun more than ten thousand marines! ”

Red Earl Barory Clydefield: “Killing a group of soldiers instantly is not something worth bragging about. Even if the group of soldiers numbers as many as 5,000, it still doesn’t matter…….I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but I always feel that his domineering aura is stronger than before! ”

Edward Newgate:” Ku la la la……..If you can feel it, it shouldn’t be an illusion. Redfield’s Overlord Color has indeed become stronger. I can clearly feel that his Overlord Color is much stronger than when he stunned a large number of navy at the naval base. few! ”

Marco:” Really…….Really, Dad? It has only been a few days, but has his domineering power improved again? ”

Qiaozi: “Hey, hey, this is too exaggerated. He has obviously never fought against any strong person, but his domineering and domineering spirit is constantly getting stronger! ”

Jin: “Maybe it’s because he has cultivated his spiritual power and courage! ”

Charlotte Lingling: “Damn it, I really want to learn from her how to cultivate spiritual power and courage! ! ! ”

Gol D. Roger: “I always feel that if he continues to practice like this, in the future he might be able to achieve the domineering look of a king and faint half a million people at the same time! ”

Nami:” Five…….Half a million? real……Can it really be done? ”

Pluto Silbazreli: “This doesn’t seem to be impossible. Luffy in that parallel world is extremely powerful, and his domineering domineering energy will definitely exceed the limits of our world! ”

Neferutari D947 Weiwei: “Okay…….Amazing! The Luffy of that world was so awesome! ”

Jabba Sparks: “It’s not an exaggeration to stun half a million people. After all, if it’s just a group of soldiers, I think he can do it easily with his talent! ”

Douglas Barrett: “The powerful Overlord Haki can put huge pressure on people who are much weaker than themselves to make them unconscious. If Luffy in the parallel world in the future can reach unprecedented heights, he can even knock out a general. It is not impossible for a strong person to be shocked and fainted! ! ! ”

For example, during Uta’s concert.

Red-haired Shanks’ domineering aura can directly make the vice-admiral of the Navy faint and kneel down!

So what if it is stronger than red-haired Shanks?

Compared with What about the domineering red-haired Shanks who is many times more powerful?

I’m afraid he can really achieve this feat.

He will frighten a strong general and faint!

Urqui: “Big……general?

Eustaskid: “Hey, hey, stop joking! ” There is no way anyone could do such a thing!

Basil Hawkins: “Does a strong man like you also like to joke? ” ”

No matter what they say, they have met General Porusalino in the Shampoo Islands.

They know how powerful Polusalino is.

Now someone actually tells them that Luffy can be a domineering person in the future. To frighten a strong man of that level into fainting?

This is completely impossible and impractical!

Golden Lion Shiji: “Barrett! You brag about the Straw Hat boy from the parallel world too much, right? You’re going to stun an admiral from the Navy Headquarters? Stop it! ”

Rocks D. Jiback: “It’s not impossible to achieve Shiji, but it will be very difficult. If the Straw Hat boy in the parallel world is given a few more decades, I think he can really do this kind of thing! After all, he was able to master the cultivation of spiritual power and courage at the age of twelve! ”

Luffy mastered the mental power and spirit training method at the age of twelve.

This is something that no one in their world has been able to do for thousands of years!

Rocks can feel that Luffy is like a bottomless pit.

As long as you give him enough time to grow, it won’t be surprising to what extent he reaches!

But the premise is that he can grow for that long!

Saint Jaygo Lucia Satan: “Hehehe……..Let him grow up for another few decades? Stop telling such unrealistic jokes, Rocks. Letting him live for another year is disrespectful to us! ”

Makas Mazisheng: “We have said before that the reason why Lady Im does not agree with us taking action against the Straw Hat Boy is because she has not yet realized the threat of the Straw Hat Boy. ”

Marcas Maz Saint: “But within half a year, I believe that the strength of the Straw Hat Boy will definitely attract the attention of Lord Im! Then you can obliterate him! It is impossible for him to live for decades! ”

Topman Wuchuri Saint: “Take good care of the parallel world Luffy you are seeing now. He will be killed sooner or later by Lord Im’s personal order to us! ”.


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