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Navigation double comparison, this succubus Luffy is reversed chapter 069

【There is no other way, Luffy can only accept Keya’s love。】

【The next day, Nami wanted to wake up Luffy.。】

【But he didn’t expect that after entering the house, he found Keya without clothes and holding Luffy. Looking at the mess everywhere, she also understood what happened yesterday night.。】


【Nami was shocked and shouted with shyness and jealousy in her voice.。】


【I didn’t expect it to start faster than me!】

【This woman named Keya is not simple!】

【Hearing Nami’s sudden voice, Keya also woke up.。】

【Seeing Nami standing at the door, Keya quickly covered her body with a quilt, blushing and looking at Nami shyly, not daring to speak.。】

【“Good morning, Nami, is it time to set sail?”】

【Luffy stood up and put on his clothes without paying much attention.。】

【“What are you setting sail for? Yesterday you two actually……”Nami said with bulging cheeks.。】

【“There was just a little friction. Not to mention that, Zoro and the long-nosed guy……His name is Usopp, right? Where are the two of them?”】

【Luffy put on his clothes and came to Nami and asked。】

【“The two of them should be waiting for us by the boat now. “Nami replied。】

【“Yeah? I see。”】

【After finishing speaking, Luffy turned to look at Keya and said: “Keya, I will grind a few more medicines for you. Your body will be fully recovered after eating it. It’s time for us to leave.”。”】

【“Are you leaving so soon? “Keya said with some reluctance.。】

【“If I have the chance, I will come back to see you, but you don’t have to worry about being in danger. I will inform my grandfather and ask him to put up a sign at the entrance of the village. Then no pirates will dare to invade this island.” “617” is the island. “Luffy said comfortingly.。】

【After all, Keya is a wealthy family in this village, so it is inevitable that pirates other than Crowe will take advantage of her family property.。】

【So he decided to inform his grandfather。】

【His grandfather is Garp after all.。】

【The reputation is powerful all over the world. Whether it is the Four Seas, the Grand Line, or the New World, it is absolutely impossible for any pirate not to have heard of Garp’s name!】

【Ask his grandfather to put a sign about him in Xiluobu Village. Then all pirates will have to take a detour.。】

【And with Luffy’s current reputation, hanging his own flag in Silob Village will not have a deterrent effect, so he can only trouble Garp.。】

【“Well, okay, let me take you on your last trip.。”】

【Keya put on her clothes and wanted to get up, but because the exercise was too intense, Keya’s body itself was a little weak, so she couldn’t get up yet.。】

【“Just take a good rest here. “Luffy walked over and gently stroked Keya’s hair.。】

【“Uh-huh. “Keya nodded obediently.。】

【Without hesitation, Luffy went out and bought some medicine. After polishing it, he packed it and gave it to Keya, and wrote instructions on it. One piece a day.。】

【Then he took Nami to the coast。】

【You can see that Usopp and Zoro are already waiting for them at the beach.。】

【“Let’s go, Luffy, I’ve inspected this ship called Merry. There are many rooms for the four of us, and the building materials of the hull are also good.。”】

【“This is a very nice boat! ” Sauron praised。】

【“Let’s go, set sail to the sea restaurant, you have to recruit a chef first.。”】

【Videos that can be played。】

【Just like that, they started sailing。】

【On the way, Luffy picked up the phone and talked to Garp.。】

【“Hey hey, I’m stuck. “Karp’s voice came from the other side of the phone.。】

【“Grandpa, I have something to ask you。”】

【“Is it Luffy? You brat would actually call grandpa. It’s really unexpected. What’s wrong? What kind of trouble are you in? asked Karp。】

【“I have a friend who is in poor health in Xiluobu Village, so I am worried that she is in danger. Please go to Xiluobu Village and put up your exclusive sign there, just like the sign you put up in Windmill Village. I would like to help Protect Xiluobu Village with your name。”】

【“You brat, why can’t you even protect your own friends? Are you still a pirate? ” Garp complained.。】

【“After all, my friend is a woman. Her name is Keya. She is still weak and I can’t protect her since I can’t sail. “Luffy said helplessly.]

Wang Zhi: “Good guy! According to the straw hat boy from the parallel world, the relationship between the two of them is not simple! After she left, she informed Garp to look after her!

John: “This guy really can capture any woman he encounters wherever he goes! ” ”

Silver Ax: “Although I have said it countless times, I really envy this guy’s happy life! So happy! Those who didn’t know thought he was a Celestial Dragon! Life can be so comfortable!”

【“What? female? Really? Hey hey hey, brat, I’m a lot older, don’t lie to me! Is it really a woman? Is it your wife?”】

【When he heard it was a woman, Capton immediately became energetic.。】

【Because what Garp wants most right now is a great-grandson!】

【Because his son Long ran away to become a revolutionary army, and his grandson ran away to become a pirate.。】

【So now he can’t wait to have a great-grandson, to accompany him well and train him to become a navy!】

【He really didn’t have much time to accompany Dragon and Luffy before, but now as he gets older and the power of the sea becomes stable, he doesn’t have many tasks anymore.。】

【As long as he has great-grandchildren, he will resign immediately! Don’t hesitate for a second!】

【He originally thought that Luffy was a fool and had no interest in women.。】

【But now he heard it】

【Luffy asked him to protect the woman, and there was no doubt that Garp was sure that it must be Luffy’s woman!】

【“That’s almost it。”】

【“Hahaha……I know, I will go to Xiluobu Village immediately, hang up my exclusive sign, and then send a few naval warships to patrol the area every day and night!”】

【“It can’t be done to this extent。”】

【“Shut up! You brat! I’m doing this for my great-grandson’s safety! “]

Buddha’s Warring States: “Is Garp in that parallel world so excited? ”

Monkey D. Garp: “What do you know about the Warring States Period! If I can really see my grandson become enlightened one day, have a wife, and have the opportunity to hold my great-grandson in my arms, I will risk my life to protect her! ”

Gol D. Roger: “Then after you worked so hard to raise your great-grandson, he also went to sea and became a pirate. ”

Monkey D. Karp: “Shut up Roger! It’s impossible for something like this to happen again. In the past, it was my inability to accompany my son and grandson that caused their thoughts to change, but now I have plenty of time to accompany them! If I had a great-grandson, I would immediately resign from the Navy and devote myself to taking care of him!

Crane: “Are you serious Garp? ”

Kuzan: “Is Mr. Karp going to retire? ” ”

Monkey D. Karp: “If it were true, I would not resign without any hesitation! But it’s a pity…..The idiot grandson of my world is not living up to expectations! I really envy me in that parallel world for having the opportunity to have a great-grandchild! hateful! ! ! I envy him so much! ”

Bundiwold: “This is the first time I see someone hating and envying myself in another world.。”

【parallel world。】

【Navy h

eadquarters, in a certain room。】

【“Everyone, I’ll take my leave now. I’m going to the East China Sea, hahaha……I’m going to protect my grandson’s woman. I really hope I can hold my great-grandson in my arms soon!”】

【Garp already belonged to Yes at this time, smiling from ear to ear.。】

【“I’ll go with you, Mr. Karp. “Peach Rabbit said。】

【“Okay, Tea Dolphin, why don’t you come with me? The three of us will work together to clean up the pirates in the East China Sea. There have been a lot of pirates in the East China Sea recently. We can’t let them threaten my great-grandson’s life!”】

【Garp looked at the tea dolphin and suggested。】

【Now he has planned to protect the child in Keya’s belly。】

【“Got it, Mr. Karp. “Cha Dou agreed.] (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

【Many high-ranking naval officials in the Navy Headquarters became members of the Navy because they heard about Garp’s heroic deeds.。】

【And the two alternate generals, Cha Dou and Tao Rabbit, are no exception.。】

【The two of them can be said to be Garp’s little fans.。】

【“With the three of us working together, the pirates in the East China Sea can be wiped out in a few days! “Garp clenched his fist, already looking a little impatient.。】

【“I went to the East China Sea with you not just to wipe out pirates with you, Mr. Garp. After all, you two are enough. I went to the East China Sea because I wanted to see your grandson. “Peach Rabbit said slowly.。】

【“To meet my grandson? “Garp was a little confused after hearing this.。】

【“I’ve been hearing you brag that your grandson Monkey D. Luffy is very powerful, so I want to go and see him. “Peach Rabbit explained。】

【As Garp’s little fans, they have naturally listened to Garp brag about Luffy for many years.。】

【This time it just so happened that Peach Rabbit had no missions recently, so she wanted to take a trip to the East China Sea with Garp to see Luffy’s strength.。】

【I want to know whether the opponent’s strength is really as powerful as Garp boasted. 】

Wang Zhi: “Taotu, is the candidate for the admiral of the Navy Headquarters?”

John: “Is this woman very strong?”

Silver Axe: “Why have I never heard of such a person in the Navy?”

Kaido of the Hundred Beasts: ” You died so early. It’s strange that Silver Ax heard about it. And then again, didn’t this guy named Peach Rabbit speak in the chat room before? Didn’t he forget it so quickly? Do dead people have such a bad memory?” Jhin:

” I heard that the strength of Momotu and the tea dolphin is second only to Akainu, Kizaru, and Aokiji in the Navy Headquarters. They are the Navy’s candidate admirals. Their strength is unfathomable!”

Ulki: “So strong?”

Terra Falgaro: “Second only to the admiral of the Navy Headquarters? Then this woman named Peach Rabbit is really extraordinary!”

Basil Hawkins: “I didn’t expect that there are two such people in the Navy Headquarters. A terrifying existence!”

After all, they were also in the Chambord Islands……….

Fighting with Admiral Porusalino。[]

The strength of the general made them feel unprecedented despair.

And Taotu’s strength is close to that of a general. Just thinking about it will tell you how powerful she is!

Vinsmoke Sanji: “Hey, hey, hey, if a strong man of this level takes action, wouldn’t Luffy in the parallel world be in danger?” Tony Tony

Chopper: “It’s over, it’s over, Luffy in the parallel world is going to be in danger?” It’s over. I haven’t even met Luffy in the parallel world at this time! I still want to see me in the parallel world get on the ship.”

Marco: “Is it dangerous? You underestimate that parallel world too much . It’s the Straw Hat Boy. He is only seventeen years old but he has already mastered the power of tyranny. So far, no one has seen him use his full strength!” Jozi: “Although the strength of the candidate Navy Admiral Momo Usagi is strong

, But I’m not sure Luffy in that parallel world will be a match!”

Bista: “You’re right, Luffy in the parallel world is a veritable monster!!!”

Sakaski: “Don’t underestimate us. Navy! You bastard pirates!”

Cyborg Sora: “That straw hat boy from the parallel world can master the Overlord Color Coil at the age of seventeen. At the same time, I don’t know what level his specific strength has reached, but he……..He will definitely not be Peach Rabbit’s opponent! ”

Cyborg Kong: “The so-called alternate admiral means that as long as any one of Porusalino, Kuzan, and Sakaski abdicates, they can take over immediately! So don’t underestimate her strength! ”

Gol D. Roger: “It seems that I finally have the opportunity to see the Straw Hat boy from the parallel world using his true power. I’m really looking forward to it! ”

Pluto Sylbazraeli: “The power that has been hidden for so long, I am afraid that with the appearance of this navy named Peach Rabbit, he will be completely unable to hide it, and his true strength will be exposed! ”

Rocks D. Jiback: “Let me see how tall you are at the age of seventeen, Straw Hat! ! !”

【original world。】

【When Luffy arrived at the restaurant on the sea with Zoro, Nami, and Usopp, he met Sanji.。】

【Not long after, the Creek Pirates arrived and started a battle with the Straw Hats.。】

【Immediately afterwards, the world’s greatest swordsman, Hawkeye Mihawk, also arrived at the scene.。】

【Zoro challenged Hawkeye Mihawk, but was eventually crushed by Hawkeye Mihawk with a knife.。】

【In the end, he used the supreme sharp sword to completely defeat Sauron! 】

Wang Zhi: “Is this the strength of the world’s number one 5.2 swordsman, Hawkeye Mihawk? It’s really terrifying!”

Ulki: “He actually used only a knife to crush the people of our world. Zoro is really unfathomable in strength!”

Eustace Kidd: “Standing at the top of this sea with swordsmanship, no one can compare with him. Is this Hawkeye Mihawk!?”

Kroc Dar: “You’re quite good at humiliating people, Hawkeye.”

Doflamingo: “Hey, hey………..I’m very curious about Hawkeye. With your strength, it would be easy to kill the pirate named Roronoa Zoro, right? Why do you want to keep him alive? ”

Jora Kormihawk: “I haven’t encountered such a brave swordsman for a long time. Wouldn’t it be a pity to kill him? ”

Kaponbeki: “That Roronoa Zoro, actually got the approval of Hawkeye?

Basil Hawkins: “He is indeed the vice-captain of the Straw Hat Pirates! “”

【parallel world。】

【Luffy and his crew successfully arrived at the restaurant on the sea after a day of sailing.。】

【And of course, during the journey, Luffy did not forget to teach Zoro how to cultivate his spiritual power and courage.。】

【And let Usopp and Nami practice armed color and become domineering。】

【“Is this the famous maritime restaurant Barati in the East China Sea? It’s really a restaurant on the sea, it’s so grand! “Usopp swallowed in surprise and said。】

【“Right here, find a chef! “Luffy said with his hands on his hips.。】

【Just when Luffy and the others were about to go to the restaurant and look for the chef。】

【Suddenly, they noticed that a small boat was slowly approaching in the distance.。】

【The person sitting on the boat was wearing a black top hat and a black cloak, with the supreme sharp sword Black Blade behind his back, Hawkeye Mihawk! ! ! 】.


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