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Navigation double comparison, this succubus Luffy is reversed chapter 068

Wang Zhi: “Holy crap! Really? He has really mastered the method of cultivating spiritual power and courage!”

Edward Newgate: “Although it has been guessed and extremely certain that he has mastered the method of cultivating spiritual power and courage, but I was a little surprised to hear him admit it himself!”

Through the previous paragraph, Luffy released his domineering power at the age of seventeen.

Just let them guess.

There is a high probability that Luffy has mastered the method of cultivating spiritual power and courage~.

But even if they think the probability is very high, it is as high as ninety-nine percent.

But there is still a very small chance of one percent that they may guess wrong.

but now.

Hearing Luffy admit from his own mouth that he can.

They knew that their guess was 100% correct! ! !

Kuzan: “It’s been proven that he knows how to do it!”

Porusalino: “It’s really scary, the speculation has come true!”

Buddha’s Warring States: “This guy can’t possibly kill all the people on his ship. Let’s all train them to be strong men who can master the tyranny!!!”

There are at least a few billion people in this sea.

Only one person in a million has this power within him.

Calculated, this means that tens of thousands of people have overlord-colored domineering energy in their bodies.

But looking at the entire sea, there are only a few dozen people who can awaken the domineering power of the Overlord.

In fact, the most difficult thing about overlord color and domineering energy is not to possess it, but to awaken it! ! !

Because if you want to awaken, you need to have the posture of a king.

The posture of a king is related to spiritual power and courage.

Luffy now has mastered the method to cultivate his spiritual power and courage.

In this case, the people on the Straw Hat Pirates only need to have Overlord-colored Haki in their bodies.

Even if they don’t have the status of a king, Luffy can help them practice and awaken! ! !

Now the Warring States Period can only pray.

There are very few people on the airship who possess overlord-colored domineering energy within their bodies.

If there are many, it will be too tricky!

Cyborg Sora: “Stop talking such nonsense, Sengoku! No matter what, it’s impossible for all members of the Straw Hat Pirates in the parallel world to have overlord-colored domineering energy in their bodies!”

Pluto Silbarz Reilly: “Spirit Do you want to practice the method of strength and vigor? Just let me hear how it is practiced!” Saint

Jaygo Lucia Satan: “All the navy, CP organization, and the Knights of God, please listen to me. I must Listen carefully to what the Straw Hat boy from the parallel world says next. There must not be any omissions! Keep it deep in my mind. When we can move, write down what he said in my notebook right away. , and then hand it over to us, we will be rewarded heavily!!!”

As long as their world government can master the cultivation method of spiritual power and courage.

Then their five old stars will be 100% sure.

They will continue to rule the world for thousands of years! ! !

Because if you master this cultivation method.

They can go all over the world to capture strong people, and then brainwash him to make him loyal to the world government.

Then teach him how to cultivate his mental strength and courage, so that he can become a strong man with domineering power without having to have the posture of a king or fighting with strong men!

With their world government’s control over the world.

By then, they will be able to train at least several thousand, or even tens of thousands, of powerful men with domination!

This is a terrifying and unimaginable number! ! !

That’s so domineering!

A power that only the very few among the best in the world can possess!

Cyborg Kong: “Understood, Mr. Five Old Stars!”

Edward Newgate: “Sons, you also need to listen carefully and watch carefully the actions of the Straw Hat boy from the parallel world and his words. As long as we can master the cultivation With mental power and courageous methods, our hope of saving Ace will be even greater!”

Marco: “I understand, dad!”

Kaido of the Beasts: “Jhin, I believe that with your strength, you definitely have an Overlord in your body. You are domineering, but unfortunately you do not have the posture of a king so you cannot awaken such a power. But as long as you master the spiritual power and the cultivation of courage mentioned by the straw hat boy in the parallel world, I believe you can become a domineering strong man like me. Even mastering Ba Tang is not impossible!”

Jhin: “If you learn Ba Tang, I believe I can do more things for you, Mr. Kaido, I will definitely learn it!” At

this moment.

The entire chat room reaches the highest authority in the world government, the Five Old Stars.

Down to an ordinary naval soldier, a pirate.

Everyone was concentrating, their pupils were staring at the projection screen, and they didn’t even dare to blink.

Afraid of missing any important details.

Quietly waiting for Luffy’s next words.

Waiting for Luffy to teach Zoro how to cultivate his spiritual power and courage!

【parallel world。】

【“Can……Can you practice?”】

【After hearing Luffy’s words, Zoro froze on the spot.。】

【“Yes, mental strength and vigor can indeed be cultivated. The reason why the cultivation method has never been spread in this sea is because they have not found a method of cultivation.。”】

【“But I found it, because this is the inspiration I found from books about human body science. The reason why I am obsessed with domineering color is precisely because I have cultivated my spiritual power and courage!”】

【Luffy nodded and said slowly。】

【Luffy’s talent is unmatched by anyone in this ocean, it is the most heaven-defying!】

【So it’s not surprising that you can master spiritual power and spirit cultivation methods, right?】

【“I want to learn! Sauron said excitedly。】

【“I will teach you. First of all, you need to awaken the domineering domineering energy in your body. However, I am not sure whether you have it in your body. If you have it, you can definitely awaken it by using my cultivation method.。”】

【The words fell。】

【Luffy then explained in detail to Zoro how to cultivate spiritual power and courage, and how to discover and channel the overlord’s Haki into his body. 】

John: “Damn! Why did the screen suddenly go black?”

Wang Zhi: “Forget the black screen, there is no sound. I still want to learn how to cultivate spiritual power and vigor, and awaken the domineering color and domineering power to master the domineering wind!” Douglas

Barre Special: “It seems that this projection screen does not allow us to learn the cultivation method of spiritual power and courage. It is really a pity.”

Originally, all of them were staring at Luffy on the projection screen.

But who would have thought that just when Luffy wanted to explain to Zoro how to cultivate spiritual power and vigor.

The screen suddenly went black, and there was no sound at all.

This makes everyone in the world feel a little disappointed.

Kaido of the Hundred Beasts: “Damn it! Don’t you want us to learn it?”

Jhin: “It’s a pity, I thought I could also awaken the domineering haki, and even master the domineering power.”

Marco: “Dad…..”

Edward Newgate: “Now we should consider answering the questions seriously to get rewards and become stronger, Marco. If you want to master spiritual power and become stronger through the cultivation method of courage, this path will not work.” Marco: “I understand, Dad

. ”

Satan Saint Jaigolusia: “Damn it!!!”

The most angry person at this moment is undoubtedly the Five Old Stars.

Because of the spiritual power and vigor of the cultivation method, it spread to their world.

Their world government will undoubtedly be the biggest beneficiary. (If you want to read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

After all, they have people, and they have the means to catch those people al

l over the world who may have domineering domineering energy in their bodies.

To train, brainwash, and make them loyal to the World Government.

Serving their world government.

but now.

Sudden black screen.

It broke the dream of the Five Old Stars to let the world government rule this sea for thousands of years!

Gol D. Roger: “Although it is a little regrettable that the spiritual power and vigor cultivation method cannot be spread to our world, but if you think about it carefully, you are really lucky that this cultivation method has not spread to our ocean, otherwise……It is impossible for anyone to overthrow the world government! ”

Jabba Sparks: “That’s right. If this cultivation method really spreads in our ocean, the World Government will be the biggest beneficiary. By then, I am afraid that even if the whole world joins forces, it will not be his opponent!”

【parallel world。】

【Under Luffy’s guidance, within a few hours。】

【Zoro successfully felt the overlord’s domineering energy in his body, and successfully guided this domineering energy out.。】

【An astonishing momentum started from Sauron and spread rapidly to all directions. It was astonishing!】

【“this……Is this the overlord color and domineering spirit? What a terrifying force!”】

【Sauron felt the surging power in his body and couldn’t help but sigh.。】

【“Awakening the Overlord’s Haki in just a few hours. Your talent is no weaker than Ace and Sabo. It took them half a day to awaken the Overlord’s Haki.。”】

【“but……This may be related to their relatively young age at the time. I taught them when they were twelve years old, and they were fifteen years old at the time.。”】

【The younger you are, the harder it is to feel the power within your body。】

【So that’s why it took Ace and Sabo half a day to awaken the Overlord’s Haki.。】

【As for Zoro, it only takes a few hours to awaken.。】

【Of course, in fact, it is easier to initially awaken the overlord color Haki than to master the knowledge color and weapon color Haki.。】

【Because the initial awakening of Bawang color domineering energy only requires feeling and guiding the power within the body.。】

【But if you want to master the Haki of the Knowledge Color and the Armed Color, you need to feel, guide, and become proficient!】


【The follow-up training of Overlord Color Haki is definitely many times more difficult than Armed Color and Knowledge Color Haki! ! ! 】

Wang Zhi: “Hey, hey, are you kidding! It only took Roronoa Zoro a few hours to awaken and master the overlord’s Haki!?” John: “That’s the Overlord’s Haki

! It took me a lifetime to awaken and master the power until my death, but it only took him a few hours to master it!” John didn’t know until his death whether he had the domineering domineering

energy in his body.

But he really worked hard for most of his life to awaken.

But he really can’t awaken, because he doesn’t have the posture of a king!

Silver Ax: “Although Roronoa Zoro is indeed very strong, he doesn’t look like a king at all now! But after using that Straw Hat boy’s mental power and spirit to practice, he learned it so quickly!”

Saint Jaigolusia Satan: “Damn it! If this power can be controlled by our world government!!!”

Once he saw Sauron in the parallel world, he could successfully sense and guide the overlord in his body within a few hours. Domineering color.

The five old stars were really angry when they saw it!

They really hope that the spiritual power and spirit cultivation methods of that parallel world can be spread to their world! ! !

Ulki: “The most surprising thing is not that Roronoa Zoro awakened and mastered the Overlord’s Haki in just a few hours, but what the Straw Hat boy said, that he had already discovered spiritual power at the age of twelve. The cultivation method of arrogance!!!”

Eustace Kidd: “Twelve years old? When I was twelve years old, I didn’t even know what arrogance was! I even said that if this projection video hadn’t played too many things about arrogance, Knowledge, otherwise I wouldn’t know what domineering is until now, but that straw hat boy has already mastered the cultivation of spiritual power and courage at the age of twelve!?”

Edward Newgate: “Ku la la la…….The straw hat boy in the parallel world is getting more and more beyond my imagination! ”

Douglas Barrett: “It’s really unimaginable to master the cultivation of spiritual power and courage at the age of twelve! I always feel that besides mastering this cultivation method, he also has other abilities! ”

Trafalgar Law: “At the age of the Straw Hat Master in our world, he is out of breath even against a Baidu Crow with a bounty of 16 million Baileys.���It took a lot of effort, but the Straw Hat Boss in that parallel world was so outrageous!”[]

Rocks D Jiback: “An unprecedented monster! Interesting!”

Kuzan: “Ah la la……The only thing we can be thankful for now is that the straw hat boy in the parallel world is not from our world. This really makes me breathe a sigh of relief.

Porusalino: “But we in the other world are going to suffer, Kuzan! ” ”

Sakaski:” What are you two talking about! ? How can we increase the arrogance of pirates and destroy the prestige of our navy! ! ! Crane: ”

Speaking of which, I am actually very concerned about something. Perhaps your focus is on learning spiritual power and courageous cultivation methods from the straw hat boy in the parallel world, but you have neglected that. How did the Straw Hat boy in the parallel world master this practice? Crane

: “The straw hat kid from the parallel world has just said it himself. He found inspiration and found ways to cultivate mental strength and courage after reading books on human body science!” ”

Buddha’s Warring States Period:” Crane, you mean, if we can find the books on human body science read by the Straw Hat Boy in the parallel world, we can also find ways to cultivate mental strength and courage? ”

He: “Not necessarily, because we don’t have the talent of the straw hat boy in the parallel world, but………Worth a try! ! ! ”

Markas Maz Saint: “A book about human body science? All members of the CP organization, as well as all members of the Navy, obey orders! ”

Marcas Mazisheng: “When we can move, we will immediately go to the world to collect all the books on human body and study hard. The straw hat boy in the parallel world can do that kind of thing, and we can do it too! Cyborg

Kong: “Yes, Mr. Wulaoxing!” ”

Not just the world government, but also pirates and revolutionary armies all over the world.

All forces are ready. After this comparison video is over,

they will search for books about human body science all over the world.

Prepare to be like Luffy, Find inspiration from books and study to master the method of cultivating spiritual power and courage!

【Unplayed videos。】

【Nami and Usopp, although they have been practicing Armed Sex and Wisdom Sex for half a day,。】

【But they haven’t learned it yet, because the practice of domineering is not that simple.。】


【Luffy and Nami live in Keya’s house, but although Keya’s house is large, it doesn’t have many rooms and can only accommodate the three of them.。】

【Zoro, on the other hand, came to Usopp’s house and prepared to practice spiritual power all night long.。】

【Luffy was also in the room at night, closing his eyes to rest and practicing his mental strength and vigor.。】


【After a while, Luffy heard the sound of the door being opened softly.。】

【Luffy raised his head slightly and saw Keya standing by the door with a shy look on her face.。】

【“What’s wrong? asked。】

【“I………I want to repay you. “Keya whispered shyly.。】

【“In fact, it’s not necessary. Your kindness is not small. We don’t owe each other anything. “Luffy shook his head and said。】

【“How can this be done! You have contributed too much to me, but you can’t just let it go. I must repay you! ! !”】

【Keya said as she stripped naked and approached Luffy. evening】.


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