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Navigation double comparison, this succubus Luffy is reversed chapter 064

【Ding: Announce the correct answer。】

【The correct answer is B: Because if you kill Luffy, you will offend Dragon, Garp, and the red-haired one at the same time.。】

【Ding, congratulations to Kaido of the Beasts, Rocks, Djibek, and Kuzan for their correct answers.。】

【Ding, congratulations to Kaido, Kaido, for getting the reward of doubling his size in dragon form and improving his abilities at the same time.。】

【Ding, congratulations to Rocks D Jibek for getting a resurrection scroll.。】

【Ding, congratulations to Kuzan for getting the Devil Fruit, which has the ability to freeze time and space for one second, with a cooldown time of twelve hours. 】

Hundred Beasts Kaido: “Kick, cluck, cluck……I guessed it right! I finally guessed it right! ”

Jhin:” Congratulations Mr. Kaido! ”

Quinn: “The size of the dragon form has increased by one cup, and his abilities have also been improved. There is no doubt that the current boss Kaido is definitely the strongest man in the world! Neither Whitebeard nor Immu, the King of the World, can ever be a match for Boss Kaido! ”

Jack: “Boss Kaido, lead our Beast Pirates to the top! ! ! ”

Charlotte Lingling: “What a blessing, you bastard Kaido! ”

Hundred Beasts Kaido: “I have become stronger now, let me start a war that will sweep the whole world! I want to drag everyone in the world into the war, including those high-ranking Celestial Dragons! Because only war can determine a person’s value! ”

Rocks D Jibek: “You are really loud, Kaido, now I will be resurrected, Kaido, Lingling, Newgate, Shiji, Wang Zhi, all of you surrender to me again, I Wage war on the world again, help me climb to the top and make me the king of the world! ”

Edward Newgate:” Ku la la la……What a foolish dream, Rocks, I will not become your subordinate, nor will I help you become the king of the world. ”

Charlotte Lingling: “Today is different from the past, Rocks. There is no need for us to surrender to you now. Baishou Kai said ”

Three, Five, Seven” more: “You want me to follow you again?” What a joke! My current strength is not weaker than yours at all, Rocks, you can still do the same if you follow me! ”

Rocks D Jibek: “Long time no see, you guys have gained a lot of courage. Now you don’t even use the word captain when you call me, that’s good! very good! ”

Golden Lion Shiji: “Jie hahaha……..If you threaten, just save it, Rocks. Your era has long passed. Even if you are resurrected now, no one will surrender to you unless he is a fool.

Wang Zhi: “Let me follow you, Captain Rocks! ” ! ! ”

If possible.

Wang Zhi really doesn’t want to be inferior to others.

After all, he is living a good life ruling Beehive Island now, and his life is comfortable enough.

But the problem is, the five old stars also said it in the chat room before

. Kill him and let him go down to accompany Silver Ax and John.

He knows that if he fights alone, he will definitely be wiped out by the World Government.

So he simply follows the resurrected Rocks.

This way, at least he still has a chance to survive!

Rocks D Ji Baker: “Okay! Very good Wang Zhi, when I become the king of the world, I will not forget your contribution to me. You are much smarter than those traitors! Wang

Zhi: “Yes, yes, yes, I believe Captain Rocks will definitely become the king of the world!” ”

What the hell, if it hadn’t been for John and Silver Ax,

who would have followed you?

” Buddha’s Warring States: “Damn it, did you actually resurrect Rocks?” That bastard Kaido also received a very powerful reward, which is not good news for our navy! Crane

: “Sengoku, think on the bright side. At least the pirates didn’t get all three rewards. Kuzan also got one reward, and it’s still a very good reward!”

Kuzan: “Freeze time and space for one second? ” Does that mean I can put the world on hold for a second? This is really an exaggerated reward! ”

You know.

In battles between strong men, the winner is often decided in an instant!

The key lies in who can be the first to inflict fatal injuries on the opponent!

And now Kuzan can directly freeze time and space for one second.

It is equivalent to saying Yes, as long as he gets close to the enemy, he

can definitely be the first to inflict a fatal blow on him!

Although the cooldown time is as high as twelve hours,

Kuzan still feels that this is a very powerful ability!

Porusalino: “You His rewards seem to be countless times more powerful than mine. Kuzan, I’ll leave Whitebeard to you. ”

Sakaski: “You want to be lazy again, don’t you, Porusalino!

Porusalino: “How could it be? Sakaski, you have wronged me. I just want to give you the opportunity to perform. I don’t want to take away your credit. ” ”

Sakaski: “You’d better not disappoint me in the upcoming war, Porusalino! ”

Monkey D Garp: “Not bad, Kuzan, the reward is so good, I’m afraid you are already stronger than me now.

Kuzan: “I’m overly complimentary, Mr. Garp. If you wrap your armed domineering energy around your body, I won’t be able to hit you even if you stand still. ” ”

Monkey D. Karp: “Nonsense! You are obviously much stronger than me now. Since you are so strong, I have a task for you Kuzan that only the strong can complete!

Kuzan: “What mission? ” ”

Monkey D. Karp: “Write a 120,000-word review for me, and finish it within three days. After writing, write my name under the final review signature, and then give it to Kong Gu. ”


Good for you.

You tricked your apprentice into writing a review for you, right?。

【parallel world。】

【Luffy, Zoro, and Nami were warmly entertained by Bucky。】

【“Speaking of which, Bucky, do you want to get on my boat? “Luffy invited。】

【“I? I’ll forget it, the sea is too dangerous, it’s better to stay in Orange Town. Bucky shook his head and refused.。】

【Bucky just wants to create his own force and doesn’t want to join any other pirate group。】

【This is why Bucky knew that red-haired Shanks had become the four emperors of the new world, but he did not join him to enjoy the glory and wealth.。】

【“What a pity. “Luffy spread his hands and said.]

Eustaskid: “Rejected?

Wang Zhi: “Isn’t this guy called Bucky a second-rate guy? ” Refuse to get on the Straw Hat boy’s ship in the parallel world? John

: “If it were me, I would be willing to get on the boat on my knees, but I didn’t expect this guy named Bucky to refuse!” ”

Silver Ax: “Damn! If you don’t want to go, let me go! I want to get on Straw Hat’s ship, let me get on! ”

Seeing Bucky refusing to get on Luffy’s ship.

Not many people in the chat room were not surprised.

Because they grew up seeing Luffy in the parallel world. They looked at

the opponent’s talent, strength, and how high the upper limit was. In his eyes!

In his opinion, Luffy has a high probability of climbing to the top of the world in the future.

And of course, the so-called top of the world is

not about becoming the Pirate King.

It is about becoming the king of the world!

That is to say, if you follow Luffy in that parallel world, you will definitely enjoy endless glory and wealth in the future!

Urqui: “I want to join too!” ”

Trafalgar Law: “If it were the Straw Hat Master of that world, I would also like to get on his ship. ”

Rocks D Jiback: “If possible, even I would like to get on that straw hat boy’s ship! ”

Although Rocks’ dream is to become the king of the world.

He doesn’t like to be inferior to others.

But the strength of Luffy in that parallel world is completely b

eyond Rocks’ imagination.

Rocks always feels that if he goes to the parallel world Luffy’s ship in the world.

Under Luffy’s guidance, his strength will surpass his previous peak and reach a higher level!

This kind of thing is not impossible!

After all, Luffy did it, and everyone in this sea has been there for thousands of years. There is something that no one can do.

That is to master the method of cultivating spiritual power and courage!!!

With Luffy’s talent, he will definitely break the peak of combat power in this world.

With his heaven-defying talent, he can realize a brand new , higher, a height that no one has ever reached!

And of course, even if Rocks gets on Luffy’s ship, he will not surrender to him. Instead, he thinks about stabbing Luffy in the back and becoming the king of the world in the future. .

Douglas Barrett: “That’s not something you can say, Rocks. ”

Rocks D Jiback: “There is nothing surprising. If you want to exceed your previous limit, then boarding Luffy’s ship is the best choice, but I am destined not to have this opportunity, because I can’t reach that parallel world again. “(To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Red-haired Shanks: “Bucky, you missed a good opportunity. ”

Gol D. Roger: “Why refuse, little Bucky? It’s more honorable and important to get on that Luffy’s ship than to get on my ship! ”

Pluto Silbazreli: “That Luffy personally invited you, but you rejected him. Should I say you are arrogant, or should I say you are ignorant, Bucky. ”

Jabba Sparks: “If I were you, I would beg Luffy to get on his ship too! ”

Qian Liang Dao Hua Clown Bucky:“……”[]

What the hell.

Bucky himself was numb.

He doesn’t know why he in the parallel world would be stupid and refuse to board Luffy’s ship.。

【Luffy glanced at Nami and Zoro behind him。】

【In his eyes, Nami is a navigator and Zoro is a pendant…..No, only combatants。】

【He carefully recalled the ten-man configuration of the Red-haired Pirates, including a helmsman, a chef, a sniper, etc.。】

【Since everyone has gone to sea to become pirates, let’s find ten crew members with similar configurations to the red-haired pirates.。】

【“If you don’t want to board my ship, I would like to invite your ship’s cook, helmsman, and sniper to come to my ship. “Luffy continued.。】

【Luffy doesn’t care about the strength of the chef, helmsman, and sniper。】

【After all, in his opinion, you have to rely on yourself to fight anyway.。】

【And if the crew is too weak, he can also provide guidance.。】

【After hearing about Luffy’s ship, the chef and helmsman of the Bucky Pirates quickly wanted to express their opinions.。】

【But Bucky turned his head and gave them a fierce look.。】

【Several of them immediately lowered their heads and became silent……….】

【“Sorry, sorry, we don’t have the person you are looking for on board, but if you are looking for a chef, go to Barati, which is a famous maritime restaurant in the East China Sea with countless excellent chefs! Bucky said with an apologetic smile.。】

【Bucky dreams of going to sea one day and making his name resounding throughout the sea as a captain.。】

【So he didn’t want his crew to join Luffy’s ship.。】

【“Sea restaurant barati? Never heard of it. ” Luffy mused.。】

【Although he has lived in Donghai for more than ten years, he has basically lived in Windmill Village.。】

【“I know where the sea restaurant Barati is and I can take you there.。”】

【Nami raised her hands and said。】

【“Yeah? Then I’m sorry to trouble you. I asked you to be a navigator and a helmsman. When I find a companion for the helmsman in the future, I don’t need to trouble you anymore.。”】

【The role of a navigator is to observe weather conditions and guide routes。】

【The role of the helmsman is to drive the boat purely and possess superb driving skills!】

【Now Nami can be said to hold two positions in one person。】

【“No…..You’re welcome。”】

【Hearing Luffy’s words, Nami scratched her head shyly, blushing so much that she didn’t dare to look up at him.。】

【“Let’s go, Zoro, it’s time for Nami to set sail. By the way, thank you Bucky for the warm hospitality.。”】

【“You’re welcome. After all, we’re all the red-haired ones…….The good friend with the red hair. “Bucky almost let it slip.。】

【Luffy nodded slightly and then started walking towards the ship.。】

【Nami followed Luffy, and Zoro took away all the wine from the Buggy Pirates.。】


【Kabaji saw this and wanted to say something。】

【But Zoro looked back at him, and he was so frightened that he broke into a cold sweat. The words that came to his mouth were swallowed into his throat, and he did not dare to spit them out. 】

Qianliang Daohua Clown Bucky: “That’s too much! That Zoro in the parallel world took away all the wine I stored before leaving!” Kabaji: ”

Forget it, Captain Bucky, it’s better than us being Give them a good beating。”

【original world。】

【After Luffy defeated the Buggy Pirates with Zoro, he embarked on a new adventure。】

【They came to Xiluobu Village, where they met Jesus Bu’s son, Usopp。】

【At the same time, he also met Crowe who wanted to snatch the Keya family property.。】

【In the end, they defeated Crowe, and Keya also gave them a ship named Meili.。】

【And Usopp also joined the Straw Hat Pirates’ ship. 】

Jesus Bu: “So that’s how you joined the Straw Hat Pirates, son.”

Usopp: “Although there was a bit of misunderstanding between us, we are very good partners now. Dad, I will do the same.” Like you, become a brave sea warrior!”

Jesus said: “Hahaha……good! good!”

【parallel world。】

【Luffy, Zoro, and Nami set sail to recruit chefs for the restaurant on the sea. 】3.3

【after a while。】

【“Luffy, why don’t we return home? If we continue to move forward, we will encounter a storm!”】

【As Nami sailed the boat, she looked worriedly at the weather high in the sky.。】

【After hearing this, Sauron looked up at the clear sky thousands of miles above and said in disbelief: “Storm? It’s impossible, the weather is so good now, there shouldn’t be a storm, right?。”】

【“It’s true, the storm will come soon. “Nami said with a serious look.。】

【“Even if we encounter a storm, our ship can withstand it. Take us to the sea restaurant, that’s where we need to be. ” Zoro continued.。】

【The main reason is that Zoro is still full of distrust towards Nami.。】

【So naturally he didn’t believe what Nami said there would be a storm, besides, the sky was clear now!】

【“Is there really a storm Nami?”】

【Luffy raised his head and glanced at the sky, frowning slightly.。】

【“it is true. “Nami said seriously.。】

【“Well, let’s go to a nearby island to escape the storm. “Luffy nodded and said。】

【“It’s a little late. Luffy, Storm…….Already here!”】

【As Nami’s voice fell, the originally clear sky was suddenly covered with dark clouds, thunder and lightning flashed, and in the distance there was an extremely powerful Xu Feng rushing towards this side.。】

【“Is there a real storm? “Zolong was stunned.。】

【“Sorry, I doubted you just now, I’m sorry。”】

【Zoro immediately apologized sincerely to Nami.。】

【Although he had always mistrusted Nami, he had done something wrong in suspecting Nami of lying. Apologizing was definitely something he had to do.。】

【Nami didn’t speak, but concentrated on sailing the boat, trying to avoid the storm.。】

【But this storm is too violent。】

【In the end, Nami successfully drove the boat to Xiluobu Village, but the boat was seriously damaged.。】。


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