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Navigation double comparison, this succubus Luffy is reversed chapter 063

Wang Zhi: “Hey, hey, who is that person named Yi Mu? Can you make those old guys kneel down! And that person named Yi Mu actually refused the Five Old Stars’ proposal to kill the Straw Hat Boy?

” As the king of the world.

The true rulers of world government.

Apart from the Five Old Stars, few people knew about her existence.

So when I saw Wulaoxing kneeling down.

No one in the entire chat room was not surprised.

After all, in their eyes, the Five Old Stars are already the highest power holders of the world government!

And what’s even more surprising is.

They originally thought that Luffy was going to be killed by the order of the Five Old Stars.

But who would have thought.

Im actually rejected Wulaoxing’s proposal! ! !

Ulki: “The five old men who control the world actually knelt down. What is the origin of that person named Im?”

Eustaskid: “It’s really interesting. At the top of the world’s power, there are more Does Gao exist?”

Trafalgarro: “Kneeling down when we meet is enough to prove how powerful the person named Im is. In other words, the five old stars who control the world today are just her puppets. That’s all!”

Capone Becky: “Unimaginable horror!”

Gol D. Roger: “Im! The true ruler of the World Government, what can be confirmed and confirmed is that she lived for a full eight hundred years!”

Pluto Silbarzreli: “I originally thought that the records on the final island of Raftru were fiction, but I didn’t expect that this person named Im is actually still alive! And he has lived from eight hundred years to now!”

Except for the five old stars.

The only person who knows about Im’s existence.

It’s just them, the Roger Pirates.

After all, they have been to the Final Island and learned the truth about the world!

In addition to this group of people, there is even the Marshal of the Navy Headquarters and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

They absolutely don’t know about Im’s existence!

Rocks D. Jiback: “Im! Is he the real king of the world!”

Jabba Sparks: “It’s really surprising! Im actually exists, and what surprises me even more is, why does Im want to Reject the Five Old Stars’ proposal to kill Luffy?”

Usopp: “Although we don’t know what happened, can we breathe a sigh of relief because the one named Im didn’t want to kill Luffy.”

Vincemo Kesanji: “It scared me to death. I thought Luffy was going to be killed!”

Roronoa Zoro: “I can feel the person named Im exuding the energy of What a dangerous and terrifying aura, she is probably stronger than anyone I have ever seen! I’m so lucky that such an existence seems to have no murderous intention towards Luffy in the parallel world!” No matter what Zoro said, he was still in

Shampoo Islands.

I met Admiral Porusalino of the Navy Headquarters.

But Sauron knew that the general was vulnerable to this woman named Im! ! !

Golden Lion Shiji: “Jie hahaha…You old guys’ wish to wipe out the Straw Hat Kid has failed! ”

Edward Newgate: “A surprising and unexpected twist. I thought that the little monster in the parallel world was going to be wiped out, but I didn’t expect that there would still be a chance to continue to grow! ”

Perospero: “What is the situation with the woman named Im? Don’t you, the world government, know very well how dangerous Straw Hat is? Why not just wipe it out? Why refuse! ”

Seeing that Luffy in the parallel world was out of danger.

The members of the BIGMOM pirates were the first to lose control.

Damn, how powerful is Luffy in that parallel world?

Five-year-old three-color haki, ten-year-old At the age of seven, she even mastered Ba Tang.

With such an existence, you are obviously aware of her danger.

But if you haven’t killed her yet, what are you waiting for?

Waiting for death!?

Saint Jaygo Lucia Satan: “Shut up! It’s so arrogant for an ant like you to dare to call Im-sama by his first name, Perospero of the BIGMOM Pirates! ! ”

Saint Makas Maz: “Do you want to cause death for your BIGMOM pirates? ”

Topman Wuchuli Saint: “No one can question Lord Im’s decision. Since Lord Im rejects our proposal, then she naturally has a reason! ”


they, the Five Old Stars,

are also very puzzled

as to why Yim refused to kill Luffy.

But they did not dare to question Yim at all.

In the eyes of outsiders, their five old stars have a high status. Standing at the top of the world, in charge of the world government, controlling the world structure with just one sentence.

No one dares to disobey their orders.

But in front of Im, they are just like puppets! The

relationship between them and Im The gap in status

is even greater than the gap between a third-class private who has just joined the Navy and them!

【Ding, the one-minute limited Q&A begins。】

【Question: What was Im’s reason for rejecting the Five Old Stars’ proposal to kill Luffy?。】

【A: Because Luffy is too weak and not worth fighting。】

【B: Because if you kill Luffy, you will offend Dragon, Garp, and the red-haired one at the same time.。】

【C: Because I’m in love with Luffy, so I can’t let you kill him。】

【D: You don’t need to take action to kill Luffy, I will do it myself. 】

Wang Zhi: “Good guy! What did I see? Guess what I saw? I actually saw C among the options: Because I fell in love with Luffy, so I can’t let you kill him??? ”

Urki: “This option!?”

Locks D Jibek: “The question and answer options this time are a bit unexpected. There are even such outrageous answers? The King of the World on the High Sky Throne publicly declared to the Five Old Stars Are you in love with the Straw Hat Kid?”

Golden Lion Shiji: “This option is a bit exaggerated, and it is more amazing than any outrageous option that has appeared before!!!”

Who is Im?

O king of the world! The king of the world who has lived for eight hundred years!

But you tell me the result.

There is actually an option for Im to publicly declare to the Five Old Stars that he likes Luffy?

Trafalgar Law: “I was as surprised to see this option appear as I was to see the seventeen-year-old master of the Straw Hat mastermind!”

Capone Becky: “For me, this option is as surprising as mine. It has even gone beyond seeing the Straw Hat boy mastering domination at the age of seventeen!”

When the people in the chat room saw option C.

No one is not surprised, no one is not shocked.

Because they can still get through the projection screen at the moment.

See the Five Old Stars, the supreme power holder of the world government, kneeling in Im’s hall!

What a contrast!

Marco: “Wait! Although I think this option is indeed outrageous, but if you think about it carefully, it doesn’t seem impossible! Because you also heard it through the projection screen, right? The voice called Im is a woman, then In other words, she is a woman, and the straw hat boy in the parallel world is very attractive to women.”

Marco: “For example, the red-haired guy’s daughter Uta confessed her love to Luffy as soon as she met him. The way I look at the Straw Hat Kid is wrong! So I have a hunch that this guy named Im is definitely in love with the Straw Hat Kid from the parallel world!” Shepard Ten Bit Saint: “Nonsense! This kind of

thing It’s impossible!”

Izambalon V. Nasthurō Sage: “Do you know what you are talking about? Marco, the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates! Do you know what these words will bring to you? Death!”

Saint Makas Maz: “How dare you slander Im-sama like this! You deserve to be damned! We will personally send out the Knights of God to fight the war. No one can save you Whitebea

rd Pirates. , everyone, all will die!!!”

Marco:“……”(To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Good guy, what about it?

I just expressed my guess.

You directly sent the Knights of God to kill our Whitebeards?

Gol D. Roger: “Choose C: Because I like Luffy, I can’t let you kill him.”

Pluto Silbarz Reilly: “Choose C!”[]

Jabba Sparks: “Choose C!”

Jaygo Lucia Satan: “Damn Roger Pirates! Even though I know that the answer you chose is not the correct answer at all, just seeing you slandering Lord Im makes me angry. It makes me furious! Don’t even think about living anymore!!!”

Gol D. Roger: “I have already died once and seen the truth of the world, so I am not afraid of you.”

Rocks D. Jiback: “Damn! You three bastards from Roger’s team are too quick to grab the answer. I haven’t even chosen yet, and the top three positions have been snatched by you!”

Markus Mazisheng: “Rocks!!!” Rocks D Jiback: ”

It’s almost okay. I’m already dead. I’m still afraid of you threatening me. Forget it, I’ll just choose one at random. I chose B: because killing Luffy will offend Garp and Dragon at the same time. Red hair.”

Baiju Kaido: “I choose B too!”

Buddha’s Warring States Period: “What are you still doing? Think about the correct answer quickly, or answer it quickly!”

Kuzan: “Ah la la…..I’ll choose B too. ”

Monkey D. Garp: “Then I’ll choose A!”

【parallel world。】

【After hearing Im’s answer, the five old stars were all stunned.。】

【Because they thought that Im would readily agree。】

【But unexpectedly, Im’s answer was actually no。】

【In the palace of Pangu City, the atmosphere suddenly solidified.。】

【after a moment of silence。】

【Saint Jaigolusia Satan took courage, raised his head slightly and looked at the stairs at Im’s feet and said: “Master Im, Garp’s grandson is the man who ate the Fruit of God!”】

【“so what?”】

【Im’s voice didn’t contain any emotion, it was so cold.。】

【After hearing Im’s answer, Saint Jaygolusia Satan suddenly broke into a cold sweat and quickly lowered his head, not daring to ask any more questions.。】

【As he approached, Saint Makas Mazi, who was kneeling next to him, took a deep breath and said。】

【“After all, Monkey D Luffy has inherited Garp’s bloodline, so his strength will not be much weaker. With such bloodline, coupled with the Fruit of God, if he grows up, he will be extremely harmful to our world government. unfavorable。”】

【“so what? “Im asked。】

【Hearing Im’s question, Makas Mazi was instantly deflated and did not dare to say more.。】

【“Speaking of this Devil Fruit, I haven’t asked you yet. Why didn’t you bring that Devil Fruit back more than ten years ago?”】

【“right…..I’m sorry, Im-sama, this is our dereliction of duty.。”】

【“Forget it, actually I don’t care whether you can bring back the Fruit of God, otherwise I would have punished you long ago. “Im said indifferently。】

【After hearing Im’s words, the five old stars were all trembling, and they didn’t dare to take a breath.。】

【“A person who inherited Garp’s bloodline ate the Fruit of God, does that make you so panicked? What a disappointment to me。”】

【“That fruit has flowed into the sea for eight hundred years. During these eight hundred years, it has never fallen into the hands of our world government. It is unknown how many generations of owners it has had so far, but so far, even one person has awakened the devil. Fruit?”】

【“Do you think that man named Monkey D. Luffy can do it?”】

【After hearing Im’s words, Wulaoxing, who was kneeling in the main hall, suddenly glanced at。】

【Jaygo Lucia Satan had the courage to speak: “Although we don’t think he can awaken the devil fruit, but just in case,……”】

【But before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Im: “Idiot, if we don’t confirm that he can really awaken that devil fruit, if we attack him, we will fall into an unfavorable situation.。”】

【“Don’t forget, it was Red-haired Shanks who snatched the Devil Fruit from you more than ten years ago, and his grandfather was a hero of the Navy Headquarters, and his father was the leader of the Revolutionary Army.。”】

【“killed���, will offending these three people do us any good?”】

【“Have you been in this position for too long and your brains have gone bad? Why can’t the pros and cons be analyzed clearly? “]

Wang Zhi: “Is that so? Is this being named Im afraid that after killing Straw Hat Boy, he will offend Garp, Long, and Red Hair at the same time, so he refuses to kill Straw Hat Boy? ”

John: “But this guy named Im is too stupid, because with the talent of the straw hat boy in the parallel world, he will definitely awaken the devil fruit, and his strength will reach an unprecedented level! ”

Jaygolusiasatan Saint: “Shut up! John! Do you know what you’re talking about, you bastard? How dare you insult Lord Im like this! Arrogant! madness! Damn it! ”

Saint Makas Maz: “John of the Rocks Pirates, you’d better pray that you won’t get a reward for resurrection in the following questions and answers, because when you come to this sea, we The world government will make you feel that life is worse than death! You will regret saying such words for the rest of your life! ”

Topman Wuchuli Saint: “I remember that in the old times, John, Wang Zhi, and Silver Ax had a very good relationship with you three. At present, only Wang Zhi is still alive. It seems that we have to let Wang Zhi I just have to go straight down to be with you.

Wang Zhi: “What does this have to do with me? ” ? ? ”

Wang Zhi is so stupid.

I didn’t say anything. It’s

not me who insulted Im.

Why the hell did you kill me? You

‘ve lost your mind, right?

This is really a situation where people take control of their homes and take the blame from the sky. Come up!

Locks D Jibek: “Wang Zhi, it seems that you are coming down to accompany us. With the methods of those old guys, it will be effortless to kill you. No matter how far you run, they will kill you.” Definitely can find yours. ”

Golden Lion Shiji: “Jie hahaha…..Wang Zhi, Wang Zhi, who let you get so close to John and Silver Ax?

Wang Zhi: “No! ” Who the hell are they friends with? My relationship with them can be said to be extremely bad. I just had to kill them secretly at night while they were sleeping!

Silver Ax: “You are talking nonsense about Wang Zhi! ” I remember very clearly that when we were fighting in the Valley of the Gods, you still blocked the knife for me. This kindness cannot be repaid because you lived and I died, but if you also died, I might be able to repay you. .

Wang Zhi: “Stop talking nonsense about Silver Ax! ” Didn’t I use you to block cannonballs during the war in the Valley of Gods? ”

Gol D Roger: “What a pity. I also want to see that so-called Im confessing his love to Luffy in front of the Five Old Stars. ”

Pluto Silbazreli: “Although it is a bit regretful that I did not see this scene, and also missed the correct answer to the question and answer, but for us, the good news is that Luffy in that parallel world can continue Been growing for a while! ”

Jaygolusiasatan Saint: “Idiot! Im-sama just hasn’t realized the danger of Luffy yet. When she realizes it, the Straw Hat boy will still die! He will never be allowed to grow up!”

【Unplayed videos。】

【“Back off!”】

【“yes! Lord Im!”】

【After hearing what Im said, Wulaoxing quickly left the hall, not daring to stay any longer.。】

【After the five people left, Im silently took out a photo frame from behind。】

【And inside the photo frame was a photo of teenage Luffy! inch】.


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