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Navigation double comparison, this succubus Luffy is reversed chapter 046

【Luffy’s words quickly gained the approval of Ace and Sabo.。】

【After a brief investigation, the three of them obtained the base of the Bluejem Pirates.。】

【In the room。】

【“No…..Oh no, Captain Bluejem, three little guys have broken into our territory!”】

【A pirate reported in a panic。】

【“idiot! Didn’t you see me eating? Even three brats can’t stop him! What do you do for food? A bunch of trash! “Blujiem was furious after hearing this.。】

【“boom! ! !”】

【The next second, the wall of the house collapsed。】

【Luffy walked in front, with Sabo and Ace following behind him.。】

【“What do you three brats want to do? Do you know who I am?”】

【Blujem stood up and asked。】

【“You are Blue Jem, right? We want to grab some money from you and kill you by the way. “Luffy said slowly.。】

【Luffy has investigated it, the Bluejem Pirates are notorious。】

【Kill innocent people indiscriminately and harm civilians。】

【There is no need for such a person to live。】

【“What an arrogant brat! My good mood today has been ruined by you. None of the three of you can leave today. You will all die in my hands!”】

【Blujem picked up the weapon and approached Luffy and the others with a ferocious expression.。】

【“Wait a minute, Luffy, don’t release your Overlord’s Haki yet, otherwise he will faint. With an opponent of this level, let me practice with Sabo.。”】

【Before the fight started, Ace stopped Luffy.。】

【Luffy’s domineering haki was so powerful that if he used it on them, they wouldn’t be able to hold it back, let alone Blujem in front of them.。】

【“no problem. “Luffy nodded and said。】

【“Arrogant! Don’t take me for granted!”】

【Blujim was furious and rushed towards the three of them with long strides.。】

【Faced with the oncoming Blujem, Ace’s fists were covered with armed Haki.。】


【The blade in Blujem’s hand collided with Ace’s fist。】

【The next second, the blade broke directly.。】

【“How can it be!”】

【The Blujem people were stunned and broke into a cold sweat.。】

【Before he could recover, Ace’s domineering fist hit Blujem hard on the abdomen, and the terrifying force knocked him away.。】

【His body hit the wall hard and died on the spot.。】

【“That’s too much, Ace! You killed the enemy before I even took action! “Saab said dissatisfied。】

【“Aren’t there still some soldiers? I’ll leave the res

t to you. “Ace spread his hands and said.]

Portcas D. Ace: “Come now. This hateful Bluejem Pirates caused us a lot of losses back then. The three of us almost died there. In his hand, I didn’t expect that I in another world could instantly kill that Blue Jem with one punch!

Sabo: “This must be attributed to Luffy, he taught us to be so powerful! ” ”

Marco; “In my opinion, the war in another world may not break out, because with that terrifying Luffy here, Ace’s strength will definitely be terrifyingly strong, and there is no way he will lose to that bastard Teach! ”

Marco can see it.

Ace in another world is many times more powerful than Ace in this world!

With Luffy’s teachings, Ace in the future will be absolutely terrifying!

Then we will hunt down Marshall. ” ·If D Tikki is the one, he will never lose!

Jozi: “There’s no telling, Tikki in that world will die at the hands of Ace. ”

Bista: “Tikki in that world will suffer! Deserve it! ”

Marshall D. Teach: “Don’t underestimate me, the Dark Fruit is the nemesis of all Devil Fruits. As long as Ace eats the Devil Fruit, no matter how strong he is, he will never be my opponent! ” It is undeniable that Ace in another world is indeed ridiculously strong

under the guidance of Luffy . But! Blackbeard has great confidence in his Devil Fruit! In his opinion, as long as the opponent has Devil Fruit abilities, Otherwise, he will never be defeated! Edward Newgate: “Teach! How dare you, a bastard, speak in the chat room! ” Marshall D. Teach:” Thief hahaha

…..Dad, since I can join this chat room, I can definitely speak in it. ”

Jozi: “Damn Tikki! We will never let you go! After I save Ace, I will hunt you down myself! ”

Marshall D. Teach: “I have already obtained the strongest devil fruit, the Dark Fruit. Is it too whimsical to want to kill me? ”

Gol D. Roger: “It was this bastard Teach who caused my son to be arrested by the Navy, right? Don’t let me catch you! Otherwise you are dead! ”

Marshall D. Teach:“…..”

Roger was seen speaking in the chat room.

Blackbeard panicked instantly.

Because although he is not afraid of those with devil fruit abilities.

But Roger is not a Devil Fruit user! But a man who stands on top of the world with his domineering attitude!


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